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Intertitle - 'Paris and Hanover' - (France and Germany) Various shots of the football match between Arsenal and Racing Club. C/U of man clapping and smoking a cigar. Arsenal win by 5 goals to nil. Various shots of rugby match between Germany and France, crowds watch. France win by 6 points to 3.

Intertitle - 'Pen Enys Point' (St. Ives, Cornwall). M/S of the "Bessemer City" after it has been run aground and split in two. Various shots of the two halves of the ship a short distance away from each other, the camera pans down each piece.

Intertitle - 'London E.C.' - L/S of students from Northampton Engineering College holding their rag. They walk along in a line wearing handkerchiefs on their heads, they shout then start throwing soot and eggs at each other. Various shots as they walk around in a long line chanting, then run away into the college on Clerkenwell Road.

Intertitle - 'Olympia' (London) - M/S of Lord William Richard Morris Nuffield smiling and walking up to shake a man's hand. M/S profile of him, he is there to open the Cycle Show. L/S of the crowd. M/S of him making a speech, various shots of different bicycles on show. M/S of Lord Nuffield on a bicycle touring the show. M/S of a bicycle with three seats, and a very thin model man pedalling. M/S of small motorcycle and car.

Intertitle - 'Millwall' M/S of Italian ship "Iris" in Millwall dock, with firemen onboard, various shots as they thread their hoses down the burning ship into the hold which contains cattle food.

Intertitle - 'Rome' (Italy) - L/S of huge parade through Rome to celebrate 14th anniversary of fascist march on the city. Hundreds of banners are being waved. L/S of crowds running to hear Benito Mussolini's speech, camera pans across them. M/S of Mussolini pinning a medal to a soldier. L/S of platform, L/S of crowds, M/S of Mussolini on balcony. Various shots of crowds waving.

Intertitle - 'Wanstead and Liverpool' - Bonfire night approaches. L/S of nannies pushing children in big prams, others ride on a horse and cart. L/S of a huge bonfire with children walking around. M/S as they climb to the top to add bits of extra wood. M/S of little girls watching. M/S of a boy leading an elephant along, she is holding a stick. M/S as she walks along with the branch. C/U of the branch in her trunk, she drops it on the bonfire, children wave and cheer. M/S as she walks along pulling wood for the bonfire on cart attached to her with chains.

Intertitle - 'Washington' (America, USA) - Cardinal Pacelli visits America. L/S as Cardinals emerge from church, people bend and kiss Cardinal Pacelli's hand. Various shots of him as he walks along. M/S of young priests walking with him. C/U of his face. M/S as he rides away in a car with another Cardinal. M/S as he greets people. M/S's as he places a wreath on a tomb. M/S as he walks up and enters a big house. M/S as people greet him and kiss his hand. Various shots of him on the lawn.

Note: the soundtrack to this last item is missing. The items 'Chancellor Von Schuschnigg virtual dictator of Austria', 'Roosevelt re-elected by enormous majority'. Hammond's wonderful cricket performance in Australia', and 'Christmas Pie trailer' are missing from this edition.
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