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NAME: US PARADE 20051125E TAPE: EF05/1044 IN_TIME: 10:28:25:07 DURATION: 00:01:54:02 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: New York - 24 Nov 2005 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST 1. Giant inflatable balloon of US cartoon character Scooby Doo in Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 2. Crowds waving 3. Giant Turkey on float being towed by car 4. Big yellow bird lifting weight 5. People dressed in yellow walking under big yellow bird, tilt up to inflatable balloon 6. Various of people in clown costumes with paints 7. Pull out of giant inflatable fish balloon in parade 8. Person wearing costume of Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse, pull out to wide shot of float dressed as steam boat 9. People dressed as various Disney cartoon characters dancing on float 10. Giant inflatable balloon of US cartoon character Sponge Bob Squarepants 11. SOUNDBITE (English) Vox Pop, young girl: "Barney, because he is awesome and I am really excited." 12. SOUNDBITE: (English) Vox Pop, young boy: "Sponge Bob is my favourite because he is really cool. Because he is a sponge." 13. People in blue and white outfits riding on unicycles NEW YORK CELEBRATES THANKSGIVING Americans across the US were celebrating Thanksgiving on Thursday with parades, football, and turkey. New York City hosted the annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Highlights included giant inflatable balloons of famous cartoon characters including Scooby Doo and Sponge Bob Squarepants. The Macy's parade started in 1924 and has been an annual tradition, cancelled only in the World War II years of 1942 to 1944. The balloons, including Nickelodeon's Dora the Explorer, the parade's first Latina balloon character, shared top billing with 10 marching bands, 27 floats and performers such as LeAnn Rimes, Aaron Neville and Kristin Chenoweth.
The N.Y. Giants win the Eastern pro-football title, 31 to 0 as they catch most of their passes, and a few of Washington's as well beating the Red Skins in their own stadium.
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Giants Vs Redskins Pt4
Crowd cheering / Arnie Herber passes to Frank Liebel and he scores touchdown / cheering crowd / Redskin Frank Filchock goes to pass but breaks free to run.
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Giants Vs Redskins Pt5
Redskins Sammy Baugh throws interception to Charlie Avedisian / Avedisian running in touchdown to win 31-0 / crowd storming field / fans tearing down goalpost.
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TVU 17 BERNIE SANDERS ORIENT IA ROUNDTABLE ABC UNI 081119 2020 132003 Thank you very much. Thank you all. Everybody know Jane? OKay, thank you. It is a pleasure to be with you today. 132033 I come, as you know, from one of the most rural states in the United States, and in VErmont, we have done town meetings in towns of even fewer people than Orient. But it does look like we have most of Orient with us today, and I thank you all for coming out. (laughs) 132055 And I'm also honored to be here, at Henry Wallace's birthplace. I think in Iowa you know Henry Wallace, but I'm not sure that the American people do. I think he's a political figure, one of the giants of the mid-20th century who has kind of been pushed out of national political discussion. But you should be very proud of somebody who was many many years ahead of his time. And where's John, is John Nickels here? 132127 There's JOhn. John is a writer for the Nation and a good friend, and John was just telling me - I didn't know this - that one of the reasons why Wallace was not renominated in 1944, was because of his opposition to racism. And the segregationists and the democratic party did not want him around. So, his values speak well to the values of Iowa and I want to thank the folks here for allowing us to use this beautiful, beautiful facility. 132156 What I want to do today, I'm going to speak for a little while and then we'll open it up for discussion. And I'll ask you questions, and you ask me questions, and we''ll go from there. And I want to begin by thanking the people of Iowa because when I came here four years ago, many of the ideas that I talked about at that point seemed very very radical and kind of extreme. 132223 Well, it turned out, that they were not so radical or extreme for the people of Iowa. We did very very well in the caucuses. And by the way, we intend to win the caucus this time. But the ideas that we brought forth, which 4 years ago seemed radical ,today are kind of mainstream, aren't they? So 4 years ago, we came here, we said, you know what, if you work 40 hours a week in AMerica, you should not be living in poverty. 132258 Not such a radical idea. And we talked about raising the minimum wage to at least 15 bucks and hour, making sure that workers who wanted to join a union would be able to do so. Well, 4 years have come and gone, and that radical and extreme idea has now been adopted by 7 states in this country, and as you know, a few weeks ago the Us House of Representatives voted to raise the minimum wage, 15 dollars and hour. 132321 4 years ago, I introduced an idea which again, at that point, seemed very radical. I said look, the world is changing, the economy is changing, technology is changing. And the idea of a K-12 educational system ,a public education was great, but the world is changing. We hvae to expand that idea. Everybody here knows, that if our kids are going to make it into the middle class, in most instances, they need a higher education. 132355 Okay? And what wesaid 4 years ago, is we got to make public colleges and universities tuition free. Well, that idea was attacked by editorial pages al over America. Too radical, too extreme, can't happen. Well 4 years have come and gone, and in California, in New York, in Tennessee, in places all over this country, there is major movement towards making public colleges and universities tuition free. 132428 And I'm happy to say that New York University School of Medicine has said that they will be tuition free so that our doctors don't have to graduate with 3-400,000 dollars in debt. We're making progress on that issue.4 years ago, I said, there is something absurd that we are punishing the young people of this country who we told to go out and get a higher education,ad now they're ending up with 50, 100,000 dollars in student debt. 132504 And that we have to deal with that issue. And once again, I was told, No, you ca't do that, that's too radical an idea. Today, all over the country, that is exactly what people are talking about, and in my view we should cancel all student debt in this country. 