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Reel 4.

01:16:40 - L/S of smoke screen (?), explosion (?) in the sea. L/S of an aircraft coming into land on an aircraft carrier, M/S profile as it crashes into the deck and its nose tips forward.

01:16:51 - M/S as an aeroplane drops a smoke screen.

01:17:04 - M/S test of aeroplanes against battleships, two bombs are dropped and explode in the water near the ship. M/S of smoke curling up from the ship, it rolls and sinks in the water.

01:17:25 - M/S of a wireless aerial spinning around as Marconi (?) tries to get a signal through his headphones. M/S of two men with headphones on fiddling with wireless equipment.

01:17:44 - M/S of Big Ben showing 11.15. M/S of Savoy Hill in London with buses and cars driving through. L/S of rooftop, M/S exterior of window of British Broadcasting Corporation building. M/S of a man reading from a book. M/S of valves and transmitters. L/S's of aerial mast.

01:18:12 - Montage sequence of radio performers, one lady sings, others play the piano. M/S of a car driving down the road with radio aerial and speakers. M/S of people gathered around big square outdoor wireless, couples dance to the music in the street.

01:18:37 - M/S of tennis player Suzanne Lenglen during a match. M/S of female athletes doing the Olympic salute at the Games. C/U as the camera pans across the ladies sat in a row. M/S as they put their shoes on. M/S of two British female athletes stood together.

01:19:08 - M/S of a lady shot putter, M/S of girls in hurdle race, high jump, long jump and javelin. M/S of the women's rowing team.

01:19:30 - M/S of Press Baron Lord Beaverbrook (William Maxwell Aitken) and a lady (his wife ?) walking along at the Women's Exhibition at Olympia in London.

01:19:37 - M/S of Press Baron Lord Charles William Northcliffe walking down steps of an ancient ruin, he is accompanied by other dignitaries. C/U as he chats to one.

01:19:48 - Various C/U's of newspaper headlines about crimes and people being sentenced to death.

01:20:01 - C/U of newspaper showing picture of explorer Ernest Shackleton and reporting his death. C/U of Ernest talking before the expedition. M/S's of ship sailing through icy water. M/S of Shackleton's grave with a cross on the top amid the icy hills in South Georgia.

01:20:33 - Author Sir James Barrie and actress Ellen Terry sit together outside St. Andrew's University, they are both wearing caps and gowns. Ellen looks in her handbag and Barrie scolds her and playfully hits her on the arm.

01:20:45 - C/U of newspaper headline announcing Turkish attack on Greece. M/S of Greek army riding through the streets. L/S of devastation in Smyrna with buildings on fire and smoke billowing up.

01:21:20 - L/S of Red Cross parcels being swung onto the dock from a ship, people rush towards them. M/S's of people clamouring and jostling for food hand outs.

01:21:41 - Newspapers - 'Kemal Invades The Neutral Zone.' Various shots of allied soldiers patrolling in the Dardanelles. M/S as two soldiers send messages via a mirror and the sun's reflection. Newspaper headlines - 'British Ultimatum to Kemal.' Various shots of allied troops and warships being despatched. L/S of large numbers of troops marching through Constantinople (Istanbul). M/S of four high ranking allied officers standing on a balcony.

01:22:21 - Newspaper headlines - 'Plot Against The Collins Cabinet.' L/S of huge crowds gathered to hear Eamon de Valera speak. M/S of him making passionate plea of 'All Ireland for the Irish.'

01:22:46 - C/U profile of Michael Collins also making a passionate speech to a large crowd. M/S as fighting breaks out and shots are fired to disperse the crowd.

01:23:12 - C/U profile of Eamon de Valera making a speech. L/S as soldiers head towards the crowds, people run and fight, some lay on the ground.

01:23:26 - Newspaper headline - 'Battle of the Dublin Four Courts.' L/S of smoke rising from explosion, various shots of effects of the fighting, buildings destroyed and burnt out, bullet holes in windows. M/S of soldiers sat on the street, one has his head bandaged by another. M/S of people being searched at a checkpoint. Various shots of Morans hotel with its windows blown out. Various shots of a priest talking to a soldier, he is trying to bring peace to both sides. L/S of soldiers on the streets.

01:24:25 - M/S of big gun being fired. L/S of Four Courts damaged by artillery fire. L/S of soldiers holding children back. M/S of gun firing, smoke and burnt out buildings. Newspaper headlines - 'Michael Collins dies fighting.' L/S of smoke pouring from buildings and fire raging out of the windows.

01:25:09 - L/S of aerialist Lillian Boyer doing a handstand on the top of an aeroplane then dangling from a rope by her teeth. L/S as the aeroplane loops-the-loop.

01:25:21 - M/S of an American inventor on a raft in the sea, he makes walking motions which move the two slats attached to his feet and propel the raft forward. He steers it with handlebars. M/S profile of the contraption.

01:25:31 - L/S of Dick Kerr's Ladies' Football Team standing on the deck of a ship and waving at the camera. They are the first ladies' football team to go to America. M/S as they play skipping games on deck. M/S as they kick a football about.

01:25:48 - C/U of a fashionable young lady wearing headphones, she is sitting under a parasol. M/S to reveal she has a small wireless radio in her garter. Various shots as she turns the dial to get better reception then pulls her skirt down and covers her knees again.

01:25:58 - Various shots of the famous collapsing aeroplane again.

01:26:10 - End Title - "Time to Remember." End Credits.

End of Reel 4 - N.B. These reel numbers relate to NEG reels - Pathe's prints have been combined into 2 reels.
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