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PREMIUM FOOTAGE - b&w Hollywood bowl - Show of the Year, exterior entrance gate - m/s of Manny Post and Ray Theilan walk through gate, Jayne Mansfield signs autographs for fans w/ Mickey Hargitay at her side, young man gets autograph - then other young man gets autograph, Jayne Mansfield looks at camera and says something to camera - wears low cut spaghetti strapped dress and black fur stole, m/s Bud or Bob Lewis & Arnold Marquis standing - overexposed slow pan shot of Hollywood bowl interior seats, l/s Hollywood bowl stage w/ Jayne Mansfield - m/c Mansfield in long satin gown w/ long train at microphone, Hollywood stage bowl stage pov from seats w/ pool below stage, teenage disk jockey names Jimmy O'Neil on stage, Anita Bryant goes on and off stage - comes on stage and sings - wears sleeveless knee length dress w/ large feathered hem, l/s Hollywood Bowl stage at night, Alissi twins - male singers w/ guitars & drummer accompanies, The Girls Virginia Mayo - Connie Haines, Beryl Davis sing on stage c/u side view of Julie London - c/u Julie London smiling at camera, Johnny Grant & Dodie Stevens turn to camera - he kisses her cheek
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CR-610616_001 16mm