Lebanon Hezbollah - REPLAY Rally marks three year anniversary of conflict
NAME: LEB HEZBOLLAH 20090814I TAPE: EF09/0774 IN_TIME: 10:35:20:06 DURATION: 00:00:58:07 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION/AL MANAR DATELINE: Beirut - 14 Aug 2009 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: ++CLIENTS PLEASE NOTE: AL MANAR TELEVISION IS CONTROLLED BY HEZBOLLAH++ AP TELEVISION 1. Wide of Hezbollah supporters watching Nasrallah on screen 2. Mid of women waving with Hezbollah flags and holding Nasrallah photo AL MANAR 3. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Leader of Hezbollah: "It is not easy for any Israeli government to take the decision of launching a war against Lebanon. It is not easy. They have to consider it not one thousand times, but a million." 4. Cutaway Hezbollah supporters 5. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Leader of Hezbollah: "Today we say to you, if you bombard Beirut or a southern suburb, we will bombard Tel Aviv." 6. Wide of supporters 7. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Leader of Hezbollah: "I tell you that you will be crushed and destroyed in our hills and valleys and mountains and villages." 8. Wide of supporters 9. Top shot of supporters STORYLINE: The leader of Lebanon's Islamic militant group Hezbollah on Friday warned Israel that his fighters would hit Tel Aviv with rockets if Israeli forces attacked Beirut or the guerrillas' stronghold in its southern suburbs. Speaking on the anniversary of the end of the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah conflict, Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said the Shiite militants were now capable of striking any Israeli city. The 2006 month long war began when Hezbollah launched a cross-border attack that killed three Israeli soldiers. During the conflict, the Iranian-backed militants rocketed the Israeli port of Haifa and other parts of Israel's north but spared Tel Aviv to the south. In retaliation, Israeli warplanes destroyed entire blocks in Beirut's southern suburbs, including Nasrallah's office and Hezbollah's headquarters. Hezbollah calls the outcome of the war "a divine victory" because Israel failed to crush the militants, who withstood massive Israeli airstrikes and artillery bombardment. The war killed about 1,200 people in Lebanon, most of them civilians, and about 160 in Israel. Nasrallah's speech added to the tension of back-and-forth warnings between Hezbollah and Israel that have escalated since a July 14 explosion at a suspected Hezbollah arms depot near the Israeli border. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that Israel would hold the Lebanese government responsible for any attacks on Israeli targets by Hezbollah. He warned Lebanon against letting Hezbollah join the new government. He said the government in Beirut could not turn a blind eye to Hezbollah's activities while the group sits in the Lebanese parliament and plays a major role in the country's politics. Nasrallah, appearing on a giant screen from his hiding place, addressed thousands of supporters waving yellow Hezbollah flags who gathered for the rally in south Beirut. He said recent Israeli warnings against Lebanon do not signal that Israel is planning to attack soon. He said the Israeli warnings were part of a "psychological war" aimed at preventing the militant group from joining a new Lebanese unity government, whose formation has been stalled since the June 7 election.
2006 Israel Hezbollah War - IDF at border
CLEAN: Exterior shots IDF at Israel Lebanon border, Israeli soldiers waving captured Lebanon & and Hezbollah flags on July 24, 2006 in UNSPECIFIED, Israel.
