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British Pathé
BMC Crash Test.

Titles read: 'MINI'.

Several shots of Mini cars with two crash-test dummies inside it crashing head on into a large concrete block. Some shots in slow motion. The bonnet is completely smashed in in the later shots. Still shot showing the effects on the car crashing at 25, 30 and 38 miles an hour. Pretty horrendous.

Intertitle: '1100'.

Several shots of BMC 1100 car undergoing the same crash tests.

Intertitle: '1800'.

Several shots of BMC 1800 car undergoing crash tests. Still shot comparing the effects of the cars after crashing at 20, 30 and 35 miles an hour. Stills showing the interior of the car after crashing at the different speeds.

Intertitle: 'MGB'.

Brief shot of convertible MGB slamming into the block - there are no dummies in this car. Shots of engine and interior of car after crash. Slow motion shots at night of the car crashing into the block (area is floodlit). M/S of doors being opened and shut to show they are undamaged after crash. Unusual view from below the car as it crashes in slow motion and debris falls on top of the camera. Shots of the underneath of the car after crash. View from inside the car as we crash - camera is pointed at steering wheel and shot is seen in slow motion.
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