Upper body circulatory system blood flow, animation
Animation of the blood vessels and organs of the upper body, showing the blood flow from the heart and lungs. Oxygenated blood (red) from the lungs flows to the heart where it is pumped around the body through the aorta, branches from which flow to the brain and arms. Oxygen-depleted blood (blue) returning from the body travels to the heart, where it is pumped to the lungs before returning to the heart to pump it around the body again.
London <br/> <br/>GV Pan people queuing outside large store (super.) SV Sale notice: pan down to women in queue. SV Half-price sale notice. SV Women seated in queue - pan to tea trolley. CU Price tag. CU Pan - rugs and coats over womens' knees. SV Assistant on tea trolley - pan down to women drinking tea. SCU Man queuing drinking tea. CU. Leap year sale notice. SV Dresses in window - 19/11d. SV Child's coat - 19/11d. CU Sweater marked at 3/11d. CU Bargain notice in 'Dolcis' shoe shop. SV Shoes in window. <br/> <br/>SV Manager giving last minute instructions to staff. SV Women looking through glass doors. CU Commissionaire blowing whistle. LV Towards - women running through doors. SV People hurrying through doors. LV Women sorting out clothing. LV Women sorting out clothing. CU Dress pan to woman. <br/> <br/>MV Back view - crowd rushing through doors (slow turning). SV Towards - crowds rushing into doorway (slow turning). GV Crowded store. CU store manager looking on happily. CU Woman in glasses looking over hats. CU Backview - woman trying on hat. SV Women turning over skirts. CU Woman wearing glasses and headscarf. CU Cashier using till. SV Women looking at coats. CU Woman with cigarette in mouth. SV Woman buying £25. evening dress which has been marked down to £5. CU Customer. CU Evening dress. SV Customer trying on skunk fur coat - £50. down to £3. <br/> <br/>CU Clock showing 2 minutes past 6. CU Store manager Mr Brown as he gets his hat and umbrella from his locker. Interviewer (off camera) asks "How did you do today, Mr Brown?" Nat Sound Mr Brown replies: "Oh we had a wonderful day, sold everything, paper, string and bags." Pan down to show he is not wearing any trousers (joke about Oxford bags, a design of trouser). (I think this may be a Pathe Cameraman) <br/> <br/>(Orig. Neg.) (Title scene "E") <br/> <br/>Selected Originals exist for this item - see other records.
Afghanistan - raw footage from Kandahar and kabul during Soviet-Afghan War PART 2
SOLDIER, LADY SINGER, KABUL tAPE 9 02:02:00:00 - 02:24:00:00 >>>shots of tanks, trenches >>>Tank w - turret moves right, gun lowers, turret moves left; gun raises >>>Captain in comand ost behind netting (voice) >>>soldiers at chess board >>>re-set up pieces - play chess, looks and sounds ****good shots >>>soldiers - soldier explains decorations *** >>>Question - What do you miss Most? A: Friends. We write a lot of letters. There's a paratroop vets association - meets in Gorky Park >>>bunker interior; poster on wall; table and pix in bkgd. >>>Captain in command post with field glasses >>>Kabul - lady singer's house; daughter MOS >>>first song >>>first song take 2,LADY SINGER AND KID MOONWALKS tape 10 02:35:30:00 - 02:44:50:00 >>>lADY SINGER - song 2, TAKE 1 (dZHAN, dZHAN),>>>singer;s son - Moonwalks 2X >>>Dusti school - boy trumpeter mural >>>Rafi's class - pull back from Rafi (MOS) CU of kids (6) >>>Rafi goes to head of class to read book, back to seat, next kid starts reading >>>CU of kids MOS >>>Russioan class - take 1 *** tree, tree, tree. Woods. Leaves. Leaves fall. (using words with common stem, location),TASHKENT TAPE 11 02:45:00:00 - 02:56:00:00 >>>Tashkent: Expo of Soviet industrial products - Soviet TV crew - Afghan industrialists look at stuf - ZI on Rasul >>>Take 2 - Rasul across display case - Rasul explains camera crew - drop down to show stuff in display case *** Pan to Soviet crew, back to Rasul - pan back and forth,>>>Soviet cameraman