1957 Space Dog
Space Age Arrives 1957 Sputnik 2, dog Laika being strapped in, animation of launch and satellite detaching and going into orbit, Laika in great agitation, clip of U.S. Vanguard rocket explodes on launch pad, NATO leaders in Paris, shot of Eiffel Tower, President Eisenhower - Gaither committee - successful launch of Atlas intercontinental missile - b&w - cold war - space race
Sputnik 1 in orbit, animation
Contemporary animation of the orbit of Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite to orbit Earth, on 4th October 1957. Sputnik 1 was launched by the USSR from what is now Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. Its launch and successful orbits began the Space Race with the USA. The satellite was a reflective sphere 58 centimetres in diameter, equipped with four radio antennae. It was both visible from Earth and its signals were easily picked up by domestic radios, marking a propaganda coup for the Soviets. It had an elliptical orbit taking it between 215 and 939 kilometres in altitude. Sputnik 1 made 1440 orbits of the Earth, before burning up on re-entry on 4th January 1958.
REVIEWS 1957 (aka REVIEW OF THE YEAR - 1957)
Full title reads: "Reviews 1957". <br/> <br/>GV From ship, ice flows on water. CU Bow of ship ploughing through ice. GV Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh's ship in the Antarctic ploughing through ice. SV Duke with beard, looking over side of ship. Top View Seal moving along ice. CU Duke wearing duffle coat. <br/> <br/>SV Lion and Lioness laying under tree in South Africa. GV Ext. South African observatory. Angle shot Int. with telescope in observatory. SV Man looking through telescope. CU Moon in the sky. LV Int. Man at control panel operating huge radio telescope at Jodrell Bank. Angle shot Telescope. SV Machinery operating telescope on rails. Aerial shot Jodrell radio telescope. SV American Army doctor Major Simons with container lowered over him. GV Balloon ascending. He went 19 miles up. AS Balloon ascending. GV Ext. Moscow, Russia / Soviet Union. SV Sputnik dog - Laika - being put into container. CU Girl assistant. SV Sputnik II dog being put into container GV Ext. rocket being fired. CU Rocket ascending. CU Sputnik dog inside rocket. LV People in Moscow looking through small telescopes. GV Satellite going across sky. <br/> <br/>GV Rockets being raised for firing position (American). GV American rockets being raised. LV English rocket being prepared for firing by British troops. CU Sergeant giving instructions. CU Rocket. GV Bloodhound rocket being fired. LV Rocket ascending boosters come away. SV Sir William Penny arriving in South Australia. SV Valiant bomber carrying H bomb. SV Men standing with backs to explosion, terrific flash comes over screen - Christmas Island atomic test bomb. GV Hydrogen bomb exploding & mushroom effect. <br/> <br/>SV Deep freeze mother with her baby Stephen sitting beside her husband and elder child. CU Deep freeze mother holding baby. SV Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh arriving at Cheam School with Prince Charles stepping out of car & being greeted. SV Boys from Cheam school watching. CU Prince Charles standing by the Queen. <br/> <br/>LV Sir Anthony Eden walking to his ship for health trip to New Zealand (after his resignation) (A young Edward 'Ted' Heath is behind them). SV Eden and Lady Clarissa Eden walk to gangway. GV Port Said, Egypt. SV Evacuation of British troops from Suez Canal Zone. Troops marching on to tank carrier. CU United Nations flag flying from stern of ship. GV Night, leaving Port Said. Statute of De Lesseps. GV Duchess of Kent being escorted to platform during Gold Coast / Ghana Independence Celebrations. LV Locals watching. GV Night. Cheering. LV Premiere Kwame Nkruma dancing on platform. GV Riots in Paris, France over Algeria - cars burning. CU Car burning. Petrol burning in road. SV Police rioting with civilians. LV Late Aga Khan being weighed in diamonds. SV Son Aly talking to Indian. GV