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Tarzan's New York Adventure trailer 1941 b&w Johnny Weissmuller, Maureen O'Sullivan, John Sheffield, Paul Kelly, Chill Wills, Charles Bickford, Virginia Grey, Cheeta the Chimp, Tarzan in suit on top of New York building unties flag pole role, as New York Police come up to roof and yell at him, he swings across to another building New York skyline in bg with his signature yell, courtroom brawl Tarzan throws man into jury box, Tarzan jumps out of window onto skyscraper ledge falls over side, then splash graphics cover shot, chimpanzee 3 baby elephants sit on their hind legs and then roll on their sides African natives with shields and spears - man shoots at them men run toward small plane parked in jungle Weissmuller is being fitted for a suit jacket by Chinese tailor who tells him to be careful he tries on jacket that is way too small and it rips elephants stampede circus setting 3 elephants rear on their hind legs in front of car Tarzan jumps in car elephants in the bg Cheeta the chimp sticks finger in cabbies ear hat check girl at night club screams dives head first out of hat check followed by a second hat check girl and lots of flying hats Cheeta the chimp sits trying on lots of different hats laughs Tarzan on the Brookly Bridge with New York Skyline New York Police Down angle into water from bridge tug boat in shot
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