132529 And once again, that idea of canceling all student debt is met with a continuous pattern of opposition from the entire establishment. How can you do that. Well I'll tell you how we can do that and why we should do it. Turns out that the younger generation today for the first time in the modern history of America will have a lower standard of living than their parents. Got that? So here we are in the so-called booming economy but our kids leaving school deeply in debt. They're going out and getting jobs that in real dollars, just dollars, pay less than what their parents earned. 132605 They can't buy a home, they can't afford to have kids, in some instances. So I think it is appropriate to cancel all student debt and we pay for that by imposing a modest tax on Wall Street speculation. Four years ago I was asked at a national debate, televised debate what the major foreign policy crisis facing our country was. 132638 And I think the moderator expected me to say well it's al-Qaeda it's ISIS and those would be reasonable answers. But what I said is that the major national security crisis we face is climate change. And people thought that was a pretty crazy idea. Well. They're not laughing at that answer anymore 132659 Because as you know the scientists have told us that we need to act very very aggressively or else some terrible things are going to happen in our country and around the world. So my point is I want to thank all of you because Iowa was the first state and is the first state to vote in the caucus or primary process. And we brought those ideas to Iowa. And you told the world that these ideas were not radical ideas, were not un-American ideas, but were exactly what we need for this country. So I want to thank all of you for your support for those ideas and my candidacy. 132736 So today, four years have come and gone and this is where we are as a nation. And it is important for us to think outside of the box. I think - main point that I want to make to everybody is that the only time real change takes place, and I mean real change is when we change political consciousness in this country. 132808 That we don't necessarily say what appeared on television yesterday, that we think things through ourselves that each one of us goes into our own hearts and our own minds and says what is going on in America today. So let me just tell you what I think. Let me ask you what you think and I don't want you to tell me you know what you think I believe. I want you to tell me what's in your own hearts. 132830 So we start off with an issue that is talked about very very rarely and in all humility, I think if I had not pushed this issue it would probably not be talked about at all. And that is from a moral and economic perspective. How do we feel that in America today we have three people owning more wealth than the bottom half of the American Society? Three people. How do we feel that the top 1 percent owns more wealth than the bottom 92 percent.? 132900 How do we feel that in a time when in Iowa and in Vermont and all over this country you got working people who are forced to work two or three jobs work 50, 60, 70 hours a week. Forty nine percent of all of the new income coming in goes to the top 1 percent. Now I want you to think about two things I want you to think about the economic impact of that, the morality of that and then maybe the more important question is why don't we discuss that. 132928 Why don't we discuss that? And, you know, think about that. Maybe we can discuss that in a moment and then when you talk about income and wealth inequality, you also talk about a corrupt -- you have to think about a corrupt political system. And what does that mean? What it means is that these folks who have many, many billions of dollars do not put their money under the mattress. 132955 What they do in order to perpetuate their wealth and their power is they spend that money on the political process. And as a result of this disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision, billionaires can now spend hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars to elect candidates who represent the wealthy and the powerful and not you. And that's called a corrupt political system. So. So what you got here is economically an incredibly grotesque and unfair distribution of wealth and income. 133030 Politically you've got billionaires buying elections and want to perpetuate the system. And let me give you some concrete examples of what that means. Four years ago when it came to Iowa, I said that, you know, maybe just maybe the United States of America should be doing what every other major country on earth does. And that is to guarantee health care to all people as a human right. 133056 And people said oh no. The American people will never go for that. It's a terrible idea and they give you 50 different reasons why it was not a good idea. Well guess what's happened. Four years have come and gone. Poll after poll after poll tells us the American people now support a Medicare for All single payer program. And I want you to think about this for a moment. 133134 And that. *****************GAP************************** 133206 SANDERS>> Exactly. All right. Anybody here -- and again I don't -- talk to me about your deductibles. What is the deductible that some of you are dealing with as a family. Anyone want to talk about that? OK. Well there are many Americans who have deductibles of three, four, five, seven thousand dollars a year or more. So if you don't have a lot of money and you go to a doctor bill of five thousand dollars. What happens when you get sick? 133230 You know, go to the doctor and lo and behold we got 30,000 people in this country who die every single year because they don't go to a doctor. And then if you have a health insurance program, a health insurance policy that is crap, and God forbid you end up in the hospital. And you run up a bill of a few hundred thousand dollars. What happens to you then? 133259 (to audience member) That's right. That's exactly right. (to crowd) Five hundred thousand people a year in the United States of America go bankrupt because of medical bills. See, now, we don't talk about these issues. So let's look at the health care system. Eighty seven million people uninsured or underinsured can't go to the doctor when they should. Thirty thousand die. People end up in the hospital with large medical bills. 133329 Five hundred thousand people go bankrupt in terms of prescription drugs which is obviously an integral part of health care today. One out of five Americans who get a prescription from their doctor because they are sick cannot afford to fill that prescription. Some of you may have noted that two weeks ago today, actually was a Sunday, I went from Detroit to Windsor Ontario, with a group of diabetics from the Midwest. 