MOS >>>Take 3 - Rasul from his side of display case (intercut)*** >>>Take 4 Soviet crew interviews Rawul and brother translates ****IT's not just commercial relations, but relations between peoples. >>>Soviet reel to reel tape deck, pan to Soviet crew and Raul >>>Tashkent - boarding school dining hall - serving area, Afghan kids pick up food >>>Afghan boy carries loaded tray, pan to follows (3X) - MOS >>>Afghan kids at table: MS, WS MOS >>>kids at table, MS sync >>>more kids at table, tilt down to crutches - MOS - 3 more CUs >>>kids get coats, leave dining room 02:56:50:00 - 03:06:00 >>>Tashkent - Uzbek Mullah talks about Afghanistan - various takes >>>Tashkent street - two home-made wagons roll toward camera >>>monument to Uzbek women - pan left from bas relief to main statue, then left to revolutionary woman >>>Nordic warrior in children's park, tilt up from shield 2X and ZO to other statues - ZO to first >>>Apartment balcony - ZO to show old Russian building details of OR building, ZO, ZI from OR building to mural on apartment building. >>>workers planting tree - ZO to sing - our way to the future through democracy and glasnost - pan back to tree and then to sing*** planting tree, back to sign **** >>>Uzbek seal *Uz SSR) - ZO to capitol, then pan right to Lenin (2x); twin towers with Marx and Engels; Uzbek seal on big apartment building - ZI balcony with rug; big hall with statue - woman sweeper in front - pan left to metro entrance **
03/09/66 A0030447 NEW YORK, NEW YORK : CHAMPAGNE:
Wide shot audience wearing 3-D glasses reacting to movie out of frame with shock and pleasure
3D Television (05/26/1998)
3-D movie technology is being installed in some Utah Hotels.
PA-0897 Digibeta
2 Eyes and 3-D (b-roll)
Destruction from 1917 Kingsland Explosion; and aftermath of 1918 Gillespie Shell Loading plant explosion in World War I
Scenes in Lyndhurst, New Jersey after explosion in the Canadian Car and Foundry Company in Kingsland (in Meadowlands of New Jersey) during World War 1. The company built shells for shipment to Russia in World War I. Over 500,000 shells were destroyed in the blast and fire, bombarding the surrounding areas in Kingsland - Lyndhurst. Black smoke rising in the distance, at night, seen from the coast. Close views of industrial buildings and homes on fire. Night views of homes and buildings engulfed in flames. People walk through smoking wreckage afterwards and pick through debris. Devastation covers area flattened by explosion and fire. Twisted railroad tracks covered by debris. A pile of munitions shells in a heap in the burned out shell of a building. View of the D.L.andW (Delaware, Lackawanna and Western) Railroad Shops building at Kingsland (now Lyndhurst), with DLandW train car 605 parked in front. Railroad Shops building is pitted with holes and broken glass from 3-inch shell bombardment. Two men inspect a damaged railroad car with broken glass and a 3-inch shell embedded in the side of the car. A heavily damaged residential house with holes and blown-out windows, and a shell embedded in the front door. Citizens pick through wreckage in front of a building where only cement pilings remain. Scene shifts to Perth Amboy area, October 1918. View of displaced families made homeless by the T.A. Gillespie Shell Loading Plant explosion (Morgan Depot Explosion; largest munitions factory in the world). Refugees sit in a town square. Men, women, and children among the refugees. An Army soldier and Navy sailor seen near refugees as they eat and drink. View of Smith Street in Perth Amboy with shops damaged by the blast. Under Martial Law, U.S. Army troops patrol with rifles to prevent looting. Pedestrians and a streetcar pass. Sign along sidewalk for entrance to Michaels and Co. at 178 Smith Street. (Suspected cause of incidents: Gillespie - worker error; Kingsland - sabotage as in the 1916 Black Tom explosion.) Location: New Jersey United States USA. Date: January 11, 1917.
