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British Pathé
Sunderland. Intertitle reads: "As befitting the world's greatest Shipbuilders, Britain is the biggest maker of those beautiful Model Ships which grace so many buildings today."

Man stands in front of a large glass display case inside which is a very large model liner. He stands with his hands in his pockets admiring the model. C/U of a craftsman standing by the wooden hull of a model he is making. He holds a small tool in his hand which he shows to the camera. He then bends over the hull and begins to work on it. He takes another piece of wood and measures it against the hull piece. C/U of the hull being painted with varnish (?) or glue. Hull is turned on its side. M/S of the craftsman screwing another piece of model on to the hull. Other workers are busy with the more intricate parts of the model - funnels, masts etc. We see three men hard at work at a bench. C/U of quite elderly man doing close work with tiny models on a board beside him (possibly a lifeboat amongst other things.) Rowntree's Pastilles tin visible beside him. C/U of another man doing intricate work - possibly on a mast.

Top shot of some of the tiny items made for the model ship - lifeboat, funnels, propeller, tables and chairs etc. Two craftsmen put the finishing touches to the model - pieces of string are attached to the many masts. C/U of one of the men deep in concentration. A lifeboat is put into place, as is a rudder and other tiny bits and pieces. "Thou shalt not covet" - where is the boy who doesn't momentarily forget the commandment when he sees one of these fine models?" asks the intertitle. Young boy in an overcoat and school cap stands and looks at the finished model in a display case.

Was probably a Pictorial item.
British Pathe
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