133401 And the point that I wanted to make is that the cost of insulin, which diabetics, seven and a half million diabetics use in this country, is outrageously high in America. We went to Windsor Ontario -- anyone know the differential? What people pay by going to Canada? What was it? (person in crowd answers) BERNIE>> Exactly. It was one tenth the price. Can you imagine? Insulin is oxygen for diabetics. 133433 This is what they need to stay alive. And what I learned on that trip, which I had not known, Is that one out of four people who use insulin in America -- about seven and a half million people do -- are rationing their insulin. There was a young man on the trip. Guy was a football player had been a football player. He chose not to tell his parents that he was rationing insulin because they were already spending so much money and he felt guilty about it. 133459 Can you imagine? And he became sick and that's what happens when you ration insulin. In fact there are people who are dying in America because they cannot afford the insulin they need. But it is not just insulin. You name the drug, and it is less expensive not only in Canada, but in countries all over the world. So you've got a healthcare system, and a pharmaceutical industry - what is the function of those industries? 133527 Who wants to help me out here? To make money. So at a time when so many people are uninsured or underinsured, when we pay the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs - that's the bad news about the system. Let me give you the good news from the health care industry's perspective. The good news is that the profits of the insurance companies are soaring. And last year the top five companies made twenty three billion dollars in profit. 133557 Last year the top 10 drug companies in America made sixty nine billion dollars in profit. A year. One year. All right. So you have a system whose function is not complicated. The function of the current system is to make huge profits for the drug companies and the insurance companies. To pay out incredible compensation packages for the CEOs of those companies. That's its function. And it is in fact working very well for the industry. Together made a hundred billion dollars in profit last year. 133634 While so many of our people are uninsured, underinsured, or can't afford prescription drugs and the American people are catching on. And more and more., poll after poll shows that the American people now want us to move to a Medicare for All single payer program. 133700 Now. Now it is impossible in my view for anybody to defend the dysfunctionality of the current system. We are spending, once again, twice as much per capita on health care as do the people of other industrialized countries - Canada cetera. And yet, so many people are uninsured or underinsured. So what is the problem. Why haven't we moved to a more rational health care system. And I'll tell you what the problem is and you will know what the problem is. 133728 The problem is that in an industry that made one hundred billion dollars last year and profits. They will do everything they possibly can to protect those profits. They will spend -- mark my words -- hundreds of millions of dollars in lies and distortions and personal attacks against me and other folks who are supporting single payer. To do everything they can to make sure we do not move to Medicare for all. 133757 That's what we're up against. So this is not a debate about health care because nobody can defend the current system. This is a question about whether we have the willingness to take on the incredible power of the insurance companies and the drug companies. And the good news is the American people are prepared to take them on and no matter how much money they spend no matter how many lies they tell we will pass a Medicare for All single payer program. 133829 Now, what I'm told by my opponents and by the industry and by editorial writers, everybody in the world is: You really can't. This is too big. You know it's gonna be convulsive to the system. You know people love their private health insurance. All of you love your private health insurance? CROWD>> No! 133859 BERNIE>> I don't think you do. What people love, in many cases if you got a good doctor you love your doctor. If you had a good experience in a hospital you appreciate that experience. You may like the clinic you're going to. You'd like the people providing health care to you if they're doing a good job. Very few people I know are in love with their health care industry. All right. All right. So then they say well you know people love their private insurance. You know they get confused about -- every single year 50 million people change their private insurance. 133933 How does that happen? You leave your job. You get a new job. Guess what? You've got a new insurance program. You quit your job. You don't have any insurance. You go into Medicaid. It's a new insurance program. Your employer changes your health insurance plan. All right. Anybody work for employers that say: oh, by the way, we got a better deal we'll be here. We're changing our health insurance program? And one of the problems there is that sometimes the doctors that you want to go to may not be in the new network - insurance network that you are taken into. 134009 So let me be very clear and lay out what Medicare for all means. Number one: under Medicare for All, everybody has freedom of choice regarding the doctor or the hospital that you go to. Number two: We are going to expand Medicare benefits because right now Medicare is a strong program. It is the most popular health care program in America. 134024 But it has problems. And the problems are: If you are a senior it does not cover dental care. It does not cover hearing aids and it does not cover eyeglasses and those are expensive needs for seniors. We expand Medicare to cover dental care, hearing aids, and eyeglasses. All right? 134059 Well, I;m told this transition will be so complicated so difficult so disruptive of American healthcare. That is nonsense. Now I want you all to remember that back in 1965 under Lyndon Johnson and a Democratic Congress, they did the right thing. They passed Medicare and they passed Medicaid so they had to develop an entirely new program. And by the way what we have learned since is, the Johnson administration hoped to expand Medicare for seniors to the whole population, which is what we are trying to do right now. 134135 Now they did this in nineteen sixty five with nowhere near the technology that we have right now. So out of nowhere in the first year they signed up 19 million senior citizens into Medicare. All that we are trying to do in the year 2020 is over a four year period expand Medicare. 