Jerusalem: commemorations under tension
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NEWSFEED: 7/25-27/2006, MISSILE STRIKE IN PALESTINE, BIRD FLU VICTIM & VACCINE, AUTOMOBILE AUCTION, YATES TRIAL, POLICE IMPERSONATORS ;NO TITLE Andrea Yates trial scenes, standing for verdict ;MIDDLE EAST BOLTON ATTACKED speaking. GERALD FORD FILE George W.Bush holding Gerald Ford's hand ;MIDDLE EAST TYRE AIR STRIKES dark smoke rising, people search thru rubble, paramedics carry stretcher into bldg ;BIG MONEY CARS ON DISPLAY people looking at fancy cars. POWER CRISES QUEENS RESIDENT ;BIRD FLU THAI BOY DIES heavily covered medicos examining boy, man fumigating open pit, people in haz-mats drop sacks in pit ;BIRD FLU GLAXO HFN1 VACCINE bottles of vaccine, readying hypodermic needle, giving woman a shot, making vaccine ;HIGHWAY SHOOTING IN SUSPECT escorted by police. IRAQ SENATORS REACT IRAQ ;ISRAEL SENATORS REACT HEZBOLLAH. ANDREA YATES VERDICT trial scenes ;VA PONY SWIM spectators stand on misty green shore, wild ponies crossing channel ;BUSH LUNCH WITH TROOPS Bush arriving at some military base, shaking hands in cafeteria, whatta guy ;MI MEGA MARKDOWN ON MEGA HOUSE Int upscale house, mansion 'a home like this takes a special buyer'...special = rich ; MIDDLE EAST WOUNDED FROM TYRE STRIKE male nurse carrying child to x-ray table, wounded standing in dark corridor of hospital ;PAUL MCCARTNEY'S 1ST GUITAR 'Tabernacle', man holding guitar, reporters taking pictures ;7/27/1996 OLYMPIC BOMBING shock waves interrupt interview, NX paramedics among wounded, ambulance speeding away; 7/27/1953 KOREAN WAR ARMISTICE B/W. WWE WRESTLER VAN DAM either he has a 3-D bumper sticker or there's a bug in the corner ;ANDREA YATES TX MENTAL HEALTH ASSOC. FL LOBSTER MINI-SEASON MISHAPS boating accident aftermath ;Man pauses from yanking the tails off of live lobsters in order to tell us the thrilling details ;RUSTY YATES REACTS TO VERDICT. FL HOME INVASION bold burglars tie up woman (pretending to be police on a raid) ;NX 'For Rent' sign on fence, police chatting. BUSH WALSH CHILD PROTECTION ACT he signs it, (applause, applause), speech ;MS CHILD SHOT SUSPECT HEARING trial scenes, man in shackles escorted to van. TOUR DE FRANCE LANDIS WITHDRAWAL ;
Nuclear: Iran challenges Trump
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Lebanon Rockets - Hezbollah rockets being launched; Israel responds
NAME: LEB ROCKETS 20060723I TAPE: EF06/0657 IN_TIME: 10:58:12:16 DURATION: 00:01:06:20 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Nr Tyre - 23 July 2006 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: 1. Various shots of rockets being launched towards Israel 2. Various shots of smoke plumes from Israeli counter strikes nearby STORYLINE: Several rockets were fired at Israel on Sunday from a site near the Lebanese city of Tyre. Minutes later, smoke plumes believed to be from Israeli counter strikes were seen rising from a location close by. Rockets fired by Hezbollah from Lebanon into northern Israel since war broke out 12 days ago have left 17 civilians dead. Nineteen Israeli soldiers have been killed in the fighting. The civilian death toll as a result of Israel's counter offensive against Lebanon has risen to 375 people. Israel's declared war against Hezbollah began on 12 July after Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas captured two Israeli soldiers and killed eight others in a raid on Israel's northern border.
Fighting on Israel Lebanese border
CLEAN: Exterior shots of an Israeli aircraft dropping chaff near the Israeli Lebanese border and smoke and explosions over Lebanese border cities on July 22, 2006 in Kiryat Shmona, Israel.
Israeli tank firing shells into Lebanon
CLEAN: Exterior shots of an Israeli tank firing shells across the Lebanese border in the 2006 conflict between Israel and Hizbollah on July 22, 2006 in Beirut, Lebanon.
