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Newsreel b&w silent - unedited newsreel footage - Part 7 of 7 - President Franklin D. Roosevelt at Grand Coulee Dam during construction - Presidential Motorcade - FDR in car - Small town parade - procession of cars - FDR delivers speech while seated in car - Seated next to the President are U.S. Senator Lewis B. Schwellenbach, and Frank A. Banks, superintendent of construction for the Bureau of Reclamation - Police motorcade and Secret Service - FDR eats while seated in car - FDR smiles - Washington State - October 1937 - Public Works Project - PWA - Public Works Administration - New Deal - Public construction projects - Depression Era Economic stimulus - FDR
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4K Film Scan DPX Files, HD Full Frame, HD Pillarbox, 35mm PLSUCLA-M3585_001