134201 First year, we lower Medicare eligibility which is now at 65 down to 55. Do you know any folks who are 60, 62 who would love to get into Medicare today? Yeah, there's one right there. All over the country, people can't wait to the eligible what would the first year we do two things. We lower it to 55. Millions of people upon they're going to be able to get into Medicare. And second of all we expand benefits and we cover all of the children. 134231 Second year we go from 55 down to 45. Third year forty five down to thirty five and fourth year we cover every man woman and child in this country. This is not difficult. This is not complicated. This is not disruptive. And that is exactly what we have to do. 134257 And now there's another lie and distortion that is thrown at us. What is it? Well you know it's going to be so expensive. So let's deal with that for a moment. Right now as I mentioned earlier we spend twice as much per capita on healthcare. We're almost spending about eleven thousand dollars per person. Family of four. Husband, wife, two kids. They're spending -- the cost of their health care is twenty eight thousand dollars a year. Can you believe that? All right. So right now you've got working class people all over this country. How are they paying for health care? 134330 Well they're paying premiums every month. Right? They're paying 500 bucks, they're paying a thousand bucks whatever they're paying. OK. And then they got large deductibles which means that they're going to have to pay out of their own pocket. Right? And they got to pay a fortune for prescription drugs. And then they got copayments that they're paying as well. You add that up and your average working class person is spending a hell of a lot of money for health care in this country. 134358 And under Medicare for all, the overwhelming majority of the American people will be paying less for health care than they do today because there will not be any out-of-pocket expenses. They will no longer be deductibles, there will no longer be copayments. There will no longer be premiums. Oh Bernie this is radical. This is utopian. No it is not. This exists in many countries around the rest of the world including our neighbors to the north in Canada. 134431 I was up in Canada, a couple of years ago and they were very nice up there in Toronto. I went to a hospital and they were kind enough to take me into some rooms. And what I'll never forget, talking to doctors and patients, walk into a room and the person said -- I can't remember what -- they had major surgery and they said look you know I have to spend all of my energy now trying to get well I've had major surgery and it's difficult. And I got to get back on my feet. But what I have here in Canada that my friends in the United States don't have, is all I got to do -- which is more than enough -- is worry about how I get well again, 134505 I don't have to worry about the financial impact that this surgery has had on my family. What a load off of my back. OK? And I talked to the doctors up there and they said look, we provide the health care that our patients need, not what the insurance companies will allow us to provide. 134530 And by the way there is a reason why so many doctors and nurses now support Medicare for all. And that is because they are sick and tired of having listen and to fight with the insurance companies as to what they can do for their patients. They want to practice the best medicine they can for their patients, not argue with insurance companies. And you have a lot of doctors who are getting very frustrated about that whole process. So bottom line is this is not a debate over health care policy. 134603 A Medicare for All system which guarantees health care to all people, which saves the vast majority of the American people substantial sums on their bill, which provides comprehensive - comprehensive care for all of your health care needs. No one can argue rationally that the current system is better than that. What the real argument is about is an understanding that over the last several decades the health care industry has spent billions of dollars on lobbying and campaign contributions. 134639 And the question is can we take them on? They're going to be bombarding the airwaves with 30 second ads. They'll have lobbyists all over Washington. Drug companies will be intimidating the American people. And I think at the end of the day that is the struggle and it is a struggle that if we stand together we can win and we must win. 134701 Now, You know, we have talked about great struggles in this country over the last hundred years. Hundred years ago today, women did not have the right to vote. Women stood up and fought back. Hundred years ago we didn't have strong trade unions in this country, workers came together, stood up and fought back. Hundred years ago we had segregation and racism, rampant racism all over this country. African-Americans and their white allies came together stood up and fought back. 134732 Gay community stood up and fought back. And right now when you talk about human rights I happen to believe that the right to go to a doctor when you are sick, the right not to die. The right to be able to afford the prescription drugs you need, the right not to go bankrupt. That is a human right. And that is the struggle of the moment. And if we stand together we're going to win that struggle. 134756 There are a lot of issues, other issues out there, and I don't want to go on forever. But what I want to do now is I want to ask you a question and we can and then you ask me questions. And the question that I want to ask you is a question you don't see discussed on TV. And that's a whole other issue. What you see on TV and what you don't see on TV. But in your perception, not my words, tell me what you think, what's going on in Iowa? 134832 What is going on in the country? How do we feel about the way we treat our children? How do we feel about the way we treat our elderly? How do we feel about the way we're treating working people? Right now, in America, as all of you know, when you heard some of the those comments from Wade and Deborah and Susan who preceded me, half the people in this country are living paycheck to paycheck. 134901 You don't know that? I grew up in a family that lived paycheck to paycheck, so I know a little bit about that. Why does that go on? So let me open it up to you. I want you to tell me what you think. Here in Iowa we can talk about agriculture. We can talk about the economy. Talk about children, seniors, health care, whatever you want. OK. Well what do you think. Don't be shy. What's your perception?The first person is always the bravest. Yes, ma'am, we've got a question. Give us your name. Tell us what you think. 