North of Israel, the red lights light up
Radio France: filmed programmes
Israel Hezbollah - Three captured Hezbollah fighters appear in Israeli court
NAME: ISR HEZBOLLAH 20060918I TAPE: EF06/0857 IN_TIME: 10:08:51:07 DURATION: 00:00:59:05 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Nazareth, 18 Sept 2006 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST 1. Three prisoners (said to be Hezbollah members) walking into Israeli courtroom in handcuffs 2. Prisoners seated, one with head in hands 3. Close-up of one prisoner 4. Close-up of prisoner's hands in handcuffs, pull out to three prisoners 5. Handcuffs pan up to prisoner 6. Camera crews and reporters 7. Court computer screen pull out to lawyers and court staff STORYLINE Israel, on Monday, charged three Hezbollah arrested in Lebanon during the recent war with murder for involvement in deadly attacks on soldiers. In an indictment police submitted to the district court in the northern town of Nazareth, the three were charged with murder, attempted murder and membership in an enemy organisation, police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld said. A fourth Hezbollah member currently under arrest has not yet been charged, Rosenfeld said. The three are Hussein Suleiman, 22, Mohammed Sarour, 20, and Maher Housani, 30, Rosenfeld said. Suleiman is accused of planning events that sparked the 34-day war on July 12, in which Hezbollah militants infiltrated Israel to attack a border patrol, killing three soldiers and capturing two, Rosenfeld said. The defendant is also accused of involvement in other deadly attacks on soldiers. Sarour and Hourani are accused of taking part in attacks against soldiers along the border, Rosenfeld said. Rosenfeld claims the three have confessed to their part in the attacks and to receiving military training in Iran, Hezbollah's key sponsor.
2006 Israel Hezbollah War - IDF at border
CLEAN: Exterior shots IDF at Israel Lebanon border on July 24, 2006 in UNSPECIFIED, Israel.
[Ardavani Amir Aslani]
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Israel Military - Israeli Defence Min outlines anti-Hezbollah strategy
NAME: ISR MILITARY 20060727I TAPE: EF06/0673 IN_TIME: 10:59:41:04 DURATION: 00:01:28:06 SOURCES: CHANNEL 10 DATELINE: Tel Aviv, 27 July 2006 RESTRICTIONS: No Access Israel SHOTLIST: 1. Wide Israeli chief of staff Dan Halutz and Israeli Defence Minister Amir Peretz sitting in conference 2. SOUNDBITE (Hebrew) Amir Peretz, Israeli Defence Minister: "Our goal is to create an area clean of Hezbollah so that this crisis will end. They (Hezbollah) will not be able to return to their (current) posts." 3. Journalists listening in news conference 4. SOUNDBITE (Hebrew) Dan Halutz, Israeli chief of staff : "The government of Israel has authorised today to give the mandate reserves when the need will rise." 5. Halutz and Peretz sitting in news conference together 6. SOUNDBITE (Hebrew) Dan Halutz, Israeli chief of staff : "I think that we have created in this manner another security strata or another potential to exert another operational strategy when it will be required." 7. Halutz and Peretz in news conference together STORYLINE: In a defiant speech, Israeli Defense Minister Amir Peretz vowed on Thursday that Hezbollah will "not return to their posts" and that Israel's offensive in Lebanon is the fate that awaits "anyone who attacks Israel." In a joint news conference with Peretz, the army's chief of staff, Lt. Gen. Dan Halutz, said the strategic damage to Hezbollah from Israel's 16-day offensive is "enormous." He said Thursday's government decision to authorise the call up of tens of thousands of reserves was not meant to threaten anyone but rather to make the army ready for "all possibilities." However, he also said that Israel had no intention of waging war against Syria, which is a prime supporter of Hezbollah.
Lebanon Nasrallah - Hezbollah leader appears in public for first time in over a year
NAME: LEB NASRA 20080119I TAPE: EF08/0077 IN_TIME: 10:57:39:12 DURATION: 00:01:03:11 SOURCES: AL-MANAR DATELINE: Southern Beirut, 19 Jan 2008 RESTRICTIONS: No Access Lebanon SHOTLIST ++AL MANAR IS A LEBANESE TV STATION CONTROLLED BY HEZBOLLAH++ 1. Wide pan of the crowd gathered at a Hezbollah rally, some holding up red, yellow and black flags, to mark Ashura 2. Wide pan of crowd chanting (Arabic) "Nasrallah" while punching fists in the air 3. Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah at the podium acknowledging his welcome 4. Wide of crowd 5. Wide top shot of crowds STORYLINE Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah appeared in public on Saturday for the first time in more than a year to take part in the most important religious event for Shiite Muslims. Television footage broadcast on Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV station and other stations showed the black-turbaned Nasrallah, surrounded by hundreds of thousands of people, taking part in Ashura commemorations in the Hezbollah stronghold of southern Beirut. The Hezbollah leader was expected to address the crowds later on Saturday. Nasrallah went into hiding for fear of an Israeli assassination. The last time he appeared in public was in September 2006 at a "Victory Rally" marking the end of a monthlong war between Israel and the militant Shiite group. Since then, he has only addressed his supporters through video-links or on television. During Israel's 34-day offensive in the summer of 2006, it threatened to kill Nasrallah as it did his predecessor in 1992. Ashura marks the death of Imam Hussein, the Prophet Muhammad's grandson, who died in a battle in 680 against the leader of what became the Sunni branch of Islam. The battle took place in Karbala, which is located in present day Iraq.
