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Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell Arriving At The Arriving to the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet in NYC
Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell Arriving At The Arriving to the 2002 MTV Video Music Awards Red Carpet
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Interview Re: American Idol
PREMIUM RATE CELEBRITY FOOTAGE - interview - Ricky Minor - musical director of American Idol
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FILE American Idol
Ryan Seacrest announces premiere date of new 'American Idol'
Americans of Polish descent pray at the Black Madonna Shrine in Missouri, United States, during crisis in Poland.
Crisis in Poland after the imposition of Martial Law by its Military Government. Americans of Polish descent pray at the Black Madonna Shrine (100 St Josephs Hill Rd, Pacific, MO 63069, United States) in Missouri, United States. Women sing prayers and walk. Men follow them carrying the idol of Black Madonna. A large crowd assembled at the shrine for prayer. A priest reads prayers for the solidarity people in Poland and people repeat after him. Location: Missouri United States USA. Date: 1982.
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ATMOSPHERE - Fans at American Idol' Season 12 Premiere 1/9/2013 in Westwood, CA.(Footage by WireImage Video/Getty Images Entertainment Video)
ATMOSPHERE - Fans at American Idol' Season 12 Premiere 1/9/2013 in Westwood, CA.(Footage by WireImage Video/Getty Images Entertainment Video)
US Idol Reax
Ricky Reed and Justin Tranter among superstar songwriters who discuss the return of ‘American Idol’
Interview with Avner Goren
Interview with Avner Goren, an archeologist, about the Jewish claims of King Solomon's Temple and the Muslim's of the Dome Of the Rock, stating that the finds show the Jewish priority., , INTERVIEWER:,Please say your name.,00:50:04>>>, AVNER GOREN:,My name if Avner Goren. , , INTERVIEWER:,And spell it?,00:53:28>>>, AVNER GOREN:,A-V-N-E-R -G-O-R-E-N, , INTERVIEWER:,What is the importance if we find something that existed thousands of years ago in terms of today?,01:56:27>>>, AVNER GOREN:,Ah the importance of finding things that ah existed in the past in terms of our life today is quite complicated. as an archeologist I could limit myself and say scientifically we have a field where we try to ah understand what was the lifestyle how people lived, what were what was the background, ,02:25:19>>>, AVNER GOREN:,ok the importance of discoveries in archeology as for our life today in the world and in particular places in the world it's quite a complicated topic. Being an archeologist I could limit myself and say I'm a scientist and may of my colleagues would do so and say we have to explore, learn, excavate and find and. so build our knowledge how people lived in the past or what was their philosophy of life. Ah how they dealt with the environment physical, social environment and so on. And that's what archeology try to do with many techniques excavating, lab work and so on. Um but of course the popular INAUDIBLE out of the field of archeology that ah people there are interested also what was found and how it relate to us. To the people ah that we are now. and ah many times ah archeology this is the past and ah say our neighbors now the Palestinian bonded very much with the what's going on ah in building up country, state and nation ah because the need of connecting to the past. Look for roots ah it's probably a very basic need. And one can see it going to Egypt and look out the bills the money. Ah those bills has images of furrows or other antiquities ah so it was a need in Turkey and elsewhere in the world. , ,04:08:21>>>, AVNER GOREN:,So it was here in Israel and ah when Jewish people started to come here again and ah start to settle and build a country we look for roots and look what were the place that they are living at in the past. Was it the same place? Does it keep its name? Ah who were the people who lived here? Is it mentioned in the bible? And of course archeology could help seeing if there are information that can help identify the place and so on. And therefore archeology become very, very popular ah all along the last century. I mean the 20th century. And only towards the end ah inside archeology itself scientist started to say ah we had to limit our self and had to be more scientific and more pure if you want to use these term. Ah and ah whatever is done outside of the world of archeology can be done it's not our business. And ah I guess if you ask many of the archeologists, Israelis or Americans or whoever they ah would try to limit themselves into the scientific world. , , INTERVIEWER:,Was there ever a case where it was proven ok the land is yours so we're leaving?,05:47:00>>>, AVNER GOREN:,There along the history as far as I recall there was never a case where archeology helped to prove that the country belonged to one group or another. And ah I don't think that ah this is what archeologist is for. I think that archeology helps a lot in building up heritage. Building up identity. Building up ah relationship with a country. , , INTERVIEWER:,Then people can use that for political and ideological ends because they can convince people that they belong in the country by using this evidence? Arafat has said there was no temple on a place Israel says there was a temple. How can we use archeology that what he is saying is so false?,06:53:14>>>, AVNER GOREN:,Well the um claim that there was never a temple on what we call the temple mont um is so I would say even ridiculous because I myself saw papers of the wak the ah the religion authorities that were published during the 50th saying among other things and this place which is called in Arabic Omar Sharif it was the