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Elland Road, Leeds, Yorkshire. Newcastle United beats Blackburn Rovers (2-1) in FA Cup semi final football replay

GV. Blackburn Rovers kick off. CU. Pan Blackburn forward attacking. LV. Simpson collects his centre and clears up field. to Milburn at who races through' before side footing to Robledo CU. Supporters. SV. Robledo cutting in looses Ball to Kelly but recovers fires in shot which goes over bar. CU. Girls in crowd. SV. Newcastle still attacking... Robledo heads over SV. Crowd surging on to touchline. CU. Fainting girl. SV. Blackburn attacking... Quigley shoots a very high ball Simpson waiting for ball to drop and punches clear. SV. Fainting women being crushed in crowd. CU. Men in crowd. SV. Newcastle attacking. Milburn shoots Elvy falls in saving scrambles up to lift ball from Robledo's toe. CU. Happy fans in crowd.

(Half time)

SV. Blackburn attacking Simpson Heavily charged. CU. woman in crowd. SV. Other end: Newcastle attack. SV. Elvy collects Ball. CU. young fans. LV. Newcastle receiving and running up wing. SV. Milburn running towards with ball he centres for Robledo to score. SV. Crowd cheering. LV. Blackburn attack Blackburn Player heavily Charged over. CU. Newcastle supporter. SV. Blackburn attack & SV. SV. Quigley seizes onto a headed pass to score SV. Elvy clapping in goal. CU. Cheering Blackburn supporter. LV. Mitchell centres. Elvy dives to knock ball off Robledo's head Eckersley clears up field... LV. Blackburn attack... A forward Breaks through' and shoots wide with only Simpson to Beat. SV. Crowd. GV. Newcastle attacking .... LV. Mitchell centres and Elvy runs out. Shot through' Net - Crossan and Campbell Handle. GV. Crowd. SV. Mitchell takes penalty for hand ball pan to ball in net.

(Orig. Neg.)

Players featured include George Robledo (Newcastle), Quigley (Blackburn Rovers)
R. Simpson (Newcastle), Jackie Milburn (Newcastle)
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Elland Road Leeds Yorkshire Newcastle United Blackburn Rovers Simpson Milburn Robledo Kelly Quigley fainting illness Elvy Mitchell