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GV. St. Paul's Cathedral, London. GV. Interior, Easter service in progress and the choir entering the garden in the Cathedral. Choir singing 'Jesus Christ is Risen Today'. LV. Congregation standing. TV. Choristers led by the Bishop passing the garden of the resurrection. LV. Showing the Cross and Dove. STV. Bishop with others standing before the Cross. LV. Garden. AS. Cross and the Dove.

GV. The Cathedral at Leicester. SV. Couple being showered with confetti after wedding ceremony. LV. Wedding couples coming down steps from church to car. CU. Old boot tied on the back of car as car draws away. LV. Interior, giant chocolate Easter egg having the finishing touches put to it by a chef, children watching. SCU. Chef working on egg watched by small boy. CU. Boy looking up at large egg. AS. Giant egg with wording 'Easter Greetings'. SCU. Baby seated in high chair eating chocolate Easter egg.

LV. Cars going along the dual carriage way to the coast. SV. & SCU. Group of men on side of road mending punctures. SV. Another man on side of road pumping up tyre. SV. A couple with two children seated on grass verge at side of road taking refreshments. BV. Three hikers walking along grass verge as cars pass them on their right.

LV. Group of Tiller girls walking towards camera, wearing the latest Easter hats in Hyde Park. CU. Tracking shot into the three girls.

GV. Easter fair in progress at Hayes. CU. Elderly woman with flowered Easter bonnet looking at round-a- bout. CU. Another old woman wearing large bonnet type hat. SV. Another old woman wearing bonnet type hat with ribbon tied under chin.

LV. Old age pensioners (women) parading with Easter bonnets. LV. Crowds watching. SV. Woman wearing flat hat. CU. Another woman wearing large bonnet type hat with flowerpot on top. SCU. Another woman wearing duck hat. SV. Another woman wearing window sill type of hat. LV. Crowd watching. SCU. Mrs Ellen McElligott, aged 91, is the winner. She is kissed by Ray Martin and Corrine Gray.

GV. Start of the Richmond Formula One race at Goodwood. AS. People watching over fence. SV. Cars rounding bend with car No 4, B.R.M. driven by Mike Hawthorn in the lead, closely followed by car No 6. SV. Officials pushing over the wrecked car which had been driven by Tony Dennis - powerful D type Jaguar. He crashed to death on the 12th lap during the 40 mile sports car race. LV. Car No 6, Connaught driven by Scott-Brown in the lead, closely followed by No 1, Maserati driven by Stirling Moss. Stirling Moss flashing over the line to win. SV. Towards and pan, Stirling Moss coming in, he is the winner.

GV. Pan, mass of cyclists racing round track at Herne Hill during the Gold Column race. LV. Crowds applauding. LV. Cyclists racing over line for finish. SCU. Crowds applauding. SCU. John Geddes, winner of the 5 mile Gold Column Race.

LV. Motorcycle racing in progress at Oulton Park. SV. Pan Bob McIntyre racing along. SV. Other cyclists racing in pursuit. SV. Bob McIntyre being flagged in and flashing over the line and winning the race. LV. Crowds. SCU. Bob McIntyre smiling.

GV. Sailing Regatta in progress at Teddington. GV. Sailing boats in line. SV. Competitors putting sailing boat ti water. SCU. Pan, sailing boat past camera at speed.

CU. Pan, another sailing boat past camera. SCU. Two people watching. SV. Sailing boat rounding marking buoy. CU. Pan, sailing boat past camera.

GV. River with punt. CU. Boy standing up on end of punt smiling, holding punt pole. STV. A girl, seated at the other end of the punt reading book. CU. Boy has a difficulty with punt pole as it sticks in the mud. He falls out of frame and into water. LV. Punt going away with girl waving arms. LV. Boy swimming to the river bank.

CU. Float from fishing rod on water. CU. Man smiling as he thinks he has a fish and starts to turn rod. STV. Man starts to pull up and finds he has caught an old wellington boot.

LV. Man in his garden pulling his prize onions. CU. Man planting onions. SV. Little girl comes along with small bucket and spade and starts to dig up her father's newly planted onions.

AS. Sign 'Sea Front'. LV. Massed cars on road waiting to enter the resort. SCU. Small boy eating large lump of candy floss. LV. Large number of boys getting off small lorry. CU. Boys getting down from lorry. GV. Sea front. SV. Father mother and small child making sand castles on beach. SCU. Courting couple embracing in deck chairs. TS. Along Southend Pier. SV. Pan, motorboat racing out to sea with trippers. CU. Couple sitting at the back of racing boat. GV. & AS. Round-a-bouts etc., at the Southend Kuursal. Shot taken from roller-coaster as it moves - some greatly confusing up side down footage - interesting.

SV. Man on ladder white washing wall, his wife appears and says come and have a cup of tea. CU. Wife holding cup of tea. She throws cup of tea in the air and puts hands up to face. SV. Husband falls down steps, feet in white wash and bucket falls on his head. SCU. Husband struggling to get bucket off his head.

SCU. Baby in high chair finishing off her Easter egg. BV. Family and children pushing small lorry up road.

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