place of the temple of the Jews referred to king Salomon and others and later to king ah sorry. I'll take it again. So I saw in my eyes a publication of the wak. The wak is a religion authority that runs a temple mount area saying that ah this is a holy place of the Muslim and ah explaining about those wonderful INAUDIBLE there that aren't there the INAUDIBLE and so on. But also saying that this was the place of the temple of the Jews built by king Salomon and rebuild by the hamonian and king Herron written by them. so it's for sure a new political idea that push the people to say the temple was not there. Among Israel is it's so ridiculous that they are not refer to it. It's so obvious that's the place of the temple. , ,08:24:13>>>, AVNER GOREN:,Now you can ask archeology speaking can we say that this was a temple? Well as for the second temple that was built after coming back from Babylon at the 5th century BC ah we have evidence at least for the last phase of the temple and maybe even the one before the last. Last one was built by Herron who enlarge a whole compound around the temple itself, renovate the temple itself and make one of the most wonderful buildings on earth. Not only do we have the archeological frames so to say this is the retaining walls and the whole plaza INAUDIBLE where the temple was standing but we have also roman historians were not Jews referring to the temple and ah talking about they wonder how beautiful. And also for their surprise the fact that there was no idol or image inside the temple. So by the way you hear the roman historian talking about the existence of the temple in Jerusalem. , ,09:25:26>>>, AVNER GOREN:,We according to the Jewish tradition to the knowledge of most of the old historian to the bible the second temple was built at the very place where was the first one. So at least we have this link taking us back to the first one. We have no archeology of the first temple but we can say the same say we have no archeology proving the link between Mohammed and the carbine Mecca. , , INTERVIEWER:,If we had archeological evidence that proved we were in say Uganda I don't think that anyone would pick up and go to Uganda. But the reason why people come here rather than Uganda is because there is a feeling and a believe that this land was once ours. So it seems to me that archeologists like it or not their discoveries have very important implications for the political situation and they can not be separated.,10:34:27>>>, AVNER GOREN:,Well I didn't say that ah one can separate what was discovered and what archeology can prove from ah what's going on today in the world. I think that there is a very big importance of building up identity ah and creating the feeling of belonging to heritage. And you discover your own heritage by finding the remains from the past. Ah I just don't think personally that ah ah discovering the fact that we have been here and had all the remains that one can find say automatically that this is the only land that belongs only to us. As I don't believe that there are Islamic reminds and there are many here that this is prove that only Muslim can live here. Ah not being an archeologist but a person living in this country I do think that we have to find a way to live together. But in order to live together one has to be his own and be safe and be true to himself . and being safe and true of yourself is building the identity. And here archeology comes. And her archeology can help in building up who you are and what are your relationship with your country., , INTERVIEWER:,What would you say are the problems with respect to the illegal excavations that are going on now?,12:01:06>>>, AVNER GOREN:,Well ah saying excavations is giving a compliment those are not excavations. And those are digging in order to build a building in a very sensitive place. Even without being a Jew just being a person appropriate culture and civilization here what was done in the temple mont was a crime. Is a crime. The just understand it better let's go briefly sort of the history. Ah , , INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE,12:57:08>>>, AVNER GOREN:,Ok. the ah area of the temple mont. The area of the temple mont was ah in the last years an area that ah wild wars started to be committed there. Ah the authorities of the Muslim the wov(?) started to build up another mosque inside the area of the Omar Sharif which is a temple mont area. Um not relating even to the fact that it is so such an important area for Jews because of being near the temple but ah relating to the fact that this is an ancient site which great importance is relating to it. A place that ah a temple and probably the palaces of the kings of the bible, Salomon and others were there and ah the remains might be discovered if they were excavated carefully by archeologists. In fact the Muslim authorities took bulldozers and just removed the ah debris and all the archeologists were there and dumped it somewhere else in order to open space for building a building that's was just like the taliban destroying the ah those structures in their country., ,14:19:14>>>, AVNER GOREN:,And ah the, the fact that the world react to it when the taliban did it ah and did not react here is quite disturbing. Ah it's again not only because of being a Jew of course touched me quite a lot that such an important place for me ah had been destroyed and there will be no way to reveal what was there in the past because of the last years ah because of last years wars that have been done there. But just in terms of terrorization it's against all what is agreed in the world. It's against the law. It's against international law and ah maybe they could have come with an idea to build a building but ask archeologists to come and work and excavate and see what there is there ah and that