Mosque. GV Muslims at prayer. SV New Aga Khan - Karim, son of Aly Khan. GV Russian troops crossing Red Square, Moscow. SV Russian leaders 1. to r. Zhukov, Bulganin, Khruschev, Malenkov, Molotov and two others. SV Russian troops parading. SV Zhukov on Yugoslavian aerodrome. <br/> <br/>SV Queen presenting Althea Gibson with trophy at Wimbledon Tennis tournament. SV Spectators applauding. SV Althea Gibson being kissed by Darlene Hard. SV Danish girl Greta Anderson treading wearily out of water and almost falls over after swimming English Channel. CU She tries to climb out on her hands and knees. SV Half collapsing she is held up by a man. GV Derek Ibbotson taking the lead in his record-breaking mile. GV Crowd applauding. CU Ibbotson. <br/> <br/>SV Stanley Matthews surrounded by people being crowned King of Soccer in Africa. CU Stanley looking worried. CU Pan CBE smiling Stanley at Buckingham Palace after receiving award. GV Crowds surging forward on golf course at Lindrick watching Ryder Cup. SV Dai Rees making winning putt the strikes ball in hole and shakes hands with American. GV Start of Motor racing Grand Prix at Monza, Italy. LV Cars come round bend. GV Cars come down straight. LV Car No 20 being pursued by Stirling Moss No 18. SV Crowd looking on. LV No. 18 car coming in, Moss wins, crowds round car. CU Moss & Katie Molson, he has laurel wreath round neck and she holds helmet. SV Moss & Katie after wedding, he kisses her. <br/> <br/>GV Fire raging in shop in London's Oxford Street, upper floors alight. SV Injured woman being carried towards ambulance. GV Fire leaping out of first floor window. GV Bus crashed against wall of bank. SV Firemen jacking back of bus up to release trapped people. SV Body on stretcher being taken away. SV Bus on pavement. GV Int. Mass congregation for enthronement of Dr William Godfrey as Archbishop of Westminster. GV Sailing ship Pamir putting to sea. VS Boys working on deck. GV Sun going behind cloud. VS of ship in heavy storm. GV Collapsed house, large hole in road. SV Badly damaged house. <br/> <br/>GV New York GV Boat carrying Queen Elizabeth II & Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh coming across to United States of America (USA). GV Queen on deck surrounded by officials, ship 'Mayflower II' in dock. CU Person in Pilgrim costume standing on board. CU Queen smiling, man points. SV Sign 'Welcome to the City of New York'. GV Procession down Broadway. AS Ticker tape being thrown out of window. GV Queen's car going along. AS Tape thrown out of windows with Union Jacks & Stars & stripes being flown from balcony. SV Queen on top of Empire State Building. AV New York. <br/> <br/>GV White House, Washington DC, United States of America (USA). CU President Dwight D Eisenhower sitting at desk. <br/> <br/>GV Prime Minister Harold Macmillan & Prime Minister Felix Gaillard in France. <br/> <br/>GV Oil field. SV King of Morocco walking with Mr Bourguiba. <br/> <br/>GV Street riots in France, police waving batons. GV Paris - River Seine & Eiffel tower. <br/> <br/>GV Queen Elizabeth II's boat pulls away from bank of River Seine SV. President Rene Coty & Queen with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh sitting on board. GV Dancing by side of river. GV People in period costumes & bonfires alight. GV Mass of fireworks going up. SV Queen, Coty & Duke smiling & chatting. <br/> <br/>(Neg.)
Moscow earns the scientific glory for mankind's first stride into outer space. Animated films graphically show how a mighty three-stage rocket placed an artificial moon into an orbit around the earth--a feat that prompts a Western re-appraisal of Russian missile progress.
AFP-75AF 16mm VTM-75AF Beta SP
Launching of the first Sputnik on October 4, Russia, 1957
Launching of the first Sputnik on October 4, 1957. People observing stars, rocket launched, newspaper title : Les nouvelles de Moscou" (Moscow News).
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Soviet Sputnik II orbital vehicle being prepared for its mission.
