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Mr. Sardonicus - b&w 1961 horror trailer - Oscar Homolke - Ronald Lewis - Audrey Dalton - Guy Rolfe - William Castle sits in director’s chair, explains to audience that it can determine the outcome of his new movie -interactive movie - ancient Rome - gladiators duel in arena - excited crowd watches - French Revolution - large battle - men with swords, torches - up angle guillotine blade falls - old West town - mob ushers man towards gallows - hanging - noose - man in Continental military uniform (perhaps German or Russian) - white blotch superimposed over (covers) man’s face - he pours wine in pub - cu pan to large latch on wooden door - beast-like man slurps drinks from bowl before fire in fireplace - man in robe listens at door - eavesdrops - man digs grave in graveyard cemetery - pries open coffin - cu grinning skeleton corpse skull - man runs from grave - full moon with clouds - woman screams - Castle holds large card with picture of thumb on it: explains that a thumbs up is a vote for mercy upon the titular character, a thumbs down is a vote for punishment gladiator
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