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Reel 4.

01:17:30 High angle shot of motorcade travelling through crowded streets. One of the cars contains newly elected American President Woodrow Wilson. Large crowds mill around. Wilson makes speech to crowd.

01:17:49 Scenes of battle (Voice over suggests they are Verdun). Artillery fired. Explosions on the horizon. Lots of guns being fired. Troops running forwards through torn landscape. Broken trees and ripped up land. Groups of German prisoners of war marched along.

01:19:05 German prisoners of war marched down street in England. In the back ground is a recruiting office.

01:19:29 Man addressing rally. Crowd raise their hats. Large group surround church being used for pacifist meeting. They smash a window and being climbing in. Stones are thrown and more men go in through the door. Flags are thrown out and their are general scenes of outrage.

01:20:09 C/U barbed wire, sandbags and trench. Machine gun being fired.

01:20:20 Men on horses. They are not wearing full uniform, some in fact are just wearing their underwear. C/U man with large moustache holding the head of his horse.

01:20:37 Early version of tank moves over landscape. It is called the 'Army Horse". It is towing a carriage, and is operated by reins, just like a mechanical horse. Tank rolling over rise towards camera. Tank coming over hill and crushing tree. Tank driving over car and crushing it. A man on top of the tank holds a small dog. Men look over remains of the car.

01:21:29 Men rush over bank and use their bayonets to spear sandbags. They are obviously training. Soldiers running over training ground attacking sandbags.

01:21:44 Man walks along street with long pole he knocks on the upstairs windows of the houses. He is a 'Knocker Up' whose job it is to wake people up for work in the morning. Women walk into factory. Young woman holding baby talks with nurse. Women making small artillery shells in factory. Pallet of shells on trolley.

01:22:17 Artillery firing. Troops moving though the trenches. (Voice over suggests this is the Somme) Troops in trenches fix bayonets. Artillery firing. Troops in trenches.

01:22:42 Lord Herbert Horatio Kitchener inspecting troops. He inspects Algerian troops. He inspects French riflemen. View out across sea (to illustrate Kitchener's death on ship).

01:22:59 Shot of two German machine gunners. British troops marching forward into fire. Several fall. The German machine gunner firing. British troops marching forwards. Large explosion. More machine gunning. Tank moves forwards and knocks down tree. Infantry walking behind tank. Tank moving along the horizon. Tanks moving across battlefield. Troops moving along captured trench. Hand to hand combat in trenches. German troops put up hands.

01:23:44 Injured soldiers moved on stretchers on wheels. Injured soldier walks with the aid of a medic. Behind him is a large medical camp. Ambulances drive out of Charing Cross station in London.

01:24:00 Men speaking to large rally. Crowd of men raise their hands in support.

01:24:22 King George V walks out of doorway with David Lloyd George. They are with a group of men. It appears to be the cabinet. Winston Churchill is visible just behind the Prime Minister. Pan across Cabinet and King. Churchill clearly visible in the line up. Stanley Baldwin is also there.

01:24:47 Troops at work in damaged town. They seem to be repairing damaged bridge. The troops may be from a Scottish or Irish regiment. Troops marching across battlefield.

01:25:05 Skit from Film (ABPC) - Soldier in trench receives food parcel. He hands out things to his comrades. German troops shot his bottle of port wine so he retaliates by throwing some gorgonzola cheese into their trench. The enemy trench explodes with the powerful smell of the cheese.

01:26:26 End Titles & Credits: Singing over the credits about not wanting to go to war.
Time to Remember - Written and Produced by Peter Bayliss, Associate Producer Lionel Hoare, Film research from the Associated British Pathe Library Harry Wynder Charles Chart, Recorded by George Newberry, Executive Producer Terry Ashwood.

End of Reel 4 - N.B. These reel numbers relate to NEG reels - Pathe's prints have been combined into 2 reels.

Note: World War One battle sequences may contain faked footage.
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