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British Pathé
Unused / unissued material - date and locations unclear or unknown.

Paperwork states this is footage from D-Day.

View from US landing craft bridge at sea. Troops and vehicles are on the ship. Other landing craft seen on the sea around us. Barrage balloons escort the convoy.

Brief shot of the beach as we approach the shore.

Injured soldiers on stretchers are hoisted aboard ship from a small landing craft.

General view of field hospital. Shots of German prisoners. Some are Mongolian soldiers captured on Russian front and now fighting for Germans. Germans carry stretchers. Doctor peels dressing off the back of a soldier; looks like a bullet wound. The doctor and assistant joke with the cameraman. Wounded soldier is carried to a stretcher by an orderly. C/U of a soldier with bandages over his upper lip; he smiles. German prisoners climb down from an army truck.

Shots of dead Germans by roadside. General shots of wounded in the hospital tents and outside on stretchers on the ground.

Local French adults and children wave to soldiers walking through their town.

More shots at hospital. Injured men are helped onto the back of an open truck.

Amendment January 2011: Stephen L Richey stated that this clip is filmed in Hiesville, France at the Chateau du Colombieres. The chateau was used as a clearing station and division hospital by the 326th Airborne Medical Company. Richey dates the film as being between 6-9 June 1944, as the castle was badly damaged by German bombs on the night of the 9th.
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