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Emett's Ideal Home : 01:34:24
At an exhibition of Rowland Emett's work, a full size model of a man sits in front of his fire place, a large gramophone horn comes towards him and from it extends a TV screen close enough to the man for him not to need his glasses. All sorts of labour saving devices move around. Roses move passed a watering can as a miniature lawn is automatically cut. Emett adjusts his machine, as another man looks on amazed. Household objects spin and turn in every direction, and Emett hams it up for the camera.

Babies' Rescue Dingy : 01:36:23
At the R.A.F. Institute of Medicine at Farnborough they are testing a "floatation cot" for babies. In a small swimming pool the baby "Susan" floats happily in a tiny rubber dingy. It was developed to protect babies in the event of a plane ditching in the sea. With two adults in the pool the fully covered cot is lowered in. Under water shots show the insulated base, and instruments record the carbon monoxide level. Through clear plastic the baby can be seen at all times. During the two hour test Susan fell asleep several times. When lifted from the water and removes from the dingy she looked very happy.

Scooter Jousting : 01:39:24
Two men, with the help of their girl friends, put on suits of armour. Riding on scooters, Vespers, they joust in an open field to a very small audience. After a failed pass one of them is knocked to the ground. Again he is knocked to the ground and his girl friend runs over to him.

R.A.F. Flying Suit Research : 01:41:52
CU of parts of a mans' body wearing a strange red netting costume that looks rather like the comic strip character "Spider Man". At the RAF Institute of Aviation Medicine at Farnborough a pilot lies on a couch with thermostats attached to his body. A researcher measures his temperature, many dials and gages. Other layers are added to assist pilots who fly fast, and at high altitudes, maintain a constant body temperature.
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