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b&w newsreel - tour of New York City NYC Broadway theater district - narrated news of "The Gay White Way" moving pov - night - exterior theater marquees - street sign W. 44th Street at Broadway, moving pov to actor's "Lambs" club (actor's organization) - exterior entrance - pedestrians by, actors perform - informal setting - "for the merry night of the lambs", w/s room filled w/ actors - standing & applauding - private actor's party, c/u Frank MacIntyre - known as "Captain Henry" of Showboat - seated w/ other men at table, 4 men seated at table lift glasses for toast - c/u Fred Hill master of ceremonies, c/u Steve Evans - actor - imitates Popeye character - c/u actor Burton Holmes & comedian William Billy Gaxton, c/u Edgar Bergen & his sidekick Charlie MacCarthy do routine, pit bull dog named "Pete" from "Our Gang" fame at party (white dog w/ black circle around one eye) - dog drinks beer, and initiated as member of the club
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2K Film Scan DPX Files, 16mm PLS16MM-1226_007, HD Full Frame, HD Pillarbox