could be a lineage way and civilized way to do that. , , INTERVIEWER:,Why didn't they do that?,15:21:22>>>, AVNER GOREN:,I can not tell why didn't they do that because I am not part of them but I guess there is a lot of ah politic, ah political reasons for that. Try to prove that the temple mont is belonging to the Muslims the 3rd holiest place for the Muslim. So they try to take over the place. And that's a way to do so., , INTERVIEWER:,In other parts of Israel particularly the West Bank there are other sites in which claims were made that they were there thousand of years ago. Do you believe that this is true?,16:17:18>>>, AVNER GOREN:,The um the are many sites ah all over the area or in the West Bank or in Israel that um many of us identify with places that are mentioned in the bible. And ah quite few of them are from early periods. From the time of ah the judges and even before that. and the question is if I believe that those are INAUDIBLE identification or not depends on my views that I'll try to explain soon ah as for the validity of the bible as it is. There is a big movement for the last 200 years and more ah and among them recently also a group of scholars good scholars from Israel say that in archeology we have no proof that can show that there was a big kingdom of king Salomon and king David. That Jerusalem was a great capital before the later kings of the bible say INAUDIBLE the 7th century BCE and on. Before that some people claim that the ah there was a chief the was a chief here and it was king David that was king of shek of a small group and even quite few say. , , INTERVIEWER:,(COUGH),17:52:07>>>, AVNER GOREN:,Um. Some scholar tried to see the early periods mentioned as in the bible as being so to say blown up by later kings in order to give background and more of the roots ah those kings look ah for give them more legitimate to be kings of the ah kingdom of Judah. Ah from the time of king INAUDIBLE Zechariah and on. , ,18:23:16>>>, AVNER GOREN:,Ah and they try to say that looking in archeology excavations and results and historian sources we have no proof to say that what we see here first belonged to a great kingdom that ah the bible tells us it's the time of king David and king Salomon. And second ah that ah there were indeed so many stories that started in Egypt and before that with getting through INAUDIBLE and so on. Some of them tried to claim that ah groups of lower class of INAUDIBLE raised up and finally they took over and there are the beginning of the Israelites. And the Israelites for quite a long period was a minor body of people here with king David ah the head of a chieftain here and not not more than that. and ah the question is now if it is so say the place like Shiloh ah that was found and excavated and we all believed that this is Shiloh that the bible refereed to ah would we try to identify, some people try, the place of the arc and the ah the mischan the shrines that were there for the whole time until it moved to Jerusalem. Ah again some people would say no way because there was nothing like that. it was such a small scale you can not see anything. , ,19:58:13>>>, AVNER GOREN:,Other wills claim I think still the majority of the scholars would say the bible is telling the truth of course. INAUDIBLE and then it was ah added and things were written maybe later in the eyes of later people who didn't have the immediate knowledge but they did have sources,. They did have stories and so on and the bible tell us the truth. Ah and they can in their way try to prove their view. And so then you can go and try and say where was a shrine in Shiloh. We have no problem I think to say that Shiloh is Shiloh that's mentioned in the bible. Did it exist in the scale that we hear of in the book Samuel at the time of Samuel or not that's a problem of big discussion more than the discussion now. , , INTERVIEWER:,Isn't it difficult to prove that one group or another lived there when you don't have a direct line of descendants established over history and every group claims its own holy book to be the holy book?,21:13:10>>>, AVNER GOREN:,Sure it is a problem and ah I'm sorry. The fact that we have groups of different origins with different belief and faith living together and ah each one has its own holy book claiming that ah this is a land belong to him. claiming that this is the only book that tells the truth ah make it complicated. And ah not all time one can even ah not all the time one can even hope to get proof from archeology or history. So that's an existing problem that I don't think that there is a way to get proof from archeology or history or so that's an existing problem that I don't think that there is a way to solve ah even if we excavate whatever can be excavated here and that is many, many hundreds of years of excavation to get all the information from here. Yet I don't know if we'll be able to solve the problem. And on the other hand we have to remember people are believing in their own faith and one should respect that., ,22:21:28>>>, AVNER GOREN:,Ah so again it's not to get ah certificate this country was given to one group ah and here we have the certificate in archeology or a bible or the Koran., , INTERVIEWER:,But respecting the right of someone to believe in something does not make it true?,22:47:04>>>, AVNER GOREN:,Respecting the ah right of someone to believe in his own faith is not making it true at all nor can it be proved in any kind of research. It is a faith. It is a belief. Ah and a belief and a faith is apart of being a nation being a culture and part of a heritage. So we have to separate. Archeologists could support could be a part of a course of the stones that are building the heritage. But not all what is the being., , INTERVIEWER:,It seems to me removing evidence ought to be condemned and ought to be stopped? How