US Army helps with farm resettlement program in South Korea
13 Ghosts trailer
13 Ghosts b&w 1960 trailer - family encounters a dozen ghosts looking for a final member - Charles Herbert, Jo Morrow, Martin Milner, Rosemary DeCamp, Donald Woods, Margaret Hamilton - directed by William Castle who introduces the trailer and delivers a corny comedy set up line with skeleton - also demonstrates a supernatural viwer which audiences can use to see the ghosts, good audio and visual screams man at desk with bunsen burner and beakers - smoke rises out - walks to chair with skeleton - scary looking house - various shots of family in house acting scared of ghosts - man wears 3-D glasses and sees smoke - floating milk bottle in kitchen, falls and breaks - man with 3D glasses acts possessed - zombies / living dead type monster attacks woman - hand on top of hand, smoke comes out - top hand removed to reveal burned in 13 on top of other hand - another copy found on V-0001B_002
(TT) US CES Virtual 3D Glasses
VR glasses take smart phones to a new dimension
Close-up of a girl watching and reacting to a 3D movie.
[OBAMA OTR TOURS SCHOTT GLASS] [DURYEA, PENN USA] FTG OF PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE SENATOR BARACK OBAMA (D-ILL) TOURING SCHOTT GLASS FACTORY IN DURYEA, PENNSYLVANIA CBS Pool report: **No news; no great color Obama toured Schott Glass for roughly 15 min. (Katie Herbeck working on getting names of 2 men who toured w/ him) The pool was separated from Obama for about 5 minutes because he went into a section where there were "proprietary" issues - Schott has a contract with the department of defense. The best video is near the end when Obama stops to look at glass rods and then greets 3-4 workers. I'm going to listen to my recorder after the event to see if any good sound was picked up.
Architect using virtual reality headset
Industry 4.0: Architect Wearing Virtual Reality Headset
00:00:00:00 Nat Sound of Absolut vodka&apos;s Jingle Bells magazine ad VO of the ad :19// Toyota&apos;s 3-D glasses in mag :10. (0:00)/
Unused / unissued material - <br/> <br/>Olympia, London. Good coverage of the 1957 Amateur Photographer Exhibition. <br/> <br/>VS Exterior of Olympia Photo Fair. MS Interior of Olympia Photo Fair. MS Pan to top of water filled tank. LS De Vere Stand. VS of crowd at Amateur Photography Stand. CU Pan of two boys at 'What the Butler saw' machines. CU of man looking through 3D glasses. CU of model with tiny camera - she has a big beauty spot. VS of photographers walking around fair with their cameras. CU man taking photograph - pointing camera at us. CUs of various cameras and parts. <br/> <br/>(Orig. Neg.) Old record suggests that material dates from around 11/04/1957.
footage of the 3-D printer in use at the library.
1953 Cinema Movie Marquees
PREMIUM RATE FOOTAGE - Silent movie star & comedienne Babe London continue to reminisce the changes in film making over the decades - insert Hollywood Reporter newspaper headline New Technologies TOP TOA MEET - ads for new 3-D movies, Babe London tries on a pair of 3-D glasses, picks up a brochure for CINERAMA, tilt down from Hollywood theater marquee CINERAMA tonight 8:30 pm West Coast Premiere - crowd in front of Cinerama Theater - movie stars make appearance - nervous Jerry Lewis, Rock Hudson, John Wayne signs autograph, Joan Crawford in fur coat, klieg lights, spotlights, celebrities, fans, promotion, publicity brochure for CINERAMA - Plunges You Into A Startling New World - World Premiere - TV Guide dropped on top with cover of Jane Wyatt and Robert Young from popular TV show Father Knows Best - publicity, promotion, advertising, glamour, b&w
PET-336 1 inch
Vice President Richard Nixon joins others to visit the "New Glory for Old Glory" exhibit in NYC
Archival Hollywood Footage
