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British Pathé
Mala Mala, Africa.

Several shots of a twelve-year-old African girl doing a traditional dance "that initiates her into womanhood"; several other villagers watch, some beat drums. Elsewhere in the village women pound grains and prepare food. Commentator says we are amongst the Shangaan tribe deep in the bush. L/S of a small propellor plane flying low and preparing to land; antelopes and buffalo run away; elephants amble away from the area.

The aeroplane lands on a dusty runway in the bush; a small group of tourists get out. C/U of sign reading 'Mala Mala'; several shots of this luxury village show the swimming pool, a couple relaxing in an air-conditioned rondavel / mud hut apartment and holidaymakers being served drinks in a lounge. A tame Cheetah sits in the lounge and is stroked by a woman.

Several shots show buffalo in the wild; two couples sit in a land rover and watch them through binoculars. Giraffes, elephants, ostriches and rhinos (including a baby rhinoceros) are also seen. The tourists are driven to a tree house / observation platform to look down on lions that are attracted and distracted by a dead wildebeest; the lions are seen eating at the corpse.

Aerial shot of a bush fire from a rather shaky plane; several shots of the fire from ground level. African men are seen starting a controlled fire downwind of the bush fire, producing a burnt out area that the flames can't reach across. The men are seen fanning the flames with animal skins on the end of sticks. L/S of the smouldering remains of the countryside after the fire.

Note: mute neg is quite scratched towards the end of the story and has some obvious joins. Cuts exist - see separate records.
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Mala Mala Africa traditional dancing Shangaan tribe aeroplanes cheetahs tourists buffalo wildebeest lions wild animals giraffes elephants ostriches rhinoceros fires safaris