Entertainment Asia: Mardi Gras Preview - Preparations are underway for the Sydney Mardi Gras
TAPE: EF02/0171 IN_TIME: 06:55:44 DURATION: 8:54 SOURCES: APTN RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Sydney Australia Saturday 23 February, 2002 SHOTLIST 1. Drag queens crossing Oxford Street - Mardi Gras parade route 2. Gay Elvis mannequin 3. Flamingoes on sticks 4. Wide of store participating in annual Shop Yourself Stupid day 5. Wig in window 6. Various drag queens shopping 7. Soundbite (English) Drag Queen 1: "The look is going to a be a little bit more glamour. We don't want to see a dull party. A little bit of sparkle, hint of colour. I'm thinking fushia, pink, lime green, that's going to be the go, but so long as you have a good time and have a fabulous Mardi Gras - that's what it's all about." 8. Soundbite (English) Drag Queen 2: "And remember it's all about being camp - as camp as a row of tents, and that's how they do it here in Sydney so it's a fabulous party. You should come and try it - it's fab." 9. Soundbite (English) Drag Queen 1: "The capital of Australia and the party of the world." 10. Soundbite (English) Drag Queen 3: "If you just look a little bit more glamorous you can have much more sex. That's what Mardi Gras is all about and having fun and, if in doubt, sequins are the go." 11. Drag queens enter store 12. Soundbite (English) Sonja Ganglmais, tourist: "I walked around the city and liked the place here on Oxford Street and these amazing people they are running here around and so we don't have this in Austria." 13. Bondage outfit on mannequin with street scape in background 14. Exterior Mephisto leather store 15. Various interior leather store 15. Tilt NYFD and NYPD jock straps 16. Soundbite (English) Ray, Owner Mephisto Leather: "The Mardi Gras again this year, obviously leather is always popular, particularly leather shorts and the briefer lines of leather. I'm holding these because they're one of newer lines - we get them exclusively under license from New York, selling like hot cakes. Shorts, all sorts of things with the logo on - just generally something light, comfortable and brief to wear out all weekend for partying all weekend." 17. Various mannequin in floristry window wearing lavish Mardi Gras parade outfit 18. Soundbite (English) Maxi Pad, Drag Queen: "Yes, usually it's a week before Mardi Gras and it gives us showgirls a chance to go out in the daylight and to show our wares during the day, which is very hard I might add - we look a bit terracotta" 19. Showgirl mannequins in House of Priscilla store 20. Various Mardi Gras outfits for sale 21. CU Cinnamon the dog 22. Various Stafford Hamilton from House of Priscilla sewing custom made Mardi Gras outfit 23. Soundbite (English) Stafford Hamilton, House of Priscilla: "They look really great on, they cling to the body, they make anybody look fabulous and plus because they've got these sequins on them they shine and glitter and look really great under spotlights, so we sell a lot of these for shows as well and people love wearing them for big parties because they're just so much fun and really bright and colourful." 24. Shopper trying on angel wings 25. Various Stafford Hamilton fitting Mardi Gras costume onto mannequin 26. Soundbite (English) Stafford Hamilton, House of Priscilla: "It's a sunflower costume we're making. It's almost finished now, it's just got to have a few more finishing touches, get someone in for the final fitting and that sort of thing. As you can see it comes with a big headdress and everything. It's just basically green with a lot of trimmings, to look like a flower, look like a plant and you can see that there's lots of glued on details and that sort of thing." 27. Signs in store 28. Soundbite (English) Stafford Hamilton, House of Priscilla: "This is just a 'Queen of the Desert' look, it's just like the halter neck jumpsuit and then you've got the jumpsuit with the pom poms and flowers. Those sort of things are always really popular for the parade because people just want to make a bold statement. It's bright coloured, it's really good fun and lots of people love it. I'd say that these sort of things are always popular for the parade." 29. Various collagen injecting procedure 30. Soundbite (English) Ginelle Cannon, Cosmetic Consultant, Beauty By Design : "Lots of people are coming in to have lipsuction. I've even had buttock implants, calf implants, pec implants, that sort of thing as well, you know? It's not as popular because it is surgery, but the non-surgical procedures like this are really popular." 31. Close up collagen injection 32. Various Troy, the patient, inspecting his new lips 33. Soundbite (English) Troy Moriarty-Schmidt, patient: "Because I'm very vain that's why. No, I heard from a friend about it and I was curious so I thought I'd give it a go. You try anything once, well almost anything once so, coming up to the build up of Mardi Gras I just thought why not give it a go, so it was just curiosity that got the better of me." 34. Pan from Bob the Builder float to Mardi Gras workshop 35. Various Mardi Gras volunteers working on floats 36. Soundbite (English) Jessie Deane, Workshop Coordinator: "That we've got 170 floats, and out of those 170 probably about five per cent are from overseas so there's quite a big contingent from overseas and it's getting bigger every year." 37. Various workshop 38. Soundbite (English) Pip Playford, Designer of Lamp Camp float: "This is the main pushable lamp and it's actually going to have woven plastic woven through the metal structure and it will have a bit of campery added to it. We've got some beach balls that will go on the end of the scrolls and a bit of this fluffy stuff to go on the bottom of it so we'll camp it up a bit." 39. Various workshop 40. Soundbite (English) Jessie Deane, Workshop Coordinator: "What's the vogue at the moment is a mixture of excitement and quite a lot of stress." 