Episode 3: 1990-2012
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IDF tanks and firing on Lebanese border
CLEAN: Exterior shots of Israeli tanks on the border with Lebanon firing mortar rounds and dust rising from bullets and hitting hillside on the border on July 22, 2006 in Kiryat Shmona, Israel.
2006 Israel Hezbollah War - IDF at border
CLEAN: Exterior shots IDF at Israel Lebanon border on July 24, 2006 in UNSPECIFIED, Israel.
Lebanon Hezbollah 4 - WRAP Nasrallah addresses crowds at rally, comments on weapons, Israeli prisoners
NAME: LEB HEZ 4 20060922I TAPE: EF06/0873 IN_TIME: 11:17:03:05 DURATION: 00:02:47:20 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION DATELINE: Beirut, Sep 22 2006 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST: 1. Wide of Hezbollah 'victory' rally 2. Ticker tape in the air 3. Close-up of yellow Hezbollah flags 4. Pan of crowd gathered at rally, ahead of Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah speaking 7. Nasrallah on stage greeting crowd 8. Crowd waving yellow flags 9. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah leader: "(referring to recent conflict with Israel) It was America's war in terms of its decisions, its arms, its planning, and its will and in terms of giving more time to the Zionists, from two to four weeks. What has stopped this war was the Zionist failure. Let us remember the last days of the war when they lost a large number of tanks on Friday, Saturday and Sunday." 10. Pan of crowd applauding 2. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah leader: "Even if the whole world came, they wouldn't be able to save those two detainees (captured Israeli soldiers) except through indirect negotiations and the exchange of prisoners." 3. Cutaway of rally 4. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah leader: "Today I say to those who want to close the sea, the sky, the desert and the borders - and I address the enemy as well - the resistance (Hezbollah) has today more than, and I stress more than, 20-thousand rockets." 5. Cutaway of rally 6. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah leader: "No army in the world will be able to make us drop the weapons from our hands as long as these loyal people believe in the resistance." 7. Wide on crowd STORYLINE: Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese packed into an open square in Beirut's bombed out southern suburbs on Friday, for a "victory over Israel" rally organised by Hezbollah. The crowds waited in eager anticipation for the highlight of the event, a speech by Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, in what was his first public appearance since the end of Hezbollah's conflict with Israel. The crowd, waving hundreds of yellow Hezbollah flags, cheered ecstatically when Nasrallah appeared. The black turbaned cleric said Hezbollah possessed more than 20-thousand rockets, even after firing nearly 4-thousand rockets at Israel during the 34 days of fighting, and he vowed that the UN peacekeeping force deploying in the south and helping guard Lebanon's borders from new weapons shipments would not affect the organisation's arsenal. "No army in the world will be able to make us drop the weapons from our hands," he said. Nasrallah said that the US was behind Israel's war on Hezbollah, "in terms of its decisions, its arms, its planning, and its will and in terms of giving more time to the Zionists, from two to four weeks", he said, referring to the United States' refusal to demand Israel halt its bombardment of Lebanon. He also said he would not release two captured Israeli soldiers, except in an exchange for Lebanese prisoners. "Even if the whole world came, they wouldn't be able to save those two detainees". Nasrallah said he decided to appear at the rally despite threats to his life. Israeli warplanes destroyed Nasrallah's office and residence in southern Beirut in the early days of the month-long war. The leader last appeared in public on July 12, when he held a news conference and offered to trade two Israeli soldiers his militants captured earlier that day for prisoners being held by Israel. The cross-border raid sparked 34 days of fighting in Lebanon between Hezbollah and Israel.
