Allied Victory In Pacific and Footage of Pearl Harbor Attacks
Fleet of ships off island setting / view of American and Australian bomber aircraft flying / fighters / bomb dropping / ship exploding / ship sinking / map of pacific with Japan attacking Philippines and Hawaii / ship in ocean close to beach with sun rising / montage of Pearl Harbor attack footage / grave site.
U.S. prisoners of war rescued in the Philippines and returning home to the United States at end of World War 2
Families at harbor waiting for the troop transport ships. United States soldiers and liberated prisoners of war on ship. San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge and harbor in background with Coit Tower atop Telegraph Hill. Troop ships arrive and crowd cheers. Japanese soldiers bonzai cheer and Japanese forces bomb and take control of Corregidor. Japanese planes bombing. Ambulance carries wounded. United States soldier loses his arm during a Japanese aerial attack on Corregidor. General Wainwright surrendering in Corregidor in May 1942. United States flag lowered by Japanese and Japanese flag is hoisted. Wreckage of bombed U.S. facilites. Japanese propaganda film showing care for wounded American soldiers on hospital beds. Prisoners eat food. Wounded American soldiers walk with crutches on the grounds of the prison camp. Bataan Death March of the emaciated prisoners. American military prisoners at Cabanatuan labor and sleep on open air bunks. Scene of U.S. Army training early in World War 2 with troops in a field setting a machine gun emplacement to fire at rolling trucks relabeled as "Tank". Japanese propaganda newsreels showing Japanese military success in Philippines and Japanese forces in the Aleutian Islands. Aerial view formation of U.S. Army Air Force B-25 bombers in the sky. Aerial side view of American bomber aircraft and bombs away view. Navy bombing from ships. General MacArthur returns to Philippines and wades ashore. Philippine guerrillas and U.S. troops in battle to retake Philippines. U.S. prisoners of war liberated and freed and at 92nd Evacuation Hospital Cebu. Released prisoners on ships to America. WAC women hand out mail. Soldiers write telegram wires announcing arrival. Ship docks in San Francisco. Prisoners reunite with happy families and crowds on streets cheer their arrival. Soldiers and civilians walk on Market Street in San Francisco. Welcome home parade for San Francisco soldiers during WWII. Soldiers waving from buses in parade. Soldier in front of Marina Junior High School, 3500 Fillmore Street. One armed, disabled soldier with parents views photo album. Location: Philippines. Date: 1945.
DN-LB-465 Beta SP
Charles de Gaulle attends ceremony to commemorate World War II commando raid on German radar station at Bruneval, France
MS French General Charles De Gaulle speaking at memorial site in Bruneval; soldiers salute, French flags in bg / MS de Gaulle and officials arriving at ceremony / MS French soldiers saluting, French flags in bg / MS De Gaulle decorates man, large crowd in bg / CU side view of De Gaulle / MS side view de Gaulle decorating Madame Dumont, a wartime aviator; he kisses her on both cheeks and shakes her hand / CU De Gaulle giving final touches at erection of memorial to the Commando on German Radar station / MS people looking on / MS de Gaulle stands up at memorial erection / Tilt down stone of memorial "Bruneval 27-28 Fev 1942 - 30 Mars, 1947" / MS back view of de Gaulle speaking to large crowd / Angle view de Gaulle speaking / WS large crowd at monument erection ceremony / WS ceremony at Bruneval, French flag flying on mast
After World War II, Imperial Japanese Navy Adm. Osami Nagano speaks in Japan; file footage of war
[US Navy footage] Title card: "Fleet Admiral O. Nagano, IJN, Chief of Naval Staff General Staff, subject: Destruction of Japanese Navy" / Osami Nagano speaking to camera, subtitled translation at bottom "The Japanese Navy suffered its first serious losses at the Battle of Midway in 1942 and later in the continuing struggle in the Solomons" / file footage: warplane flying low overhead / indistinct shot / wreckage from bombing between buildings / fire burning / men running across airfield after bombing / sunken warship burning / VS POV from ships of sunken warships
Japan Strikes Against Manila and Singapore
Animated line of attack on map from Japan to Manila / montage of city scenes / rice patties / car coming out of tunnel / artillery brought through streets / General Jonathan Wainwright studies a map / montage of battle of Bataan / map animation indicates Singapore, view of city / montage of battle / montage of aftermath in Singapore.
