Motorist pinned between car and highway rail
/ Nighttime dash camera video of state trooper responding to disabled vehicle / semi-truck skids on iced road and slides into car, pinning the driver against the guard rail. Motorist pinned between car and highway rail on March 06, 1997 in Elyria, Ohio (Footage by Getty Images)
DAYTON ICE (01/24/1997)
Freezing rain began falling in Dayton, Ohio during the morning rush hour today ... creating a number of driving problems.
FLOOD DETOUR (07/29/1997)
Rural towns have been left out of the mainstream by the interstates as far as commerce is concerned ... but when flooded rain water closed I-70 in Ohio Monday, one rural are had heavy traffic and customers ... but no electricity!
Cop Shot (12/08/1997)
A Laura, Ohio police officer is gunned down by one of his own in what authorities are calling a freak accident. (TAKE VO) Police say Matthew Neubauer was accidentally shot in the chest by Sgt. Christopher Morgan while the two trained with their semi-automatic weapons. The accidental shooting happened at Laura's Tall Tales Inn after business hours. Neubauer is in serious condition at a local hospital. Meanwhile...the sheriff's department is investigating. (TAKE SOT)
Fatal Van Accident (08/19/1997)
Five people are dead and nine injured after two vans collide on an Ohio highway.
I - 80 Accident (06/18/1997)
The semi-tractor trailor bound for Fort Wayne, Indiana with a load of toys from New Jersey overturned on the Meander Reservior Bridge just before six AM...Trucker James Coleman of Chicago was able to climb out of the cab unhurt. The impact ruptured the gas which was carrying two hundred gallons of diesel fuel onto the bridge and into drains leading to the reservoir. Interstate 80 was shutdown and fire crews arrived imediatly. Some of the fuel made its way into the water sending a thin slick line across five acress of the reservoir...clean up crews spent most of the day on the water containing the spill. The accident backed up traffic for miles shutting down the interstate from route 11 to the and trucks were forced to take a long and slow detour.
SEMI INTO HOUSE (05/29/1997)'
An 18-wheeler barreled through a house this morning in Fayette County, Ohio. Luckily, the homeowner had just left for work ... two men in the truck did have some injuries.
School Double Fatal (12/03/1997)
Two people were killed this morning in a traffic accident close to the entrance to a high school in a Dayton suburb.
Leaking Truck (12/17/1997)
A semi truck carrying nuclear waste from Cincinnati, Ohio to the Nevada Nuclear Test Site north of Las Vegas is heading home tonight still carrying it's cargo. Yesterday the truck driver noticed a liquid leaking from his trailer, pulled over and called authorities. Inspectors determined the substance to be water and was not dangerous. However officials are not taking any chances and the shipment is going back to Ohio.
TWINS KILLED (03/10/1997)
A woman who allegedly drowned her twins, then stabbed herself, remains hospitalized today. Police say she was apparently depressed, and under the care of a psychiatrist.