134929 Q>> One of the things that we talked about was that Iowa is emptying out rural Iowa's emptying out. We see it in our small towns. We see it with the businesses that were in our small towns. We see it in people having to travel this highway every day to drive 75 miles to work in Des Moines because there are no jobs in the small towns. And as a side note to that farmers again are going through the low commodity prices were hit with the tariffs really bad. Mr. Trump said he'd give us money or base as well. Farmers are getting welfare. Well let me tell you this farmer got some welfare I got one cent a bushel for corn. So my 30 thousand dollar bin of corn brought me three hundred dollars from Mr. Trump and that bought one bag of seed corn. So you can see that those are not ways to keep farmers farming. So and and insurance doesn't either it helps and it kind of keeps you going but it isn't the answer. 135043 SANDERS>> So you want decent prices for your products. Q>>Right. And so I wonder what your answer was. SANDERS>>I'm going to get to that. Hang on. I want to deal with that. I wanted to -- Barbara raised the very important issue and I want you to know it's not just Iowa. It's Vermont. 135058 It is all over rural America. We are seeing counties depopulating. We are seeing kids leaving the communities that they grew up in because there are no decent jobs. We're seeing rural hospitals closing down. So Barb. stay on that. I'm gonna get back to you with some thoughts but I want to -- alright, let's talk about rural America, rural Iowa. What's going on? Is Barb right? Yeah. Woman right there, yes. Stand up, give us your name. Q>> My name is Catherine Keppel and I'm from [town], Iowa. And I'm just thrilled to be here because you're 35 miles away from my house and it's a real opportunity for me. And I will tell you that. Unless you experience what it's like to live in Iowa you won't know that when you're traveling on the highway and it's either dawn or dusk, there are deer that come out of nowhere and you're in fear for your life that you're going to get in a wreck and the body shops are busy fixing cars. And what the problem is is we have too much deer. We need to bring the wolf back. We need to have a balance of nature here. There are too much corn not enough trees. We need to save our environment. It's great to have -- I love you for wanting to raise the minimum wage. I mean I think that's a really strong point, people need to have a decent life and they shouldn't be working for peanuts. 135222 SANDERS>> And by the way the minimum wage here is still what seven and a quarter and hours right. Yeah. Do we know people, Kathryn, who were working for eight, nine bucks an hour? Q>> in my town there are so many poor people. SANDERS>> Who are working. Q>> Yes. And and it's really hard and especially where I live I have to drive 25 miles to the grocery store. Well so that's an expense and it's wear and tear on your car. You have to go to a mechanic. You have to plan a trip to get what you need. There's a little grocery store in my town which I try to shop there, even though it's more expensive, to keep it open. SANDERS>> OK. Let me interrupt you because I want to get to other people as well. Alright, Barbara and Catherine talked about rural Iowa and again this is not just an Iowa issue. Do we have jobs in the area that are now paying people a living wage? Sir your name please. 135309 Q>> MY NAME'S WILLARD Olson and I live here, live in Greenfield. And first of all Senator Sanders thank you so much for coming to the birthplace of one of the most important Iowans in history. This is real. You've honored us by making that choice. My question goes back to the health insurance issue that you just explained so well. And now I understand the Medicare for all. And I really didn't. And your explanation was excellent. But my concern is that I just read in the Monmouth Poll that polled Iowa Democrats and in that poll revealed that 75 percent of Iowa Democrats did not favor Medicare for all. That's What that poll said to me. And 56 percent suggested that they wanted Medicare with a private option. Now if it's not resonating I get it. And you've done a great job. 135424 SANDERS>> Let me just say this, you can't put all your faith in that particular poll which was wrong in many respects. By the way it's way out of touch with what other polls are showing us. I will show you poll after poll after poll where a majority of the American people, the overwhelming majority of Democrats support Medicare for all. So don't worry about that poll. The poll was I think not one of the best donne polls but. And the reason the reason I think the industry is getting so nervous is because more and more people understand that Medicare is a good program. 135501 It is a popular program and what the American people want to do is expand it to people who are under 65 and that's what we do over a four year period. And that is exactly what the polls show. And I'm going to run on Medicare for all. And you know what I'm going to win. Man right there. Yup. Give us your name please. The mike is on its way. 135525 Q>>My name is Marsha Amador and I am Jess's mother just anyway but I just wanted to say that I have an issue with factory farms and in the environment and I know Barb is a big fighter for that as well. And we don't want to see more factory farms. We don't want our water any worse. We want it better and our water is terrible. 135553 SANDERS>> OK let me just combine your question with Barb's. Let me let me just respond. I mean I'm going to ask you a question then I'll respond. How bad - you've got water problems around here? CROWD>> Yes. SANDERS>> OK. And we think this is from the runoffs of the factory. OK. OK. Look I believe that for a start, we certainly need a moratorium on factory farms. That's the that is not, I think. And I'll tell you what else I think we need. I think we need to give local communities the decision making power as to whether or not they want these factory farms. 135640 And I think also that as a nation what we have got to do is end the kinds of corporate conglomeration that we are seeing in agro business where a small number of corporations control, whether it is poultry whether it is pork whether it is beef whatever it may be. And we need an attorney general understands anti-trust law which protects consumers and farmers. 135710 And farmers. Farmers need a decent -- (crowd claps) And The other thing that we need to do is in Washington, as all of you know, a significantly high percentage of federal subsidies do not go to help family based agriculture, but they go to help corporate based agriculture. 