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British Pathé
Hamburg, Federal Republic of Germany (Western Germany).

Various shots along the barbed wire fences and the blocks that hold the Dachau Concentration Camp museum collection - this is a monument to this once notorious concentration camp. Various shots of the members of the Soviet Trade Delegation arriving at the camp. Various shots inside the museum where the delegates look at articles that bring back memories of the camp. Various shots of the delegation laying wreath at the camp crematorium. MS. Windows of modern blocks of flats in Hamburg. Various shots of the delegation on a tour of the flats and modern development. The delegates tour around in motor coach also. GV. Travelling shots past blocks of modern flats, also past part of the Alster Lake. Various shots of the delegation with German experts on roof taking a look over Hamburg and discussing the buildings. Views over the city. They then drink a toast. Various shots of the members of the delegation arriving at Soviet Consulate overlooking the river Rhine. CU. Portraits of Lenin and Kosygin inside the headquarters. Various shots of the Soviet and German delegates chatting. GV. Pan over the 'Bayer-Werke' chemo-technical factories at Leverkusen. Various shots of the delegates looking around the plant. Automation is one of the main features and the delegates watch with interest. LV. Across the river Rhine with a large steamer passing by. GV. Some of the Rhine castles from steamer. Various shots of the delegates on steamer seeing sights.


Date found in the old record - 15/06/1967.
British Pathe
Black & White


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