Princess Elizabeth Turns Sixteen
Soldier in a court outside the Buckingham Palace / Princess Elizabeth walking toward military men / Princess Elizabeth greeting military officers / Princess Margaret greeting officers / soldiers saluting the Princesses / Princesses with King George and Queen Elizabeth walking up a small platform / Princess Elizabeth posing for the camera / Princess Elizabeth shaking hands / the royal family standing outside together / Princess Elizabeth brushing her father's hair out of his face / Elizabeth inspecting soldiers / soldiers in the palace court / soldiers parading past Elizabeth / Elizabeth standing with military officers.
Oscar Night, 14th Academy Awards
14th Annual Academy Awards with Host, Bob Hope / view of auditorium with guests eating dinner / Linda Darnell and Cesar Romero / Betty Grable and George Raft / Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell / Myrna Ley / Norman Shearer / Carole Landis / Mary Martin seated at table / Paramount table and Mary Martin Waves / Bob Hope presents special 'Oscar' to Jack Benny' / Ginger Rogers gives Joan Fontaine Statuette for Best Actress / Lieutenant James Stewart, in uniform, gives the Best Actor award to Gary Cooper / Fontain and Cooper together.
Defending British Convoy In The Mediterranean
Map shows convoy path from Gibraltar to Malta / view of island from sea / British sailors cheer aboard ship / montage of British convoy at sea / montage of sailor preparing and dropping depth charges into the water, explosions behind the ship / British sailors watching the skies with binoculars / montage of British anti-aircraft guns firing and explosion on the water from shells and planes exploding.
Nazi Stukas Attack British Convoy
British Convoy of ships on sea shown / sailors at guns on British Destroyer, looking for bombers / ships firing, smoke in air / artilliary hitting water / tracer bullets from ships toward flying Nazi aircraft / montage of battle action / Nazi bomber flying low to attack with guns, is hit and bursts into flames before cracking into ocean.
Embattled British Convoy Arrives In Malta
Map showing shipping path from Alexandria to Malta / line of heavily smoking convoy ships / overhead view of the deck of convoy ship / British sailors looking toward sky with binoculars / officer on radio / man below deck on radio looking at chart / montage of sailor prepping, aiming, and firing anti-aircraft weapons / bullets and tracers filling the sky and Italian planes flying overhead / montage of Italian torpedo bomber flying near ship, it is hit and it crashes into the sea / British ship with burning ship in the background / ship arriving in Malta / Malta coastline / people walking through tunnel near destroyed buildings in Malta / Maltese citizens gathering with British sailors in front of bombed building.
British Convoy Battles Axis Planes In The Mediterranean
Axis fighter plane crashes into sea between British convoy ships / crashed plane burning at sea / montage of battle with British anti-aircraft guns firing tracers and shells and Axis war planes dodging gunfire overhead / bomb exploding in water / AA guns firing at Axis plane / explosion in the water / damaged Axis plane flying with smoke trailing behind it / plane crashes into sea / on deck of damaged ship, team of British sailors turn the hand steering capstan to the rhythm of a sailor playing a fiddle.
B/W 1942 crowd of pilots in flight suits running past camera / newsreel
B/W 1942 crowd of pilots in flight suits running past camera / newsreel
Unconventional Warfare Waged In Europe
Map of Europe / image of loud speaker / people listening to radio seated at table / man listening to radio / crowd of refugees in Paris train station / man showing credentials at French border / Red Cross helps wounded / French prisoners being returned on train / girl crying as French prisoners pass / map of Lofoten Islands, Norway / commandos with machine gun / oil factory explosion / oil tank on fire / map of Spitzbergen, Norway / commandos arrive on boat / soldier sets off dynamite explosion on hillside / map of Vaagso, Norway / montage of explosions and soldiers running around / map of several efforts leaving England for Norway.
Libyan Front Seesaw War
British 2nd South African Division Army trucks along desert / trucks past German cemetary / British tanks advance across desert toward smoke screen laid to hide their approach / tanks firing / german tanks burning / view through window of German tanks burning / pan of wrecked Axis planes / elevated view of city of Bardia / brisish soldiers searching wreckage / German prisoners out of building with hands up / Italian prisoners in ditch / German Major-General Arthur Schmidt surrenders and gets into automobile / pan wide view of freed British soldiers waiving to camera / soldiers smiling and celebrting, smoking / artilliary with white flag flying over / large group of prisoners marching past smoking scene, dog runs across / full rainbow in background with smokey desert while solders march / clip also includes I P De Villiers.
United Nations Condemns Nazi Slayings
United Nations / row of international flags / archival footage from 1938 / sign reads 'Achtung Juden' / broken window of Jewish shop / Nazi guards shouting at civilians on the street / sign reading 'Nach Palastina, Nazis burning books in street / dining hall in a concentration camp / women folding up bedding in a camp / woman folding blankets, another woman straightens belongings.
