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British Pathé
Scenes in Afghanistan.

Pan across hills, MS plains with buildings in middle, pan to mountains in background. Various shots of a hockey match underway. MS group of men stood by car, one walks forwards towards camera. Pan across mountains. MS people outside building. MS castle (?), people walk about in front. MS man shaving another one with cut-throat razor by a wall. Various shots men making flat bread, they put it in to stone oven in floor. MS man sorting through wool. MS another man picking through wool. MS another man with piece of hide (?).

MS people riding through town on horses some with rifles. MS man. MS car driving out with trailer attached, it has 'Nairn Transport' on side. MS as Western man stands in car park and waves. MS as car pulling trailer emerges from garage into the car park. Various shots street scenes in city; many pedestrians on narrow street with many small shops, minarets in background. MS old woman walking through tunnel of arches. Wide shot mosque. Pan to cemetery. MS group of Afghan Muslim people in front of wall. MS as sword swallower poses with group doing his stunt for camera.

Next; a great shot of ruins of some large structure with broken wall and huge arch, could be a big stadium or coliseum of some sort. LS 3 people on top of arch; another comes walking across the wall about 5 storeys high. Fun shot of the 4 daredevils dancing on top of the arch; they are joined by a 5th who triumphantly waves his head-dress; then other people dance (jumping up and down) on ground. MS person playing music on wind instrument; type of flute. MS mountains. MS plain; with few trees and low building. Afghan agriculture, MS two men working in field under cloudy skies, another man walks behind plough pulled by oxen. MS pan on craftsmen making bowls; etc. by chipping and planing. Pan to others working on various bowls. MS boy turning wheel (spinning?).
British Pathe
Black & White


Afghanistan; Islam; Muslim;scenic; mountains; sports; games; machines; bakery; rifle; hunting; veil