Footage Information

British Pathé
Heidelberg, Federal Republic of Germany, Western Germany.

MS. Hospital, statue in foreground. CU. Traffic passing camera, hospital in background. MS. & CU. Postman delivering post through window of hospital - hospital is quarantined due to small pox epidemics. CU. Two girls looking through window. CU. Sign in German. LS. Entrance of hospital through railings, pan up building to show windows. LS. Cameraman climbing ladder onto balcony of hospital, he takes pictures through window. Various shots of doctors preparing vaccines. MS. & CU. Slide showing man's back covered in smallpox. MS. Doctor placing another slide. CU. Slide showing pitted marks the smallpox leave. CU. Man's face covered with smallpox. CU. Washing machine. MS. Nurse taking overalls out of washing machine. Two close up shots of rubbish being burnt in hospital grounds. Various shots of injections being given to children. CU. Car driver seated in car using telephone. CU. Car driving towards camera. GV. People walking in main street - two shots. MS. Woman looking in antique shop, reflection of her face in mirror. CU. Woman turning to smile at someone. CU. Chimney sweep with ladder and brushes on his back, he lifts his hat and smiles, and then moves on his way.


Date found in the old record - 01/01/1959.
British Pathe
Black & White


Heidelberg West Germany Federal Republic FDR traffic postmen hospitals doctors smallpox washing machines chimney sweeps