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Full title reads: "Adelaide, Australia. The Third Test. Shock tactics - Larwood - leg theory - sensational cricket - an English victory, and the Ashes nearly won!"

Adelaide, Australia.

Possibly one of the most famous cricket Test matches ever. Bodyline bowling and the leg theory too.

Don Bradman is batting. He scores a couple of runs.

Woodfull (?) is seen walking from the crease after having been hit in the chest by the ball (we don't see the delivery). Harold Larwood is bowling (unseen) - next deliver is leg theory and knocks the bat from Woodfull's hands.

Donald Bradman ducks after a fast delivery from Larwood. We see Larwood run up and deliver the ball Bradman knocks it up and is caught by Allen.

Shots of two Australian batsmen grabbing a quick run. One of the English fielders walks off injured after falling over boundary.

Shots of Oldfield batting confidently against fast English bowling. Oldfield is seen lying on the ground after miss hitting a ball and getting knocked on the head. Other players run to him and the doctor is called.

N.B. This film is slightly scratched but considering the importance of the item it is great - you get to see how frightening this method of bowling must have been. MD.
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