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British Pathé
Cambodia (Kampuchea) / Vietnam.

V23142 - Cambodia. M/S of two young girls sitting by baskets of fruit at a riverside market - Mekong River in the background. Phnom Penh.

V23143 - L/S of the Royal Palace at Phnom Penh in Cambodia.

V23145 - L/S of the Vat Phnom temple - Cambodia. Parkland. Boy carrying baskets of fruit and a tractor pass the camera.

V23146 - M/S hallway of Krate Medico Centre in Cambodia. People stand and sit on either side of the waiting room. Man comes into the hallway (possibly a Doctor) and people crowd around him.

V23147 - L/S of Prince Norodom Sihanouk sitting at a table in the gardens of the Royal Palace in Cambodia.

V23153 - L/S of the Monument of Independence, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Moving shot from a vehicle, two young girls sit in a tuk-tuk which is propelled along by a cyclist.

V23154 - Low angle shot of men working on a building site. Cambodia. Man operates a pulley system to lift supplies.

V23155 - Street scene Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Moving shot following tuk-tuk cyclist towards a market place.

V23156 - Moving shot towards and past the Monument of Independence, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

V23157 - Tracking shot through a main road bordered by woods. Camera passes a "road-up" sign and bulldozer on side of road. Road works.

V23206 - Mekong River, Vietnam. Scenic shot with mountains in the background.

V23207 - Aerial travelling shots of the River Mekong in Vietnam, mountains, jungle on banks of the river. Long section (233 feet).

V23208 - L/S man carrying basket on the bank of the Mekong River, Vietnam. He steps into a fishing boat moored by the bank and uses boat moored next to it to push off into midstream.

V23209 - M/S of two Vietnamese women walking down bank of river towards larger houseboats. Woman washes her hands in the river. Man carries large branches towards the boat. He cuts the branches up into smaller pieces with a machete like tool.

V23210 - L/S houseboats moored on side of Mekong River, Vietnam. Man carries sack on his back towards camera across planks of wood. Reverse angle of him walking up plank of wood onto back of lorry where he drops sack. M/S of workers and boats, man sits on sacks in foreground. Two boys grab sack from an older man. M/S of man sitting on sacks.

V23211 - Man carries plank of wood on his shoulder. Legs close to camera walk up a gangplank. M/S of men climbing onto pile of timber then laying their piece down. M/S two men walking up bank of river carrying planks. Mekong River, Vietnam.

V23213 - M/S panning shot of market place. Cheing Mai area of Vietnam. Tuk-tuks and lorries are seen. Shop facades. Man riding a bicycle. Woman carrying baskets of foodstuff.

V23215 - General scenes of people walking along a muddy road. Group of women carry baskets or panniers on their shoulders. M/S of woman washing her feet in muddy water. C/U of young man smiling as he stands behind barbed wire fence. Car drives along very muddy street towards the camera. C/U of the car's tyres. L/S of car driving away. Woman holding a basket of shopping and some bananas walks along very muddy street. She looks at camera. Older woman in the distance. Various C/Us of people's feet as they walk through the mud. Vietnam village life.

V23218 - L/S from low angle of palm tree. Camera pans down to show hut. M/S of empty barber's chair by the side of the hut. Vietnam village.

V23219 - L/S of two Meo tribesmen operating a primitive grinding apparatus made of wood. Camera zooms in to show the stone which is being rotated.

V23224 - M/S veranda of a Vietnam village hut, woman and children look at the camera. Camera zooms out to L/S of hut to show that it is constructed over the river on stilts. Woman runs through shot in foreground. Man walks past in opposite direction followed by a white dog.
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