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British Pathé
Unused / unissued footage - dates and locations may be unclear or unknown.

Cuts from newsreel 49/46 - Anniversary of D-Day Landing at Arromanches, Bayeux, Ranville and St Aubin, France.

General views of cemetery of British War graves. C/U of plaque on grave commemorating Lance Corporal L Fisher. M/S of graveyard with sign - 'I British'. M/S of Field Marshall Viscount Montgomery inspecting line of French sailors. M/S of sign - 'IX BRITISH' by war graves, pan to general view of the cemetery. M/S of woman with a handkerchief standing looking at grave, pan down to graves.

M/S of Monty walking through crowds of people including old servicemen. Elevated L/S of sailors on the beaches at St Aubin for the ceremony of throwing a wreath into the sea. M/S of French sailors lined up.

M/Ss at Arromanches as Monty assists to invest the town with the Croix de Guerre, together with Mr. Betoland Minister of Ancient Fighters.

At Bayeux Monty walks through guard of honour of the American Legion and is saluted by the flag of a French Infantry regiment. M/S of clapping crowds pan to Monty walking past clapping crowds. M/S of the Union Jack flying with three French tricolour flags flying from pole behind.
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