can we tolerate this being done and why isn't anything being done about it?,24:10:16>>>, AVNER GOREN:,The um fact that there are. The fact that there are works have been done in such a sensitive place like the temple mont and were not condemned and stopped by the authorities saying the government of Israel ah here I think was more than big mistake. That should have been condemned stopped immediately and again not because of the INAUDIBLE meaning of it but because of the cultural meaning of it. And ah the fact that ah people try to use archeology and try to erase evidence I don't think that will have a big affect in the long run but yet that is part the civilization belong to the whole world around. And therefore as it agreed among all nations should have been stopped immediately. It was not done because of political reasons on the other side. It was a time of the left wing government that tried to work for peace and they didn't want that to become an obstacle to the way of peace. My opinion that was the right ah way to do it. That should be condemned and stopped with no connection to whatever is going on around in the political level., , INTERVIEWER:,But right wing governments have not done anything about it either.,25:43:00>>>, AVNER GOREN:,Right wing government didn't do anything about it either and again ah it seems that they are they have enough problems and don't want to raise another problem. I guess it will create on a very bad reaction on both sides if it would stop but again it should have been stopped. , , INTERVIEWER:,When you find something that is thousands of years old how do you feel not only as an archeologist?,26:28:23>>>, AVNER GOREN:,Of course I, I, I. Ah excavating and finding remains and especially nice artifacts from ancient times make me connecting myself to the people of that time even if it's not my own people. I did excavate and find wonderful Jewish remains. among the most beautiful sarcophagus coffin, stone coffin ah of Jewish burials that ever have been found now in Israel museum ah and that was very, very exciting. Ah but I also found things from very early periods that people say we said we don't know how this called and what is the name and I felt very much connected to them because of the find that we found. I found INAUDIBLE in the city of Odga---- that was really moving to find such a beautiful thing and thinking who were the people, how they use it and ah going to other temple and burning the incense they need and there were images of musicians that probably reflect the processions that were at the temple and you're thinking about what was the music then and how people related to it. , , INTERVIEWER:,Regardless of the politics the Palestinians still want to prove that they were here thousands of years ago. Do they have evidence on the same level that will demonstrate that they had a presence? ,28:46:16>>>, AVNER GOREN:,There there are quite problems to try and understand the origin of the Palestinian. You have to remember this country was on the main road of the war of the INAUDIBLE war. The ah cradle of civilization was the area of the Middle East. And there were 2 major focus on in Egypt and the other one in the INAUDIBLE which is Iraq of our days. In-between the 2 places there was one main road and one only because there is a narrow street which is a holy land between the desert and the sea. One cannot cross the desert nor the sea. And therefore all the traffic, trade, ideas went through here. And therefore there were a lot of influences here and many people came and lived here. , ,29:41:01>>>, AVNER GOREN:,We do know for instance that the Hitalites(?) are originated in Turkey of toady and in the bible from INAUDIBLE from whom INAUDIBLE and ah INAUDIBLE the time of king David there were people from many, many nations who lived here. And so it was all along the history. We do have the bible. We do have the Jewish history ah that focused on the Jews that for a long time were the majority of the people here not the only one. We're always here but others living around. Who were the others we can not tell and of course who are the continuation. It's impossible to tell. The ah Palestinian of today try to ah find connection to the past and there is not very new but new ah try to say we are from the canonites we belong to them canonites saying we are indigenous in this country., ,30:48:00>>>, AVNER GOREN:,And ah scientifically there is no proof to here or there. Ah not a negative proof also because there is always groups of people that are. Always groups of people that continue to live here. We have to remember that the name is quite a strange story. Ah the ah at the second century see the Jews revolt again against the roman. First revolt was at the first century and then at the ah temple was destroyed Jerusalem was destroyed most of the people have been exiled but there still Jews here. And then a guy a person called Balkapoa lead a very bitter revolt that was crashed by Hederon. And Hederon in the story of the revolt destroying and slaughtering and ah captive many of the people came to conclusion that history disconnect the people from the land using different names that are not referring to the country nor to the people.,32:02:02>>>, AVNER GOREN:,And he looked for a nation that has no meaning. Is not existing anymore and there was a INAUDIBLE. INAUDIBLE disappeared some time at the 6th century BCE and the century see they were not around. So he used the name phistila for the country to say that it's not refereed to jihad because jihad it was called given by the roman jihad. And ah so the country starts to be called the phistila and the Palestinian are named after the name that was used from their own time and on for the country., , INTERVIEWER:,But didn't they name themselves after a people that no longer existed?,32:49:07>>>, AVNER