00:00 - 01:47 - B/W, 1929. Clip from ‘Double Whoopee’ with Stan Laurel, Jean Harlow and Oliver Hardy. Harlow arrives in a taxi at a hotel where Laurel and Hardy work as footman and doorman and ends up partially undressed. 01:47 - 04:05 - B/W, 1959. INT Babe London visiting Stan Laurel at his home. London joking around by reading magazine with 3D glasses. London and Laurel watching Laurel and Hardy short ‘Our Wife’, in which Babe London co-starred as Dulcy, the bride. London laughs and wipes away tears while watching the film. 04:05 - 05:04 - Color, 1970s. EXT film studio buildings. Notification on door ‘Nitrate film. No Smoking. Keep Doors Closed.’ EXT and INT film library, building 69. Viewer 05:04 - 08:05 - Color, 1940s. EXT aerial views over Warner Brothers Studio. ‘The home of Warner Bros. Pictures - Combining good citizenship with good picture making’ billboard. Activity around backlot. Actors and actresses in costume. Raoul Walsh sitting in director’s chair on set receiving phone call, possibly while filming ‘Fighter Squadron’. Warner Brothers Studio Water Tower. Man holding clapperboard in front of camera. Actors and actresses in costumes running out of soundstage and standing in line to have man sign documents, possibly paychecks. ‘Warner Bros. Pictures, Inc - Burbank, Calif.’ plaque on gate. Guard opening gate to allow man in car to drive through entrance into backlot. 08:05 - 08:39 - Color, 1970s. EXT movie ranch / backlot. Film sets, including Old West set. 08:39 - 10:17 - B/W, EXT HA PAN film studio and backlot. 10:17 - 11:25 - Color, 1970s. EXT Warner Brothers Studio backlot. Old West set. Laramie Street. ‘The Waltons’ set including White Arrow Bus Station. 11:25 - 11:53 - Color, 1936. Selznick International Pictures logo, possibly from ‘A Star is Born’ (1937). 11:53 - 14:31 - B/W, 1920s. ‘Own Your Own Library - Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and Stars, Culver City, California.’ Aerial view Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios. Clips of Marion Davies, Lillian Gish, Antonio Moreno, Norma Scheerer, Alice Terry, John Gilbert, Renee Adoree, Lon Chaney, Joan Crawford and Charles Ray 14:31 - 15:09 - B/W, 1938. Fanny Brice performing ‘Quainty Dainty Me’ from ‘Everybody Sing’. 15:09 - 15:41 - Color, 1970s. EXT Tilt down Western Costume building facade. 15:41 - 15:51 - Color. Paramount Pictures ‘A Paramount Picture’ logo. 15:51 - 16:08 - B/W. EXT Filmed photograph of Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation West Coast Studios building facade. Water tower on top of mill. 16:08 - 16:22 - Color, 1970s. EXT Oblath’s Cafe sign on building. 16:22 - 16:40 - Color, EXT Paramount Famous Lasky Corporation West Coast Studios building facade. 16:41 - 17:28 - Color, 1970s. EXT Nickodell Melrose Restaurant. KHJ Radio Station building. 17:28 - 17:43 - B/W. Photograph of RKO Radio Pictures building with cars parked outside. 17:43 - 17:49 - B/W. Downtown Los Angeles skyline with KRKD radio tower. 17:49 - 18:32 - Color, Night, 1936. EXT HA Los Angeles skyline illuminated with lights. Probably B-roll / outtakes from ‘A Star is Born’ (1937). 18:32 - 18:48 - Color, Night, 1936. EXT Probably outtakes / b-roll footage from ‘A Star is Born’ (1937). Man and woman run to parked car and drive off. 18:48 - 19:07 - Color, Night, 1937. EXT HA Los Angeles skyline with flashing Hollywoodland sign. Probably outtakes / b-roll footage from ‘A Star is Born’ (1937). 19:07 - 20:23 - B/W, Night, 1940s. Car POV past Ciro’s. Street scenes on Hollywood Boulevard with heavy traffic, pedestrians and illuminated neon signs. Coca-Cola “All Roads Lead to Hollywood” neon sign. Signs for Christie Hotel and partially visible Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. EXT Earl Carroll Theatre and Slapsie Maxie’s. 20:23 - 20:44 - Color, Night, 1936. EXT WS Men outside Cafe Trocadero. Probably outtakes / b-roll footage from ‘A Star is Born’ (1937). 