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British Pathé
Unissued / Unused material.

German newsreel - D-day invasion. France.

M/S calendar page showing 6 June 1944. Various newspaper headlines announcing invasion. M/S people queuing to buy and reading the papers. M/S map showing Britain and France. L/S shots of aeroplanes flying overhead. Various shots of radio operators etc. and German soldiers operating Morse code. Various shots as they are given instructions in underground bunker and run to grab their guns. They run through the tunnels. M/S bombs, M/S searchlights. Various shots of soldiers at their stations firing in the night. L/S allied ships. Various shots guns firing and striking ships, smoke rises. M/S lookout tower, ships head towards shore. Montage of guns firing. M/S's captured landing craft. C/U German soldier. M/S as tank drives down lane. Various shots tanks firing and soldiers running. M/S parachute on tree. Various shots of crashed allied plane, C/U dead pilot. M/S captured soldiers walking along with their hands up.
British Pathe
Black & White


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