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German Nazi stormtroopers ride on the back of a lorry flying their swastika flags and chanting about Jews. Exterior views of Jewish owned shops with their windows being painted with slogans and the Star of David. CU of sign which reads: "Achtung Juden". Storm troopers argue with people outside a shop. MS of shop window painted with Star and the word 'Jude' in large letters. More shots of Nazis standing outside shops and chanting from their lorries. (Presumably these are events surrounding Kristallnacht - Crystal night in 1938)

Large military parade in Berlin. Cutaways to show crowds giving Nazi salutes. Paratroops in their drop gear are amongst those marching. Quick shot of Adolf Hitler (the Fuhrer) and Hermann Goering saluting. High angle shot of parade of military armoured vehicles. More shots of parade and Hitler saluting.

Shots of Berlin at the end of the War. Massive devastation from bombing and shelling. Shots of bombed Reichstag.

Shots of people and corpses in concentration / forced labour camp (not clear which one). MS of skeletal looking man - very under nourished. Large number of emaciated looking dead bodies on ground. Large numbers of corpses in the end of a deep trench.

(Quick shot of unidentified man speaking to camera). Shots of people walking around in post war reconstructed Germany. CU spray painted swastika on wall. More shots of Berlin. Another painted swastika. Exterior of Adler House in London- Court of the Chief Rabbi. CU Swastika painted on door.

Police on patrol outside Synagogue. Courtroom shots of trial of unidentified man. (1950s?)

Travelling shots under row of swastika flags.

Huge crowd gathers to cheer the Fuhrer. Shot of Adolf Hitler waving from balcony. Crowds give Nazi salute and chant 'Heil'. Night shots of torchlight parade. Rudolf Hess and Hitler salute with others from balcony. Various shots of parade - lots of swastikas.

Scenes of the burning of the books on Unter Den Linden in Berlin. Copies of unfavourable books are thrown onto a large bonfire. Dr Joseph Goebbels addresses the crowds. More of the books are thrown onto the fire to burn. (This section may actually be UN 135 F).

N.B. This material is somewhat confused and may not originally have been received by Pathe in this form.
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