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British Pathé

Title in French reads 'Cinq Plages Tranquilles'.

MS. Small block of stone on beach with markings on it, one says Omaha Beach - place of D-day landing in Normandy. MS. Signpost "Place of Landing" on beach. CU. Sign 'Omaha Beach', pan to show empty beach today. CU. Signpost 'Avenue de la Liberation'. Various shots of some of the small towns along that stretch of coast. Interviews with bookshop owner, waitress and museum warden. They all comment on the amount of tourists that still visit the places. Various shots of small boy seated on large gun looking out over sea. GV. Panning shot of beach. Various flashback library shots of invasion fleet coming in. MS. Three nuns walking across dunes. Various flashback shots of German soldiers manning Siegfried Line, running along corridors and firing large guns. Various flashback shots of the allied troops wading ashore from DUKW's (landing crafts). Various shots of the children running along beach and playing invasion. Various flashback shots of troops running fast across beach. Guns firing and a tank coming ashore through water. Various shots of the men at work finding shells and bombs left unexploded from the war. LS. Single explosion out at sea sending a spray of water high into the air. Various flashbacks shots of the bombs falling and landing, paratroops in their hundreds being dropped. Various shots of the French farmers in small cattle market selling and buying cattle. Various flashbacks shots of British soldiers rounding up German prisoners. Various shots of the children running and playing on dunes and on fortresses. GV. Wrecked town of Caen after bombing. GV. Neatly laid out town of Caen as it is today. Various shots of Caen's Garden of Remembrance - military cemetery. The small marble crosses in lines. LS. Man on beach taking his small fishing boat into sea. MS. Two women and small girl seated on beach. Various shots of the children playing on swing which has been fixed on the barrel of a gun still remaining on one of the fortresses.


Date found in the old record - 06/06/1964.
British Pathe
Black & White


France Omaha Beach D-Day Normandy Second World War WW2 nuns Caen bombs children DUKWs explosions