Soviet orbital vehicle, Sputnik II (Prosteyshiy Sputnik 2) is shown, as it undergoes final preparations prior to launch. View of the circular heat shield of the Sputnik II. Technician shows how a protective cone will protect the vehicle during launch. The protective cone is inserted. The protective cone is released during the demonstration. Then while the narrator explains how the cover will be released in space, it is illustrated by means of a wire pulling the cover from Sputnik II. Location: Soviet Union. Date: October 1957.
09:00:56:00,Biplanes in formation (WWI), Blimp passes, Man starts propeller on Bi-Plane, Bi-Planes take off, Planes in air in formation (WWI style dog fight), WWII fighter planes, Vapor trail, Man makes mark on tracking chart, Jets take off in pairs. Bomber in flight, IBM clock at 11:55, Hand flicks switch, Missile takes off, Plane hit by missile, Bi-Plane in air (does loops), Aerial view of city, Bombs dropped from old plane, Bombardier looks through sights, Bombs fall from plane, Men service jets on field (modern era, COLOR), Pilot in plane, cockpit closes, Thunderbird planes, take off, fly in formation, Thunderbirds do tricky flying, View from Thunderbird plane, Plane does corkscrew, Planes do stunts in formation. Smoke trails, Planes fly in formation, Logo for Aerospace Defense Command (NICE COLD WAR IMAGE!), Pilots scramble to planes, Jets take off, Jets fly in formation over various terrain, Planes in formation peel off into turn, Ground crews service planes, Officer on phone at desk, Pilots in training class, Pilots leave briefing, Jets taxi and take off, Jet lands with parachute, Jets take off at night, Jet being serviced, Space looking plane taxis, takes off (Firefox-type plane YF12-A, early Stealth type plane), Men in space suits get off plane, Drawings of planes, Training landing module hovers over field, Training module explodes, Man parachutes, lands in water, Astronauts train in bailout course, Parachute training, Man pulled by parasail, Parachute training, Arctic base, Jet in air, Pilot in oxygen mask, Pilot ejects from jet (NICE), Car drives up to Air Base, Pilots strap into training eject seat (ala flight simulator), Ejection training, Pilot lands with parachute, Jets take off. F-15 type plane, Jets in formation in air, Pilots on field, greet crews. Activity at Korean orphanage, Pilots on field, greet family (lots of hugs and kisses), Soldiers train shooting rifles, Pilot in cockpit, Jet in air, Drone in air, Drone launched, Pilot locks on, fires missile at drone, Helicopter recovers drone from ocean, Man works with model of plane, Goofy propeller plane being tested, Hawker, Harrier-type jet, takes off, hovers, French and German Harrier-type jets hovering, Various Vertical take off planes, ROCKET BELT DEMONSTRATION (GREAT!!!!), Man tests rocket pack. Flies around rocky terrain, Man lands with rocket pack, Man with rocket pack tests on crane, Man tests rocket pack on space suit. On Crane, Man lands with rocket pack, Plane implodes in air, Crew check plane on flight pad, Jet takes off, Pilot in cockpit, Hand on throttle, Drone shot down, Wreckage in water, Radar dish turning (NICE), Various radar stations, Men at radar control panel, Roof of building opens, Various radar tracking devices, move about, Officer on phone, Team in briefing, Men set up radar equipment, Jet flies over snowcapped mountains, Air Force plane taxis, Officer at desk, Wright Brothers' plane, Rocket on launch pad, Battan retired, Douglas MacArthur gets off plane, Men at controls in tracking aircraft, Buttons and lights at control panels, Men at control panels on plane. The Battan, Propeller stops. Lots of flashing lights and 1960s style computers, MARCH 