135733 And that has got to be changed fundamentally. I grew up. I live in a state, state of Vermont. And it breaks my heart and the heart of the people of Vermont where every week we see another family farm would go out of business. We're mostly dairy in Vermont. People whose families have owned that farms for generations. People have lived good lives on those farms. So the issue that we have to deal with right now is how do we protect family based agriculture. What do we do to do that? 135801 How do we say no to factory farming which has done so much harm to our environment to our air. People are living in communities where it's hard to breathe the air because it smells so badly. Where our water is being polluted and where in fact is property values are going down because people don't want to live in those communities anymore. So I think we have to stand up to agro business. We have to stand up the factory based agriculture. And we've got to put our heads together and figure out how we can rebuild family based agriculture and keep our kids those who want it on the farm where they're earning a decent living. 135840 That's the challenge that we face. OK sir. Yeah. let's get you a mike this. Yes. Q>> DANIEL TURNER. Daniel we need to keep rooming psychotics judge and my wife's name is Deborah and ancient Hebrew that means honeybee. And she's my real honey bee because you know how important honeybees are the survival of the planet. And yes. *********GAP************ 135921 Q>>What I'm getting what I'm getting at here is it wakes people up and all I want I couldn't get my own lover but what I wanted to say in 1937. I saw it when I was a little kid in 1937 -- I wasn't in it -- but I mean in the early 50s and I wasn't scared of Communism at all it's in that because I didn't think it'd work. You know and but I was you know Hitler how did he get in you know in nineteen thirty. I saw this movie that was in 1937 and he had to listen to the radio to hear Hitler talking and if you listen to any other station you can get put in prison camp and it's -- ****************GAP************************ 140002 Q>> -- Not going to communism but came from a Christian point of view. Jesus said as you've done until the least of these you've done under me. Okay so it balances on not talking religion talking about equality. And the point being. That's We gotta be careful because there's so much baloney news coming off right. And we need to search out the truth because it's killing us SANDERS>> so I'm going to stop you right there Tucker. The main reason is I want to get there.OK you raise a good issue. Talk to me about -- your first name is Daniel? Daniel. 140033 Alright, Daniel talks about media. I happen not to agree with Trump that the media is the enemy of the people, that is an outrageous statement. It undermines American democracy. The media is fake news. But what about the media. What about. People have thoughts on it or not? Yeah yeah. Q>> Hi Senator Sanders My name is Kimberly Graham and I just wanted to say thank you. I'm running for United States Senate to replace Joni Ernst. And I just want to thank you because for all the years that you have stood up for what's right, you have made it possible for people like me to stand up on our principles and run on a truly progressive platform. So thank you. Thank you. 140122 SANDERS>> The word on media in general sir. Q>> Yeah Bernie I would like to if you don't mind I ask you to propose an amendment because I'm sick and tired that you're being left out of the polls and all this little innuendo backstabbers and jabs from all the talking heads on all channels progressive channels all corporations. And what I would like you to do is to propose an amendment to take the. Freedom of press. Away from the private sector. Back to the government. The US United States. American people's government where it belongs to begin with so that they cannot manipulate us the way they are doing now. 140204 SANDERS>> Okay well I don't know that I'll support that amendment. But I'll tell you why. And we got to be careful. We have a authoritarian type president right now who does not believe in our Constitution, who is trying to intimidate the media and so forth and so on. That's not what we do. But I think what we have to be concerned about in terms of media is that you have a small number of very very large corporate interests who control a lot of what the people in this country see hear and read. 140232 Yeah. And you know they have their agenda. That's what they are. That's right. And so you know I think what we are trying to do in our campaign is to and I hope people go to our social media we are very active on social media, and we try to speak directly to the American people because sometimes we have a very hard time getting through the corporate media. That's the national mean I must say that I find local media much more straightforward about it. 140259 You talk about things and they open print it but that is not the case with National. Yes ma'am. Right over there. Yes. Q>> Hello. I'm Theresa arts and I live here in Creston. A year ago yesterday I had open heart surgery triple bypass and valve replacement and I thank God was on Medicare. I have never received a bill. Also a year and a half ago I was having trouble making payments for my insulin and I could not find anybody to help me get my insulin. I'd been a diabetic for 30 years. Luckily my body still makes just a little bit and I even tried the cheap stuff from Wal-Mart and I was allergic to it. So a year and a half ago I went off insulin. Oh it's it's a real struggle to keep my blood sugars down. I pretty much live on salads but I want to know how we can combat Big Pharma. 140408 SANDERS>> OK. I'll tell you exactly how. For a start -- Here, you have an example. I'm sorry, your first name is, ma'am? Theresea? Alright. We don't have to go any further than just listen to Theresea. This is a woman -- First of all I had a good experience if you like, heart transplant, heart surgery is not particularly good experience but at least you didn't get a bill right? 140431 Because of what Medicare is about and that's what I want to see for every person in this country. But on the other hand what Teresa tells us and this is unbelievable. You are living in the wealthiest country in the history of the world. Theresea stands up and tells us she has diabetes and she cannot afford the insulin which she desperately needs. And the answer is as I mentioned a moment ago. Seven and a half million people in this country use insulin. 140457 One quarter of the people are rationing insulin. Which is detrimental to their health. And we pay 10 times more than the Canadians do for the insulin that people use. So how do you deal with this. Well first of all, on the Medicare for all, nobody will be paying two hundred -- more than two hundred dollars, there would be a cap on prescription drug costs of two hundred dollars a year. Now how do we do that. Because we will lower prescription drug prices in this country and you do that through a number of ways. 140527 What the Canadians do, which is pretty good and they're improving their system. What they do is they look at the average that other countries are paying and they say to the drug companies sorry you can't pay any more in Canada. We've got to do the same. So if insulin around the world is sold for one tenth of the price that it's sold the United States that's what it will be sold here. Number two you have Medicare. Finally we will have Medicare for All negotiating drug prices with the industry not allowing them to do what they currently do, which is charge us any price in the world. 