Tonight (or never!) Part 1: [broadcast of October 15, 2009]
FR3 / France 3
Funeral of one of the two Israeli soldiers surrendered by Hezbollah and party in Lib
FR3 / France 3
Israeli troops and tank movements on border
CLEAN: Exterior shots of IDF troops, tanks and military vehicles gathered on the Lebanese border with distant explosions audiable, as Israeli military vehicles move around during a ground invasion of Lebanon on July 22, 2006 in Kiryat Shmona, Israel.
Lebanon Protest - Mass Hezbollah rally, Hezbollah leader Nasrallah speaking
NAME: LEB PROTEST 20080222I TAPE: EF08/0209 IN_TIME: 10:03:49:09 DURATION: 00:01:42:05 SOURCES: AP TELEVISION/AL-MANAR TV DATELINE: Beirut, 22 Feb 2008 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST AP Television 1. Pan of rally 2. Mid of clerics, Hezbollah fighters 3. Wide of fighters with banner (English) " (assassinated Hezbollah operative) Imad Mughniyeh left you thousands of prepared fighters who are ready for martyrdom" 4. Mid of fighters 5. Pan from Mughniyeh's poster with audience to Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah speaking on screen 6. Wide of audience shouting (Arabic) "At your service Nasrallah" Al-Manar TV 7. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah leader: "The termination of Israel from existence is a definite and compulsory result. It is a historical law, it is a divine rule, there is no escape from it." 8. Wide of people 9. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah Secretary General: "With pride, honour and confidence with the sacrifice of our brothers lead by Imad Mughniyeh we are ready to confront, defend and to make another victory if God willing" 10. Wide of women chanting 11. SOUNDBITE: (Arabic) Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah Secretary General: "I swear to them that they (Israelis) will carry their tanks, officers and troops and their army will fall down under Imad Mughniyeh's feet" AP Television 12. Various of supporters shouting STORYLINE: Thousands of Hezbollah supporters attended a rally in suburban Beirut to commemorate the assassination of Hezbollah leaders including Imad Mughniyeh, who was killed in Damascus last week. Hezbollah's chief Hassan Nasrallah vowed on Friday to retaliate for the slaying of top commander Mughniyeh and warned that by assassinating him Israel was planning a new war, which he said would lead to its defeat. Nasrallah repeated a threat to strike Israel with salvoes of rockets if it attacked Lebanon, as was the case in the 2006 war between his fighters and the Jewish state. "The termination of Israel from existence is a definite and compulsory result. It is a historical law, it is a divine rule, there is no escape from it."
Israeli tanks massed on border with Lebanon
CLEAN: Exterior shots of Israeli tanks massed on Israel's border near Lebanon during the 2006 conflict between Israel and Hizbollah on July 22, 2006 in Beirut, Lebanon.
Middle East Release 2 - Israel frees Hezbollah spy, soldiers' remains handed back
NAME: MEAST RELEASE2 20080601I TAPE: EF08/0574 IN_TIME: 11:02:45:14 DURATION: 00:03:56:08 SOURCES: AP Television/Al Manar TV DATELINE: Various - 1 June 2008 RESTRICTIONS: SHOTLIST PLEASE NOTE: AL MANAR TELEVISION IS RUN BY HEZBOLLAH AP Television Israel-Lebanon border, Israel 1. Assembled media around van carrying Nisr as it passes through gate 2. Van on other side of fence 3. People moving from van into building 4. SOUNDBITE (English) Smadar Ben Natan, Nasim Nisr's lawyer : "Everything passed very easily and positively. And Nasim Nisr was a prisoner in Israel and he finished his sentence about a month ago. And today he was transferred to Lebanon which was his home country and was happy to be released and go back there." 5. Police cars at crossing Al Manar TV - No Access Lebanon Lebanon-Israel border, Lebanon 6. International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) vehicles driving up 7. Nisr (in centre) surrounded by media 8. Zoom in of ICRC officials standing over wooden box containing remains of Israeli soldiers killed during 2006 war 9. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Wafik Safa, Hezbollah's senior security coordinator "We are handing over the remains of a number of Israeli soldiers killed during the July 2006 war, which were left behind by the Israeli army." 10. Pan of brown box, tilt up to ICRC officials signing handover papers 11. SOUNDBITE (English) No Name Given, ICRC Representative: "We are glad that the ICRC could today play its role of neutral intermediary to repatriate Nasim." 