21, 1946, Prop planes fly in formation, Propeller starts up (F-82), Stewart Symington sworn in, Strange double plane, Russian Military parade. Stalin, Radar stations all over world and at sea, Radar plane in air (early AWACS), Various interceptor aircraft in air (F-80), Planes lined up on field, Montage of radar sights, Men at radar panels, Rocket takes off, 1957 missile takes off (Sputnik), Planes lined up on field, Various Jets in air (F-106, EC-101), Rocket launch, Map shows areas of USA, Missile lowered into silo, Various planes (F-106), Officials point to large map with pointer, More Radar. Army men work on spinning computers, Spinning globe (NARRATION COMPLAINS OF BUDGET CUTS), Drawings of Future Planes, AWACS, Montage of air defense, Planes fly in formation, Pilots have briefing meeting, Jets land one after another. Man guides plane in, Planes taxi, Pilot out of plane, Pilots inspect aircraft, Control tower, Planes fly with vapor trail, Jets in formation in air, Plane on field, EC-121 Warning Star (early AWACS), Shots of controls instruments, Empty cockpit, Pilots in cockpit, Radar plane in air, Men at radar controls, Radar plane taxis, Jets in air, Pilot in cockpit, man helps with helmet, Jet takes off, Jet in air, Drone shot down, Hand starts stop watch (NICE), Flight crews working on field, Men load missiles onto plane, Inspector watches men load missiles, Hand stops stop watch, Crews scramble to planes, Pilots strap into planes, Jets taxi, Jets fly in formation, Planes leave vapor trail, Astronaut climbs into space plane, Space plane takes off. In flight, Space plane lands with parachute, General (Thomas K. McGee) talks to camera, Drawings show future planes, AWACS, Boeing plane in air, Models shows AWACS plane, Jets take off in pairs, Planes fly in formation, Hand clicks stop watch. Various, Men receive award at ceremony. Medals pinned on men, Men at control panels, Jets in air, Men take oath, Model shows new aircraft, Animation shows new radar system, Men work on maps and radar controls
NATIONAL ARCHIVES / NARA / Tape 15 200UN30-104-8: News highlights of 1957 - Sputnik travels around earth and America Launches Vanguard / 200UN29
A2 / France 2
DN-LB-361 Beta SP
Brussels World Fair Loops
Colour footage of Laika, the soviet space dog, in Sputnik 2, November 3 1957 (HD)
Shows Albina, Laika and Mushka, three Russian space dogs. Shows Laika, the Russian Space Dog, in Sputnik 2 space capsule. Shows technician attaching nose cone to rocket. Shows Sputnik 2 on launch pad, launch of Sputnik 2 and animation of Sputnik 2 circling earth (HD footage)
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FR3 / France 3
The coverage of satellite Sputnik I during the Project 'Cateye' on a TV screen at Wittenberg College in Springfield, Ohio.
Coverage of the satellite, Sputnik I at Wittenberg College in Springfield, Ohio. The Project 'Cateye' being undertaken. The project is dealing with light amplification. Film shows the satellite moving slowly across the TV screen in a darkened room. Location: Springfield Ohio USA. Date: October 11, 1957.
Sputnik 1 launch
Launch of Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite to orbit Earth, on 4th October 1957. Sputnik 1 was launched by the USSR from what is now Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan. Its launch and successful orbits began the Space Race with the USA. The satellite was a reflective sphere 58 centimetres in diameter, equipped with four radio antennae. It was both visible from Earth and its signals were easily picked up by domestic radios, marking a propaganda coup for the Soviets. Sputnik 1 made 1440 orbits of the Earth, before burning up on re-entry on 4th January 1958.