140556 Thirdly we will allow pharmacists and prescription drug distributors to re import medicine from Canada. That's FDA approved right into this country which will substantially lower prices. So we lower prices and then we have a cap of two hundred dollars under Medicare for all that anyone can spend for prescription drugs. That's how we deal with that issue. OK. Few more questions. Sir? 140626 Q>> My name is Lenny. Thank you for taking my question Senator. There are a number of things that keep drug prices up, of which the US government plays a part in. For example under the Trade Agreements Act the Customs and Border Protection decides what's an American product and what is not and what for pharmaceutical products American products come in. The way they rule that they use to interpret that where they place an emphasis on the origin of the API, the active pharmaceutical ingredient, artificially reduces competition and inflates prices. There is something that could be done without congressional -- It's not statutory, it's not regulatory, it could be done simply by shining a spotlight on it. 140715 Q>> One more thing. When the U.S. government buys pharmaceuticals sometimes what they do is they'll award a contract to a repackager like Golden State in which the NDC the national drug code of the manufacturer is becomes invisible because the repackager puts on a new in ND.C. So the repackaging can actually sell that NDC at a higher price than the former ones so there's no number of things I've been cleared to provide information. 140759 SANDERS>> Thank you very much. Give me a few minutes later a second. Thank you. Okay. Let's take a couple of more questions. I see a gentleman in the back there. Like. Q>> Thank you for coming to Iowa. My question is this. I'm part of the generation that really has been defined by the Great Recession in terms of entering the job market. Tons of job instability a lot of contractual positions which I think the previous speaker or one of the previous speakers commented on. You know since then I've returned to grad school to complete my master's. I totally support your progressive policies in terms of wiping out student debt making school and university much more affordable and accessible for everyone. My concern is getting this through the Senate which is controlled by McConnell and he has vowed to make the Senate a legislative graveyard for any progressive policies any with any comment your responses about that. OK. Thank you. 140842 SANDERS>> Well two things. I'm going to do everything I can to make sure that Mitch McConnell is not the majority leader in the United States Senate. And I think we have a shot to do that. I mean you look at the issues that McConnell is not bringing to the floor. And I'll tell you something that bothers me. 140910 When you are the majority leader, you can vote any way you want. If you don't like a piece of legislation, you can vote against it. You've got to go home and explain it to your constituents. But you really don't have the right to deny the American people votes on incredibly important issues. All of you are aware of the terrible terrible mass killings that we have seen recently in Dayton and El Paso that we have seen so often in the last couple of years. 140935 And the American people do want us to move aggressively forward in what we call common sense gun safety legislation. Overwhelmingly. The American people know we have to expand background checks. People who should not own a gun must not own a gun. American people know we got to do away with the gun show loophole that we have to do away with the so-called straw man provision where you could walk into a gun store and legally buy guns then you sell it to criminals. 141006 And increasingly and in my view, correctly, the American people believe we should put a ban on the sale and distribution of assault weapons in this country. Which are military weapons. Alright. Now, people may agree. People may not agree. But the point is, this is a Crisis in America. Gun safety and mass killings are real crisis. 141029 The American people want that debate. Now if Mitch McConnell wants to vote for the NRA and against gun safety legislation he has the right to do that. But he has -- must. And I've urged him to bring the Senate back so we can debate and vote on these issues. Give you another example. You know Robert Mueller. Mueller when he testified made the point that the Russians among others are still trying to sabotage our elections. 141058 I don't care what your political position is. I would hope that everybody in America wants to make sure their vote counts. All right. And that you don't have it distorted by people who do not wish us well in this case the Russians. So there's commonsense legislation out there to work aggressively to prevent Russia and any other country from undermining our democratic elections. Mitch McConnell will -- ll McConnell will not bring that bill up to the floor. 141130 The house as I mentioned a moment ago voted to raise the minimum wage to 15 bucks an hour. My legislation does that in the Senate. McConnell will not bring that legislation up. So what you got is a senator there who works on behalf of powerful special interests and he's ignoring the people of his own state and ignoring the working people of this country. And we're going to do our best to make sure that Mr. McConnell does not return to the United States Senate. OK Oh see your question right here. Yes. Maybe one question after that. 141208 Q>> I'm Diane Hoffman. I'm Diane Hoffman from Preston Iowa. My father's 101 years old with dementia. He's World War 2 vet. He worked hard his whole life six days a week until he retired. He thought he was in good shape. Now he's in memory care at a cost of seven thousand dollars a month. Two hundred and fifty dollars a day we just paid another seven hundred on top of that for teeth. You know in a year he'll have gone through everything he saved. We have been told that two months before the end that we should get a hold of the government too for it. I think total 19 is what it's called and I tell you I'm thankful he has dementia because this would just kill him to think he would need to go --He would call it welfare and so I just wanted --I know there's people close to. 141315 SANDERS>> Diane... I want to correct you on one thing. Please hear me. You used the word welfare. Let me finish. Here is a man who fought in World War 2. So he put his life on the line and he suffered to protect the American people. All right. Whatever he gets it's not wealthy. 