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British Pathé
Various locations. Cut story with American commentary.

CU. of man waving flag for start of Indianapolis 500 car race. LS. cars racing. GV. of cars flashing past camera. LS. Car crash which just misses cameraman. CU. Crowd. LS. Fire engine, in background can be seen burning car. Various shots of race in progress, won by Jimmy Bryan. CU. Jimmy Bryan being kissed by his wife.
Various shots of Kentucky Derby in Louisville won by Tim Tam.
Various shots of US Open Golf Championship in Tulsa, won by Tommy Bolt.
Various shots of AAU (Amateur Athletics Union) mile at Bakersville, won by Herb Elliott. CU. Donald Campbell in cockpit of Bluebird. CU. Campbell in Bluebird making trial runs across Lake Coniston. CU. Campbell seen with his chief mechanic and others.
CU. President Dwight Eisenhower and Mrs. Mamie Eisenhower watching America's Cup race at Newport, Rhode Island. Various shots yachting race in progress, won by 'Columbia' skippered by Briggs Cunningham.
MS former New York Giants (major league baseball) ride through tickertape parade in San Francisco and GV baseball stadium with game in progress.
Various shots of Baseball match between New York Yankees vs. Milwaukee Braves. Yankees win 6-2.
Various shots of Basketball in progress. Kentucky Wildcats vs. Seattle Chiefs, won by Kentucky Wildcats.
Various shots of the Women's AAU Diving Championship in Topeka, Kansas. Paula Jean Meyers keeps her national title with a display of Championships high diving.
Various shots of World Ski Championships in Austria, won by Johannen Karkinen (Finland).

British Pathe
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flags Indianopolis racing cars crowds Jimmy Bryan Tim Tam Kentucky Derby Louisville horses golf compeitions Tommy bolt AAU Amateur Athletics Union Bakersville Herb Elliott Donald Campbell Bluebird Lake Coniston Leo Villa Presidents Generals Dwight D Eisenhower Ike Mamie Newport Rhode Island yachts Columbia Briggs Cunningham New York Giants baseball San Francisco basketball Yankees Milwaukee Braves Wildcats Seattle Chiefs Topeka Paula Jean skiing Austria sports Johannen Karkinen United States of America USA U.S.A.