12. Box being placed in back of ICRC vehicle AP Television Naqoura, Lebanon 13. Wide pan welcome ceremony for Nisr 14. People dancing with Hezbollah and Palestinian flags 15. Hezbollah officials on stage 16. Women waving Hezbollah flags 17. Convoy carrying Nisr arriving 18. Nisr walking with senior Hezbollah leader in southern Lebanon, Nabil Kaouk 19. Nisr hugging his mother AP Television Naqoura village, Lebanon 20. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Valentine Sayegh, Mother of Nasim Nisr : "I wish all the prisoners a safe return to their homes. I wish them the happiness I feel today. I hope they can all return to their homes and to their mothers." AP Television Naqoura, Lebanon 21. Wide of stage 22. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Nasim Nisr, Released Prisoner: "Congratulations to all of Lebanon and congratulations to his eminence Sheik Hassan Nasrallah. Good willing, soon enough we will celebrate the return of all Lebanese prisoners to Lebanese soil." 23. Nisr posing with his mother and Kaouk 24. Wide of Nisr and others raising hands on stage 25. SOUNDBITE (Arabic) Nabil Kaouk, Senior Hezbollah Leader in southern Lebanon: "The resistance is the only way to free the prisoners and to defend Lebanon. Each day confirms the success of the resistance's strategy for liberty and victory." 26. Close of Nisr with mother 27. Wide of rally STORYLINE Israel on Sunday freed a man it convicted of being a Hezbollah spy and sent him back to Lebanon, while Hezbollah turned over the remains of what it said were dead Israeli soldiers - in what could be the preliminary stage of a larger prisoner exchange between the two sides. Israeli authorities released Nasim Nisr early on Sunday after he completed a six-year sentence for espionage, driving him from a prison in central Israel to the northern Rosh Hanikra crossing. Cameramen surrounded the white van Nisr was sitting in as a blue gate swung open to allow him through the frontier. His lawyer, Smadar Ben Natan, said Nisr was very happy to be released. Nisr was born to a Jewish Lebanese mother and a Shiite Muslim father. He migrated to Israel from Lebanon years ago, and settled in the country. Nisr, 39, was born in Lebanon to a Jewish Lebanese mother and a Shiite Muslim father. Because of his Jewish ancestry, he later moved to Israel and became a citizen, and married twice. He has a 10-year-old son from his first wife and two daughters, aged 10 and 7, from his current wife. He was jailed in 2002 for six years for allegedly spying for Hezbollah. Nisr's return to the village of Naqoura was met with a huge celebrations, which included many of his family members as well as senior Hezbollah officials. "I wish all the prisoners a safe return to their homes. I wish them the happiness I feel today. I hope they can all return to their homes and to their mothers," said Valentine Sayegh, Nisr's mother told AP Television. Nabil Kaouk, a senior Hezbollah leader in southern Lebanon said that Nisr's release confirms "the success of the resistance's strategy for liberty and victory." Meanwhile, as Nisr returned home, Hezbollah officials handed over a brown wood box containing what they said were the remains of Israeli soldiers killed during the month long 2006 war in Lebanon. Hezbollah's Al-Manar TV showed the box being handed over to International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) representatives on the Lebanese Israeli border. "We are handing over the remains of a number of Israeli soldiers killed during the July 2006 war," Wafik Safa, Hezbollah's senior security coordinator told Al-Manar during the handover, but did not offer any further details. An Israeli security official confirmed that the remains were being transferred back to Israel. He said Hezbollah had agreed to turn over the remains as a "gesture" and the move was not coordinated with Israel. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity surrounding the ongoing negotiations. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah predicted last month that Israel will release prisoners it is holding "very soon," setting off speculation that a major swap was in the works. Israel is believed to be holding at least seven Lebanese in its prisons, while Hezbollah has been holding two Israeli soldiers it captured in a 2006 cross-border raid that sparked that year's month-long war. According to Israeli officials, the soldiers are believed to have been badly wounded, and Hezbollah has offered no proof that they are still alive.