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British Pathé
Miscellaneous material of Prince Edward, the Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII and then Duke of Windsor).

Negative shows signs of damage / deterioration at start.

Title reads: "Prince of Wales in Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate".

Various shots Prince carrying out official duties in Kent: cutting ribbon across new road, meeting dignitaries and local mayors, planting trees and driving past large crowds waving flags.

VS Prince in military uniform visiting army base. We see him taking salute from horseback, watching cavalry charge, meeting officers, watching horses being trained watching and watching demonstration by stunt riders. Prince in uniform visiting clothing factory, woman presents items of clothing to Prince. Prince visiting mine. Blurry shot men operating sound equipment.

Intertitle reads: "The Prince's modest prairie home".

Shots of bungalow - probably where Prince stayed on visit to USA. Prince visiting racecourse, he walks around course passed cheering crowds. Small girl presents flower to Prince who tucks it in his lapel. Motor launch. VS warship. Prince making inspection of warship with dignitaries. Sailors give three cheers. Prince and military officers saluting. Prince inspecting troops. CU Prince giving speech. Panning shot arena filled with crowds.

Intertitle reads: "Proudly they bore the sign of every one of the British divisions".

World War One veterans (in civvies) marching, possibly on Armistice Day?

Intertitle reads: "Lady Haig leads the Scottish Contingent".

Band of bagpipers lead women war workers passing dais. CU people in queue, including woman wearing medals. Point of view shot from aeroplane passing liner. Crowds of press men trying to get on board ship - arrival of Prince in New York. American motor launch with Prince on board. Prince and party disembarking from ship, probably at New York. Prince with woman, he tips hat towards press. Aerial shots large American mansion - the Burden Estate at Syosset, Long Island.

Prince and entourage of men (look like American bodyguards) walking past crowds, possibly at races. Motor launch arriving. Naval officers applauding as Prince finishes speech. Prince accepting gift of flowers as he walks up jetty arriving got off launch. Prince in cocked hat meeting dignitaries. Panning shot town by sea with pier. Prince getting off liner and meeting military officials.

Intertitle reads: "Prince's Triumphal Tour. Only by pictures, such as these, can we here see and realist the warmth of his welcome in the Colonies".

Prince inspecting Canadian Mounties. VS fire fighting display.

Intertitle reads: "Portsmouth. Bon Voyage! Prince of Wales leaves for his Australian and New Zealand tour with the nation's best wishes".

Prince presenting medals to sailors. Display by African warriors. Native American singers and dancing.

Intertitle reads: "Banzai! The Prince, who will soon be with us again, receives a warm welcome in the Land of the Rising Sun".

VS warship. People disembarking from ship. VS monument with Japanese writing on. Prince inspects (Japanese?) guard of honour. Prince being driven through streets and walking past crowds in Japan. Prince inspecting sailors. Ticker tape parade, probably in New York. Prince gives speech in sports stadium.

Intertitle reads: "HRH The Prince of Wales attends a Sunday performance at the New Gallery Kinema, Regent St, London, W1, in aid of EARL HAIG'S WARRIOR DAY FUND".

VIPs outside cinema, two women buy programmes man in top hat. MS man arriving at cinema by, he makes funny faces at - he is famous comedian and veteran music hall star George Robey. People queuing to get into cinema. Robey holding poster advertising Earl Haig's Warrior Day. LS cinema entrance, crowds surround it. Crowds surge as car arrives at cinema, probably arrival of Prince.

Intertitle reads: "Bristol. The Prince and the Aussies. HRH receives rousing reception on the Gloucestershire Ground".

Prince and entourage walk past crowd.

Intertitle reads: "The Prince paid a visit to the wonderful thermal springs at Rotuorua".

Prince and entourage visiting thermal springs, steam rises from the ground.

Intertitle reads: "In Bermuda, the last call on the homeward journey, the Prince received the last of his numerable freedoms".

motor launch arriving, Prince in tropical army uniform walks up steps walks along road getting into carriage,

Intertitle reads: "Welcome Home to World Fliers . The Prince of Wales ... and thousands wait to greet America's daring airmen".

Aerial shot biplanes flying. Prince looking upwards through binoculars. Crowds also looking upwards. Biplanes taxiing on airfield, crowds surge around planes.

Intertitle reads: "10,000 kiddies greet the Prince at St. James' Park".

Band playing, Prince walks past and onto football pitch. Prince giving speech, sailors stand to attention in background.

Intertitle reads: "New York City. AMERICA ACCLAIMS BRITAIN'S PRINCE. Little old New York gave the Prince of Wales a wonderful reception".

Prince in military uniform steps of boat and onto jetty, he goes to shakes hands with a soldier.

Intertitle reads: "Portsmouth. Home Again. HRH arrives in the Renown after his wonderfully successful 15000 mile tour of Canada and the United States".

Intertitle reads: "Typical English December weather could not dampen the warmth of the welcome the Prince received".

Intertitle reads: "London's reception, unfortunately, must go unrecorded due entirely to bad weather".

Warship coming in to dock. Prince walks along deck of ship. Prince inspecting guard of honour on quayside, he is accompanied by his brother Prince Albert (Duke of York, later King George VI).

Note: originally this item was transferred as 9 separate ONs, numbered ON 472 A - ON 472 G.
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