NATIONAL ARCHIVES / NARA / Tape 15 200UN30-104-8: News highlights of 1957 - Sputnik travels around earth and America Launches Vanguard / 200UN29
Reel 1. A documentary about the American and Russian space race. Produced with the co-operation of N.A.S.A. and Sovexportfilm. Produced by the Special Films Group - Associated British-Pathe Limited. Editor: Ron Glenister. Research: Mike Maddison. Dubbing mixer: Trevor Pyke. Technical advice: Peter Fairley. Written and Produced by Richard Dunn. <br/> <br/>01:21:35 Aerial view of the approach to the moon from the Apollo 11 spacecraft. Voiceover includes the Neil Armstrong's famous line: "The Eagle has landed." Retrospective look at the history of space travel. Shot of Russian pioneer Tuokovsky (sp?) in his study. C/Us of drawings of space ships and of a model space rocket. Montage of early attempts to launch rockets including the "German High Command" inspecting a rocket and the crash and explosion of Von Braun's (sp?) rocket shortly after take off. 1942 launch of a V-2 rocket. Blitz footage - firemen dealing with blazes. <br/> <br/>01:22:58 1945 - some V-2 scientists go to Russia, others to America. Von Braun (?) seen talking to colleagues, he has a large plaster cast on one of his arms. C/U of him smoking a cigarette. C/U of a German V-2 rocket in New Mexico. L/S of night test. Spectacular crash of a rocket. Shot of a rocket soaring through the sky. C/Us of President Dwight D Eisenhower. <br/> <br/>01:24:05 1957 - Sputnik in orbit around the earth. C/U of the dog Laika sitting in a special chamber with a glass dome being placed over its head. C/U of Khrushchev making a toast with a glass of wine. Press conference in United States of America. Von Braun with a model of the Jupiter C rocket. 1958 - launch of first American rocket. Various shots of the moon's surface. <br/> <br/>01:25:03 Montage of shots showing astronaut's training including centrifugal force machines which spin the men around at great speed, and gravity tests. John Glenn in C/U speaking about the space programme. <br/> <br/>01:26:04 Monkeys are used for space missions - various shots of chimpanzees emerging from test craft and being examined. Also shots of chimps operating controls. <br/> <br/>01:26:16 1961 - Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin travels by coach to the launch pad. Shots of him inside the coach in his space suit. High angle shot of the coach arriving and Gagarin walking to his craft. Gagarin inside the spaceship. Man at control panel - Gagarin visible on a screen. <br/> <br/>01:27:00 After his flight Gagarin is received by the President. He walks down a red carpet and steps up onto a podium. He salutes dignitaries. Khrushchev embraces him, kissing him then dabbing his tears with a handkerchief. C/U of Russian woman applauding. <br/> <br/>01:27:17 President John F Kennedy at Congress announces the American entry into the space race. Various shots of him speaking and of the assembly. <br/> <br/>01:27:53 L/S of rocket being launched - flight aborted, it explodes mid air. Several other rockets are launched - all explode at various stages. <br/> <br/>01:28:35 John Glenn (?) makes a speech about the safety of the next space mission. Shots of Glenn as he is prepared for flight. He gets into his capsule. Rocket takes off. <br/> <br/>See other reels.
NATIONAL ARCHIVES / NARA / Tape 15 200UN30-104-8: News highlights of 1957 - Sputnik travels around earth and America Launches Vanguard / 200UN29
Russian satellite Sputnik 1 viewed via Lumicon as it passes over Baltimore, Maryland.
View of Russian satellite Sputnik number 1, third stage rocket via Lumicon at 8 FPS (frames per second). The satellite passes over Baltimore, Maryland. The Lumicon is a closed circuit TV device that intensifies light by 10,000 to 40,000 times. Location: Baltimore Maryland USA. Date: October 12, 1957.
Serie. Jt 13h00. Conquest of the moon. The historical context + plateau christine chapel
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
HD-115 Beta SP
First 25 years of NASA - early space travel 1958 - 1983
Historic footage of the first 25 years of NASA- the successes and the failures. Interviews provide valuable insight into the motivations behind our space race with the soviets. The launch of Russian satellite Sputnik on October 4,1957; the first dog Laika (Soviet) in space; NACA Space Research, Explorer-6; and still photographs of various Space projects. Tiros 1 experimental weather satellite, Microgravity simulators, Echo 1 passive communications satellite, and the first U.S. manned spaceflight Mercury. The seven Mercury astronauts are: Captain Donald Slayton, Lt. Commander Alan Shepard, Lt. Commander Walter Schirra, Captain Virgil Grissom, Lt. Col. John Glenn Jr., Captain Leroy Cooper Jr, and Lt. Malcolm Scott Carpenter. Also included are an ongoing interview (throughout the title) with NASA's first Administrator Keith Glennan, the first flight in 1961 with Enos, a chimpanzee, President Kennedy's speech in Washington about the Space Program, Project Gemini - the 2-manned space flights, and the recovery of Virgil Grissom from splash down.
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Pollution of space
France 24
HD-116 Beta SP; DN-LB-612 Beta SP (selected segments)