20:44 - 20:54 - Color. EXT Samuel Goldwyn Studios building door. 20:54 - 21:01 - B/W. Metrotone Snapshots title card. 21:01 - 21:50 - B/W, 1954. Movie News - Warner Pathe News. ‘Alan Ladd Steps in with Both Feet!’ Alan Ladd getting footprints and handprints immortalized on Hollywood Walk of Fame outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Ladd kisses wife Sue Carol. ‘Fans honor John Wayne, June Allyson’. June Allyson and John Wayne (in costume for playing Genghis Khan from The Conqueror’ receiving Woman’s Home Companion Favorite Movie Actress and Actor Awards for 1954. 21:50 - 22:14 - B/W, Night, 1952. EXT RKO Pantages Theatre with ‘24th Annual Academy Awards Presentation’ on marquee. Movie stars arriving. Hearst Metronome News - Metro Goldwyn Mayer ending title card. 22:14 - 23:38 - B/W, Night, 1952. Warner Pathe News. ‘Academy Awards’. EXT RKO Pantages Theater with ‘24th Annual Academy Awards Presentation’ on marquee. INT theater during presentation. Oscars being presented. Bettie Davis accepting award on behalf of Kim Hunter with George Stands standing next to podium. Kim Hunter arriving at the Playhouse in NYC where she is appearing in ‘The Chase’ with John Hodiak. Greer Garson presenting Oscar for Best Actor to Humphrey Bogart. Laurence Olivier and Vivien Leigh kissing in her dressing room for the stage version of ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ at the Ziegfeld Theatre. 23:38 - 24:37 - B/W, Night, 1955. Warner Pathe News ‘Film Industry Awards Its Oscars’. EXT RKO Pantages Theatre with ‘27th Annual Academy Awards Presentation’ on marquee. Stars arriving. EXT NBC Television Century Theatre. INT theater during presentation. Elia Kazan receiving Oscar for Best Director. Bette Davis presenting Oscar for Best Actor to Marlon Brando. William Holden presenting Oscar for Best Actress to Grace Kelly. 24:37 - 25:13 - Color, 1949. INT HA ‘The Hawk and the Arrow’ (1950 - also known as ‘The Flame and the Arrow’) written on clapperboard held in front of camera. Fight scene inside castle being filmed. 25:13 - 34:27 - Color, 1949. INT wardrobe test for ‘The Petty Girl’ (1950). Actor and models / dancers / actresses modeling costumes by striking poses, turning around and dancing, some en pointe or spinning on ice skates. Includes Joan Caulfield, the Toni Twins and Tippi Hedren as ‘Ice Box’. Man holding clapperboards with character names and months of ‘Calendar girls’. 34:27 - 39:45 - B/W, 1956. INT wardrobe test for 'Melville Goodwin’. Humphrey Bogart as Gen Goodwin on set trying various uniforms and coats on. Bogart turning around, smoking cigarettes and talking. Bogart being joined by Lauren Bacall, wearing sparkling evening gown and fur wrap / stole, before she tosses it off-screen. Bogart stands on tip toes trying to be taller than Bacall. 39:45 - 41:44 - Color, 1952. INT screen test/ wardrobe test for ‘Salome’ (1953). Arthur Franz, in costume, testing alone and with Rita Hayworth. 41:44 - 42:05 - Color, 1949. INT wardrobe test for ‘The Petty Girl’ (1950). Joan Caulfield, wearing blue swimsuit, turning around and posing. 42:05 - 43:37 - Color, 1950s. Wardrobe tests. Comic actor trying on costumes and disguises of different ethnicities. Clapperboards held in front of actor with ‘Pull on type of skull cap for shaved head. Change #2 Chinese Mandarin, ’Type 2 of quick change mask change #4 ‘Arab’’. ‘Suggestion for hat and wig. Change #5 Scarlett O’Hara’. Man wearing Scarlett O’Hara costume. 43:37 - 44:15 - B/W, 1920s. Keystone Presents ‘Universal Studio and Stars’ Keystone Kinescope Projectors title card. EXT Universal Pictures Corporation Pacific Coast Studios. HA studio / backlot. 44:15 - 46:39 - B/W, 1940s. ’Charlie’s Fisted Romance’ with Charlie McCarthy and Edgar Bergen.