GOREN:,Well ah the Palestinian named themselves after the country. They didn't go back I guess and ask why the countries called Palestine. That was the name, , INTERVIEWER:,They don't claim that they are descendants from the country they claim that they are descendants from the people that were in the country. And how can this be correct is those people disappeared? What evidence do they have that they have anything to do with those people?,33:18:19>>>, AVNER GOREN:,The Palestinian are not trying to connect them self to the philistine even by because that the name philistine has in the English language you don't want to be associated with Palestine. Ah and ah they do try to say we are people of the country of Palestine. They ah of course are not referring to the name Jewish people and Israelis are used using Israel but they call the country Palestine and ah by then by this they are not saying more than being people of this country. , , INTERVIEWER:,ok,34:17:20>>>, AVNER GOREN:,The ah temple mont is surrounded by 2000 years old huge retaining wall. There is a big problem in the southern wall. INAUDIBLE that started to appear there and there is a big fear that the wall of 2000 years might collapse. And ah again because of the political problems the solution was not found very easily. There are people who could solve the problem professionals who know how to preserve walls and what to do in such cases. Even though it is quite a severe problem it can be treated. Yes because of the political meaning ah that was hold on . a very long negotiation took part on many nations and ah others were involved. Now there is an offer that ah engineers from Jordan would come and that would be agreed by both Israelis and Muslims and they will see if something can be done. Ah the fear is that this wall will fall down which means that not only the wall itself which is so important would collapse and a very large part of it like a building of 3 stories high part is in danger now but also that would expose and destroy part of the surface of the temple mont area where the mosque and the new mosque is. and ah again such important place for integrity. Such important place for ah heritage. Such important place for both religions and faith ah is in danger because of political reasons not and not because people say it is a problem let's go and take the best care of it people stop them self from both sides and say lets check the political applications first and then we'll see what can be done. And again that's harm to such an important place. , , INTERVIEWER:,INAUDIBLE?,36:34:04>>>, AVNER GOREN:,The ah. Building the new mosque which is located just below the surface of the ah temple mont area what is called in the Arabic language Omar Shraif the area of the two big mosques just below that there was digging in order to open space for a new mosque and involved destroying both structures that are there from the time of the second temple. And probably were renovated and built again many, may times by crusaders mar------- and others and bear a lot of historical importance. And the ground there that might contain, we don't know it was not excavated it was destroyed, might contain remains of the first temple itself or remains of ah the palaces. Even if there are just ah parts of dirt that grow there this dirt has a lot of elements. Pottery, vessels, stones that by excavating would allow us to understand from where it came, what it can help us understand if it is not really INAUDIBLE it's not the building itself still has its archeological importance and therefore destroying it is destroying possibility of having evidence of the past there. As I said maybe even evidence of the temple or ah the palace compound and others. , , INTERVIEWER:,Are there any questions of the claims that the Palestinians make about the temple mont area?,38:28:08>>>, AVNER GOREN:,The ah um Muslim say. The Muslims say the temple mount area, the 3rd holiest on earth for them. and ah they link it to ah the night voyage of Mohamed from Mecca to the famous place they say it's in the Koran. and ah this famous place during the time of the beginning of the Muslim presence in this country the 7th century CE was identified with the temple mont. It was not of course, , INTERVIEWER:,Give me the short version if there are any problems with their claims of this area?,39:33:13>>>, AVNER GOREN:,The ah Muslim claim the temple mont INAUDIBLE to be the 3rd holiest place for them on earth. And the reason for that is mainly the place where Mohamed came in his night voyage and for from where he went up to heaven and came back. We have no archeological proof of that that being there or not being there as we don't have any archeological proof for other things say Abraham INAUDIBLE the binding being there. Ah it is a matter of faith a matter of a belief. And ah again Jews believe that this is moral and that Muslim believe that this was a place that where Mohamed came to and ascend to heaven from. Archeology has nothing to say and I don't think that even if it would be excavated we'll be able to have any INAUDIBLE., , INTERVIEWER:,In conclusion you would say there's no question that Jews were here for thousand of years?,40:33:07>>>, AVNER GOREN:,I would say that there is no question that Jews were at the time of mont for thousands of years. To my opinion and I think to the opinion of most scholars there is no question that this is the location of the temple. , , , END OF INTERVIEW
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The Mysterious Origins Of Man 1
PREMIUM RATE CELEBRITY FOOTAGE - interview - Randy Jackson - judge on American Idol
News Clip: Carrie Wins Idol
Video footage from the KXAS-TV/NBC station in Fort Worth, Texas, to accompany a news story.
American Idol Jennifer Hudson poses for the press in front of statues of Oscar.