Allied Forces Follow German Route
Montage of German and Italian prisoners marching into British Camps, close-ups / British and French flags flying / French volunteer troops march, British Commander-in-Chief General Sir Harold RLG Alexander salutes, they pass in review / guns and tanks in review / French Legion Troops cross the desert / close-up of Commander of the British 8th Army General Sir Bernard Law Montgomery and Air Vice Marshal Sir Arthur Coningham / Line of New Zealand troops and guns / group of officers including Montgomery / he decorates New Zealand troops, salutes / long line of Kittyhawks take off runway into sky / montage of artillery fire, tanks and smoke / montage pf Greek soldiers march past their flag, digging a trench, gun emplacement, firing, looking through binoculars, gunfire, explosions / desert maneuvers, wreckage / montage of American bombers in air dropping bombs.
B-17 Flying Fortresses Over Europe, In Action
US soldiers write message to enemy on bomb 'To Schicky this is only the start' / soldiers loading bombs into plane hatch / pilots ride bicycles to mission briefing, leaving bikes on ground / sign reads 'Combat Crews Only' / officers give orders regarding targets and inspecting planes to room / montage of pilots / they get up to leave / fighter planes on airfield, taking off as men watch, fly in formation / B-17 fighter planes bomb Rouen-Sotteville / aerial footage of bombing / planes in formation, returning / Chief of US Bomber Command General Ira C Eaker and Commander Rudolph E Flack get out of plane, shake hands Major General Carl Spaatz, Commanding General of the US Army Air Force.
One Year After Pearl Harbor
Montage of 1941 footage / people across America demonstrating the normalcy of America before Pearl Harbor, then listening to the December 7, 1941 radio bulletin about the bombing of Pearl Harbor / explosion / presidential motorcade arriving at the Capitol building in Washington DC / in front of Congress President Franklin D Roosevelt speaks about Pearl Harbor / explosion / Roosevelt, seated at his desk, surrounded by reporters at the White House / Prime Minister Winston Churchill in front of the House of Commons / map of Japan and its attacks throughout Asia / snipers atop the Capitol Building / Churchill visiting Washington DC for the first War Conference, speaks in front of Congress / American troops and equipment sailing to invade France / in the Pacific General MacArthur and his men fought in Bataan / MacArthur giving an award to a soldier / jungle fighting in Singapore / fighting in Java and the Dutch East Indies.
Britain's Eighth Army Westward In Libya, Nazi Wreckage
British Eight Army pushing across Libya toward Tripoli / gun firing, explosion / abandoned Italian and German planes in at Fuka airdrome / wreckage, German trucks burning / soldiers walking in mud.
US Army Trains Filipino Regimen For Battle
Filipino Soldiers marching and turning / Colonel Robert Sanford Offley and Filipino officer saluting / soldier marching down road / montage of soldiers training, brandishing machetes while running and crawling in a field / soldier practice combat with rifle and bayonet / close of soldier pointing bayonet at camera / soldiers standing in formation / soldiers breaking formation and running.
Giant Plane For Military Use
World's largest transport airplane, Douglas C-54 passes flight tests for duty with army / interior view of airplane in hangar / view of plane outside hangar / view of landing gear / troops board the plane / the plane takes off / the plane flies in the air.
Soviet partisans shooting soldiers
MOT 1942: FIGHTING: GRAPHIC: WS Soviet partisans running attacking men in village (VO says mix of Hungarian & German Nazi). Men being shot down others taking rifles from soldiers on ground. The Great Patriotic War WWII.
A Deadly Fire Erupts At Nichols Field In Philippines, Francis Sayre Addresses Americans About The Philippine Warfront
Wide shot of a building burning in Manila after a bombing buy Japanese planes / a church bell tower with smoke billowing out / a clock within the church stuck on the time when the bombing occurred / a figure of Jesus Christ carrying a cross inside the bomb damaged church / a fallen depiction of Jesus Christ on the crucifix laying on the ground among debris / soldiers directing traffic from the middle of the road / soldiers standing in front of a damaged building / soldier walking away from people loading debris on to a truck / a view of debris and damage from the air raid as cars drive past / wide view of dark smoke rising in to the air over buildings and trees in Nichols Field / black smoke rising from an oil tank behind two buildings / a closer view of the oil fire sending huge plumes of black smoke in to the air / a wide view of a huge fire behind a building at Nichols Field / a dead animal's body next to a pile of smoking debris / dead bodies lying on the ground with debris from the fire / montage of smoky debris left from the fire / three soldiers standing looking over the destruction / close ups of Philippine High Commissioner Francis Sayre as he delivers an address from his office in Washington DC.