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British Pathé
Title: Holiday With Everything (continued)

Medium shot of people on deck looking through shop window. Interior of ship shop. Close-up of various items of jewellery in the store. Family in the shop. Shot of sun descending over distant hillocks and mountainous terrain with sea in the foreground. Three women ironing dresses. Girls at hairdressers. Family at lavish meal. Daughter thanking her family for birthday gifts. Long-shot of ship silhouette. Various shots of ballroom disco onboard ship. Med. Shot of mother and father on deck at night. Family leaving ship 'Arcadia' to visit Dubrovnik (good shot of liner). Various shots of family on sail boat. Dubrovnik street scene. Car passing through archway. Med. Shot of family at docks looking at fishing boats and posing for photograph. Pan up to family walking past camera through archway. Family sightseeing, examining various statues and landmarks. Liner (long shot). People on board liner as it approaches Lisbon. Family walking down gangway. Lisbon, aerial view, family walks past. Lisbon, long-shot. Swans, with Jeronimo monastery in the background. Family sightseeing in Lisbon (good shots of monastery) Estoril (good shot of castle in the distance) Seascape. 'Arcadia' Fancy dress ball (various shots including family daughter and another young man in fancy dress as Anthony and Cleopatra) Sign: 'Arcadia' Med. Shot of couple looking out to distant sunset. Close-ups of family sunbathing on deck, and exchanging gifts. Father holding coin. Close-up of coin. Long-shot of 'Arcadia' drifting across waters. End credits.
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holidays cruising boats jewellery mountains sunsets families hairdressers birthdays gifts Dubrovnik sighseeing Arcadia fancy dress Anthony Cleopatra Lisbon street scenes swans St Jeronimo monasteries