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"To most of us, a woman's crowning glory is her hair... but not in every land..."

Short shot of a South American woman and her children climbing a ladder to their primitive home. "The latest from the Lido doesn't interest our native of South America," said M. Emile. "Yet, how many realise how much more attractive can the touch of the expert make one's hair... no matter how plain to begin with."

C/U of a woman with a chin length plain straight bob. C/U of a hairdresser back combing her hair at great speed. He then cuts the hair - quite short at the back. "Aren't you men thankful you miss this phase of your toilet?" the intertitle asks. This is followed by shot of the woman having her hair crimped. It looks a bit painful as the hairdresser is pretty rough. "In this world, the Coiffeur rules the waves." The woman sits patiently as her hairdo takes shape. Finished hairstyle is displayed. "Comparisons, they say, are odious."

C/U of South African woman (who looks pretty gorgeous to my mind!) then a shot of the pre-coiffured western woman. Then a shot of the white woman looking prim, proper and crimped! "And in the fashion world, the fancy wig is ever stylish." Woman sits at a dressing table and places a blond wig over her dark hair. C/U of her as she looks into the mirror. "This one says it in silk." Woman turns to admire her new hairstyle in a hand mirror. "Sometimes gentlemen prefer brunettes!!" Another two wigs are modelled - this time dark wigs.

Nice shots of "shingle" style hairdos.

Was an item in Eve's Film Review issue 274.
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