41. Tilt from nipple ring to face, Bob the Builder float SYDNEY PREPARES FOR ITS ANNUAL MARDI GRAS Final preparations are underway in Sydney for the world's biggest pride celebration - the annual Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade. With less than a week to go, many partygoers are scrambling to find that perfect outfit to mark the celebrations. But for some, glittering attire will simply not do - and it seems this year some participants are going to extreme measures to get their look into shape. The parade, which is known the world over for its lavish and often outrageous costumes and floats, is the culmination of a month long festival which showcases Gay and Lesbian movies, theatre and other social events throughout the city. Now it all comes down to the parade on Saturday March 2nd on Sydney's Oxford Street with this year's procession promising glitz, glamour and plenty of camp. As always, the week before Saturday's grand finale is marked with a charity shopping day. Shop Yourself Stupid raises money for AIDS/HIV charities and also gives partygoers the chance to do some last minute shopping ahead of the main festivities. It's a day which provides a sneak peak of things to come - drawing drag queens out into the daylight hours to the amusement of locals and tourists alike. As always, must have items for Mardi Gras include glitter, feathers and leather. But the parade, which found its beginnings as a protest march in 1978, always has a topical twist. This year, the buzz on Oxford Street is that it will feature a float commemorating the events of September eleven. And a hot item on the shelves is clothing featuring the badges of the New York fire and police departments Ray, owner of the Mephisto leather store, says his New York range is all but sold out. Meantime others prefer the more traditional look. Maxi Pad says Shop Yourself Stupid provides the perfect chance to scour the stores for that vital last minute accessory. Originality is key for a large proportion of partygoers and parade participants and The House of Priscilla is one such store that ensures no two people will be dressed alike on the night and is a one-stop shop for wigs, shoes, frocks and jocks. Apart from its extensive ready-to-wear collection, the store also receives dozens of requests each year for original outfits which it custom makes on site. Many costumes that will feature in the parade are kept closely guarded secrets for maximum impact on the night. But Stafford Hamilton from House of Priscilla provided a sneak peak of one of the outfits he's currently working on. Many of these custom made outfits are worth hundreds of dollars so costume hire is still a popular option for some. This multi-coloured jumpsuit is a popular choice and was inspired by the Australian drag movie - 'Priscilla Queen of the Desert'. However, not everyone is content to simply frock up on the night. Increasingly, many members of the gay and lesbian community are going to extreme measures to achieve that perfect look. At about this time of the year, Beauty By Design, a Sydney cosmetic clinic, receives dozens of requests for a nip and tuck for Mardi Gras. Undergoing a spot of pre Mardi Gras restoration this year is Troy Moriarty-Schmidt who admits to only ever getting a eye lash tint in time for past parades. However this year he's decided kissable lips are the go - and is clearly pleased with the results of his collagen injections. While many are preoccupied with getting their personal look together there are hundreds of volunteers putting the finishing touches to the parade's overall look. Here at the Mardi Gras workshop, the floats for the parade are under construction - and there's still much work to be done. Participant numbers are said to be down this year - the slump in international travel impacting heavily on ticket sales the parade afterparty. Soaring insurance costs are also beginning to bite Mardi Gras organisers even though the month long festival has an annual turnover in excess of $US50 million. This is why volunteers are still a vital backbone, donating time and money to ensure the show will go on. Pip Playford is the head designer of the Camp Lamp float which promises to illuminate Oxford Street on Saturday night with some forty volunteers, a lava lamp, hand torches and this giant lampshade. According to workshop coordinator, Jessie Deane, the key to a successful Mardi Gras float is to keep the idea simple, add lots of sparkle and make sure it's waterproof - in case of rain. She says everyone is looking forward to the big night. The head float is still a closely guarded secret although religion is reportedly this year's overriding theme. However nothing is sacred in the parade, which attracts hundreds of thousands of people from around the world to Oxford Street. In a sign of things to come even children's cartoon favourite Bob the Builder will be getting the hardcore treatment come Saturday.