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British Pathé
Numerous countries as it is a news review of 1960.

LS. France's first atomic bomb exploding in Sahara Desert. MS. General Charles De Gaulle President of France in front of microphones. Elevated shots, rioters in Algerian street. CU. MS. Girl kissing man behind sand bag barricade in Algerian street. MS. People lying in street, dead and injured, after being shot by S. African police in Sharpeville. CU. Dr. Verwoerd on dais, after attempt had been made on his life. CUs. Two Africans with beards. Various shots of aftermath of earthquakes in Morocco, Iran and Chile which claimed 16,000 lives. Good shots, raging seas, caused by Hurricane Donna. Various shots of chaos caused by snow blizzard in U.S.A. Various shots of air crash in New York which claimed 134 lives. Aerial view and ground shots of the fire aboard the aircraft carrier 'Constellation' in which 49 workmen lost their lives. Good ground to air shot of U.2. plane in flight. Various shots of remains of the U.2. spy plane in flight. Various shots of remains of the U.2. spy plane on show in Russia. MS. Gary Powers at his trial in Russia. LS. MR. Nikita Khruschev Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party arriving in Paris for the Summit meeting, and is greeted. CU. Eisenhower, Harold Macmillan Prime Minister and de Gaulle, pan to Eisenhower and Macmillan shaking hands. MS. Khrushchev with Malinovsky on his left, at news conference, shaking his fist while speaking. MS. Japanese Premier Kishi signing a new U.S. defence treaty with Eisenhower on his left. LS. Riot which broke out in the Japanese Diet, before the U.S. - Japanese treaty was ratified. Two shots of Japanese riots prior to Eisenhower's visit. MS. Premier Kishi being carried away after an attempt had been made on his life. Various shots of the assassination of Japanese Socialist Leader, Mr. Asanuma. Various shots of Japanese elections taking place, showing new Premier Okeda casting his vote. LS. Police chasing a man in the Congo during the riots which took place there. MS. United Nations troops boarding plane en route for the Congo. MS. Patrice Lumumba shaking hands with people on tarmac. CU. President of the Congo Joseph Kasavubu. MS. Moisi Tshombe of Katanga Province. CU. Colonel Joseph Mobutu. Good GV. United Nations Building. Interior shots, Security Council of the United Nations. MS. Marshal Tito seated with Colonel Gamal Abdel Nasser President of Egypt. MS. Pandit Nehru, Dr Kwame Nkrumah Prime Minister of Ghana listening to Krishna Menon Indian Minister of Defence speaking. Good CU. Khruschev when he gave press conference from hotel balcony. MS. Khruschev and Castro posing for photographers. MS. Eisenhower addressing U.N. Security Council. LS Canadian Premier John Diefenbaker addressing Security Council. High angle GV. Security Council. MS. Mr. Macmillan addressing Security Council. MS. Khruschev as he interrupts Macmillan. MS. LS. Mr. Hammarskjold. MS. Khruschev and colleagues thumping table. Various shots of capture of Patrice Lumumba Prime Minister of the Congo watched by Joseph Mobutu. CU. U.S. Satellite. Aerial views as missile is fired from submerged atomic submarine 'George Washington'. Various shots of wedding of Princess Margaret. MS. Royal family on lawn at Balmoral. CU. Prince Andrew. CU. Prince Hiro, first child of Princess Michiko and Prince Akihito, who are also seen. MS. Wedding of King and Queen of Persia. CU. baby. MS. John Kennedy pushing his wife Jacqueline from hospital in wheelchair, while woman carries heir baby boy John Fitzgerald Jnr. Various shots of United States election, Nixon and Kennedy making pre-election tours, and of Kennedy meeting Nixon and President Eisenhower.


Note: good news review for 1960 with some comic timing for clip of Khruschev shrugging after 'upstaging' other world leaders; good shots of Verwoerd after the assassination attempt, of Khruschev and colleagues thumping the table at the Security Council and Khruschev with Castro and Lumumba offered his own words to eat.
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