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British Pathé
No title - Chelsea beat Birmingham 3 - 0. Stamford Bridge, London.

C/U's policeman looking through 11 x 80 binoculars at the terraces at Stamford Bridge. M/S terrace full of people with two policemen standing in front of them. C/U policeman with binoculars talking through radio. M/S crowded terrace with police amongst crowd. Various shots of the football match. Peter Osgood scores for Chelsea. Various shots of the match. Ian Hutchinson scores for Chelsea, L/S fans cheering. Various shots of match, Hutchinson scores again. L/S crowds cheering. L/S crowds running onto the pitch, M/S as players leave the pitch.

Cataloguer's note: Chelsea players: Peter Bonetti, David Webb, Eddie McCreadie, John Hollins, John Dempsey, Ron Harris, Charlie Cooke, Alan Hudson, Peter Osgood, Ian Hutchinson and Peter Houseman.

Birmingham players: Dave Latchford, Ray Martin, Bobby Thomson, Malcolm Page, John Sleeuwenhoek, Malcolm Beard, Bert Murray, Geoff Vowden, Bob Latchford, Trevor Hockey and John Vincent.
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Chelsea Birmingham Stamford Bridge London police football Peter Osgood Ian Hutchinson Peter Bonetti David Webb Eddie McCreadie John Hollins John Dempsey Ron Harris Charlie Cooke Alan Hudson Peter Houseman Dave Latchford Ray Martin Bobby Thomson Malcolm Page John Sleeuwenhoek Malcolm Beard Bert Murray Geoff Vowden Bob Latchford Trevor Hockey John Vincent