Columbus Suspects Caught (02/21/1997)
A Clinton County Grand Jury has handed down 16 indictments in connections with the February 15th shooting incident in Columbus, Ohio. Investigators said that warrants have been issued for Chevie O'Brien Kehoe, the driver of the suspect vehicle, on: -Three counts of felonious assault, -Three counts of attempted murder of a police officer, -One count of carrying a concealed weapon, -One count of possession of criminal tools, -One count of improper transportation of a firearm, -And two counts of fleeing. His brother Cheyne C. Kehoe, the passenger in the suspect vehicle, was indicted on: -Two counts of attempted murder of a police officer, -Two counts of felonious assault, -And one count of carrying a concealed weapon. Ohio State Police are working with the F-B-I and the Bureau of Tabacco and Firearms to investigate whether the brothers are linked to a triple slaying in Arkansas last year.
Cleveland Police Chase (08/07/1997)
Willoughby, Ohio Police are still wondering why a woman would put so many people at risk to avoid a simple traffic stop. Judy Jones led police on a high speed chase early this morning, it ended in a horrible crash. What you see here is the view from a police cruiser responding to the scene. 29-year old Henry Coy was driving the other car. He is listed in guarded condition. Hospital officals say Judy Jones underwent surgery for multiple fractures.
Cheyne Kehoe has been returned to Ohio from Washington state, to face charges in a shootout with police last February in Wilmington, Ohio. His brother is already in Wilmington ... where both will be tried.
SHOOTING VIDEO (02/18/1997)
Surveillance video from a shoot-out last weekend involving two men and the police. The FBI has been called into the case.