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SCRAPBOOK FOR 1922 - reel 2 of 2
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Scrapbook for 1922 turns to newspaper clippings on crimes. CU Clipping about death of Lord Northcliffe. VS of Lord Northcliffe. Shots of the Wedding of Lord Louis Mountbatten and Miss Edwina Ashley. Best man Prince Edward, Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor).

Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi in India speaking to meeting of Congress. CU Newspaper - 6 Years for Gandhi.

Sir James Barrie as Rector of St. Andrew's University with Ellen Terry. Unveiling of memorial to George Formby Snr - his son George Formby is there.

CU Newspaper 'Dail Eireann Today". The raising of the new flag in the Irish Free State. British troops leaving Eire cheered on by jubilant crowds. CU Michael Collins. People volunteering to join the Irish Army. Irish Army on the march.

CU Newspaper breaks news of death of Sir Ernest Shackleton. LS his grave in South Georgia. Shots of ship 'The Quest' breaking ice.

Scrapbook turns to pages about Greek and Irish wars. CU gramophone. Rioting in South Africa in Gold Miners' Strike. CU Newspaper 'Turks Smash The Greek Centre'. Greek Army retreating from Turks. Smyrna burning. Refugees in camp, fleeing invading Turks. Food riots. Allied troops on guard in the Dardanelles. Newspaper headlines about Kemal Attaturk. Troops and navy leave to Area.

CU Newspaper headline 'Plot against Collins Cabinet'. Large Crowd. Eamon De Valera speaking to crowd. CU Michael Collins doing same. Crowd riots; fights and shooting break out. Headline: 'Battle of the Dublin Four Courts'. Street fighting in Dublin, Irish civil war.

LS of US Capitol Building. President Warren Harding speaking to crowd. LS Houses of Parliament. Demonstration and rally in Trafalgar Square. David Lloyd George fishing. Conservative politicians come out of the Carlton Club. VS of Bonar Law. Shots of Stanley Baldwin. Shots of Lloyd George getting out of car. Headline reads: "Election Battle Opens". Voting scenes and election results. Ramsay MacDonald writing at desk. CU of Mr Edwin Scrymgeour who beat Churchill in Dundee. MS Winston Churchill being carried to polls in chair after operation. Ext. No 10 Downing St. Meeting of Conservative Cabinet. Benito Mussolini addresses crowd in Italy. Parade in Germany. CU record player. VS of British cabinet.

Scrapbook turns to theatre pages. Pan across neon lights of London's theatres. Audience seating itself in auditorium. Conductor raps his baton, and a music hall show starts; we see a number of dancing scenes, comedy (Inc. Stanley Lupino, Gertrude Lawrence and Herbert Mundin, Alfred Lester, A W Baskem (?), Billy Merson, Jack Buchanan, Nelson Keyes, etc) and an applauding audience. Good shots of wealthy looking people at a night club, smoking and drinking, dancing. Shots of Leslie Hanson. VS of drinking cocktails, saxophones, jazz: impressionistic cuts of instruments, glasses - night life. CU Big Ben at midnight, crowd celebrating New Year's Eve in Trafalgar Square and in nightclubs.

Hand puts 1922 book back onto the shelf, and the camera pans right along the books representing the years up to 1947.

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