141331 This. We got to get -- and I know in Vermont many people feel this is way. In a democratic civilized society what we want to do and must do is protect the vulnerable people. If your dad is one hundred and one years of age he is vulnerable. It is -- Don't use the word disparagement. Medicare is not welfare. You pay into it. Social Security is not welfare. All right. 141358 This is what you are entitled to as an American citizen. And for somebody who helped defend this country he is more entitled to it than anybody else. Please. Please do not think that you are taking something that you don't deserve. I'll tell you people who were taking things they don't deserve when billionaires get huge tax breaks. Don't pay a nickel in federal taxes. That's corporate welfare. When Donald Trump himself got huge amounts of federal subsidies for his real estate business. That's welfare. 141440 But for ordinary people to get the help they need to live a dignified life. And certainly at the age of 101 you're entitled to that but -- You're touching on something else though, if I may. And two issues. Number one and this is certainly not true for every elderly person. But there are a lot of older folks, who do not want to go into a nursing home, who would like to stay home but they need assistance with a home home health. 141508 They need somebody to come to the house maybe to cook for them and make the beds to do what has to be done. Under Medicare for all, by the way, we expand, we cover home health visits so that people will be able to stay in the home when they want. Now the other issue I think that Diane if I understand correctly is talking about this is another very serious issue in this country. Nursing home care is very expensive, correct? 141535 And what goes on right now is a significant -- I think it's two thirds. Don't quote me -- a significant percentage of people in nursing homes have that care paid for through Medicaid. But in order to get Medicaid, maybe this is what you were talking about, you have to deplete your life savings. That's right. 141600 So here you have somebody who's worked in this case his whole life wants to leave a little bit of money maybe to his kids in his family. But to get into a nursing home and get Medicaid you have to deplete much of your life savings. And I think that's wrong. And I think that's an issue we have to deal with it is a real tragedy. I think this is what you're expressing and you're saying that you're know happy that he doesn't even understand what's going on. But people should not have to -- you know, they work their whole lives, they want to leave a little something for their kids. They should not have to deplete all their savings. That's an issue. We've got to work on. 141641 Let me get the people one last question. Somebody who hasn't asked the question yet. Oh, you got a question right back here. OK. Q>> Thaddeus Holley Dare County Chair of the Democratic Party. I want to thank you actually. Because of you in 2016 telling everybody they need to get involved in stuff that I am here now.. Actually I'm actually gonna be receiving an award this year for new best new outstanding Democrat. That said I would like you to speak to how important it is to get involved in your local politics and how anybody can run for office and anybody can be mayor or a state senator or anything and just please get involved and reach out to me in their county. Thank you. (someone in crowd tries to ask another question) 141724 SANDERS>>There's bo bo bo bo bo bo bo. Look I want to know. Got a look. OK. Let me just get your first name is --Thaddeus. Thaddeus made maybe the most important point of the of the day and that is: what my Republican colleagues want to see happen, is that billionaires are able to continue to buy elections so they love Mitch McConnell who you mentioned was one of the prime movers of Citizens United to make it easier for billionaires to buy elections. 141803 He loves the idea of the wealthiest people in this country contributing hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. And the other thing that they are trying to do is voter suppression. All over the country they are trying to make it harder for young people, for people of color to participate in the political process. And we're going to take them on in both sides, both ways because we believe exactly the opposite. We believe that billionaires should not be able to buy elections. 141830 We believe in one person one vote and the other thing that we believe we should make it easier for people to participate in elections not at all. All right. Now the way we are going in the beat of Donald Trump and this is I think Thaddeus' point is they have endless supplies of money and they're going to work on voter suppression. 141856 The way we win is when ordinary people understand that for the future of their own lives and the future of this country and the future of the planet. You cannot sit it out. You cannot sit it out not for yourselves, more importantly not for your children and your grandchildren. All right. If we do not take bold and aggressive steps to transform our energy system the world and our kids and our grandchildren will be growing up and will be increasingly unhealthy and uninhabitable. 141929 And we have a moral responsibility not to allow that to happen. All right. But it's not just climate change. It's the very essence of democracy which Trump is threatening. The antidote to what Trump stands for is for millions and millions of people to get involved in the political process in a way that we have never seen before. I'm very proud. In 2016 when I ran I said to everyone, look out in the room you can do it. 141958 You can run for office. You could run for city council. You can run for school board. You could run for Congress. You can do it. Believe me. If you think you don't know enough about the issues that we face visit with some of my friends in the United States Senate. All right. So you know it is just you know speak from your heart then what you don't know you'll learn. But we cannot be intimidated from running for office and we certainly cannot be intimidated from voting and getting involved in every way. 142034 On that note let me thank you. It was a great turnout in such a small town and I so much appreciate all of you being here and let me just you know as Thaddeus just said Let us all get involved in the political process. Let us defeat the most dangerous president in the modern history of this country. And then after we are inaugurated and I'll invite you to the inauguration. All right. Let us go forward and create a nation that is worthy of its people. Thank you all very much. #########
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