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British Pathé
White City, London.

GV. White City arena. LV. Pan, start of the 100 metres men race "B". Pan as the athletes race along and James Hines of USA takes the lead and wins. Barrie Kelly comes second and Sergio Ottolina third.

SV. Pan, start of the 80 metres hurdles women race, pan as they race. Patricia Pryce of Great Britain (No 3), and Ann Wilson running neck and neck. Patricia Pryce wins.

SV. Towards and pan, Mary Rand jumping, she lands. CU. Official measuring jump. SV. The winner, Victoria Viscopoleanu of Rumania, she is the winner. SV. Towards and pan, of Miss Viscopoleanu making her winning jump, she lands.

SV. Towards and pan, the 3,000 metres men race, last lap and coming down the straight for the finish with No 2, Benjamin Kogo of Kenya, slightly in the lead. He is followed closely by No 5, John Jackson, pan as they race towards the finish. Kogo breaks tape to win.

LV. Start of the "Emsley Carr" Trophy, one mile race. Pan as men race round into back view with Kipchoge Keino from Kenya at the rear. SV. Pan as Keino takes the lead from Keith Wheeler (No 4) with Alan Simpson (No 7) running third. Alan Simpson moves up into second place. SV. Crowd applauding. SV. Towards and pan, Keino from Kenya, now well in the lead and running on his own. LV. Pan, Keino racing down the straight for the finish well in the lead. He breaks the tape to win in 3 minutes 53.4 seconds. SV. Keino, & SCU.
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