Thief In Good Health (2007)
Police are searching for a woman who swiped $1,600 worth of paintings from Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City. The theft, which was carried off in the early afternoon of March 21, was caught on tape by a hospital security camera. Video footage indicated that the woman looked directly into a security camera, then brazenly removed a painting from a hospital hallway wall and carried the art into a nearby women's restroom. The woman then left the restroom to remove another painting from the wall and walked out of the hospital's north exit with both paintings. The art works, both privately owned by local artists, were on display at the hospital. The paintings — a landscape and a picture of "a dog looking upward," according to police — are valued at $800 each. Redwood City police are searching for a brazen painting thief who allegedly made off with two pieces of artwork from Sequoia Hospital in broad daylight and in full view of a security camera. According to police, shortly after 1 p.m. on March 21, security cameras captured a woman walking into the Redwood City hospital to a hallway where several paintings were displayed. Video footage then showed the woman look directly at a security camera before she took a painting off the wall and carried it into the women's restroom, according to police. According to police, the woman then left the restroom and walked down the hallway, where she removed a second painting and slipped out of the hospital's north exit doors. The paintings are privately owned and are valued at $800 each, police said.