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Italian Newsreel item. Title reads: "Trieste All'Italia".

Trieste, Italy

LS Trieste-Rome express pulling in to Rome. Various shots of officials arriving at the President's Palace in Rome. CU President Luigi Einaudi of the Italian Republic declaring that Trieste is now Italian again (speech in Italian). MS Einaudi receiving flag.

Various shots, Italian flag being raised on flagpole in city centre. Various shots, girls on sewing machines making Italian flags. MS Poster being printed. MS People being registered. Various shots, people buying Italian flags, and hanging them from buildings. High shot, huge crowds in the Piazza dell'Unita. MS Small boy in a jacket with airforce wings waving his flag. LS Back of crowd cheering and waving as they face the Town Hall.
Low angle, man waving Italian flag from church tower. (2 shots)

Italian Newsreel item. Title reads: "Trieste Torna All'Italia"

London, United Kingdom and Trieste, Italy

Various shots of Italian Ministers in conference with their British and American / US counterparts at No. 1 Carlton Gardens, London. MS No 1. Carlton Gardens. CU Street sign: "Carlton Gardens" Various shots, signing of the agreed document, probably handing Trieste back to the Italians. Various shots of wild enthusiasm and flag-waving on streets of Trieste. High shot, vast crowds on the square facing the quayside. CU Flags on balcony, pan across huge crowd below. MS Tracking along Italian schoolgirls, singing "Italia" to a woman waving a flag.

Italian Newsreel item: Title reads: "Su Trieste Sventola Il Tricolore"

MS Blond woman (politician ?) arriving at an official building. Various shots, Italian Parliament in session. MS Italian Prime Minister Mario Scelba signing document. MS CU Scelba making a broadcast in Incom Studio (speech in Italian). MS British ex-Governor of Trieste General Winterton leaving HQ. LS Italian flag raised at the Town Hall. CU Woman crying in the crowd. LS Huge crowd. LS Italian flag flying on building.

Note: "Date received" on original paperwork reads: 05/10/1954. Italian commentary on all three items above.
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