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PRESSER BY REVEREND AL SHARPTON AND THE FAMILY OF ERIC GARNER AFTER THE GRAND JURY ANNOUNCEMENT THAT NO INDICTMENT WOULD BE FILED AGAINST THE OFFICER THE CHOKED GARNER / 5534 WABC SHARPTON GARNER FAMILY PRESSER REVEREND AL SHARPTON GWEN CARR, MOTHER ESAW GARNER, WIFE 200516 To my right is the mother of Eric Garner Gwen Carr to my left is Esaw Garner, two of his daughters, Emerald and Erica and his son Emory are standing with us, we are joined also on stage by minister Kirsten John Foy who is the regional director of National Action Network. 0541 The Staten Island President of our chapter Cynthia Davis, we are joined by the president of the New York State bran of the NAACP Hazel Dukes and we are joined by assemblymen Karim Kamara, assemblymen Walter Mosby, Senator Adriana Asbiat and our own city councilwoman Arnez Dickons. 0610 And last but not least, one who has fought many years to avoid us to being at this moment the presiding Bishop of the House of the Lord churches the Reverend Dr. Herbert Dorcher (?). 0630 A week ago tonight on this stage stood the mother and father of Michael Brown from Ferguson, stood the domestic partner and mother of the child of a young man killed in the pink houses of Brooklyn New York Mr. Gerter (?) who will not even be funeralized till Friday night, we've not even had the chance to bury him. 0704 They joined the mother and wife of Eric Garner, we are dealing with a national crisis where in the last 90 days from those three cases to a 12 year old boy in Cleveland whose funeral was just today, how many people have to die before people understand this is not an illusion this is a reality that America has got to come to terms with and no amount of secret Grand Juries with local prosecutors, that put up evidence that 0751 we do not know is going to stop people from raising the questions and demanding the answers. We are not advocating violence, we are asking that police violence stop. 0813 Don't make the kids or the adults that are protesting the one wrong, we are marching against wrong, we are standing against wrong and here you now have a man choked to death on videotape and says 11 times, I can't breathe, it is against the police depts. guidelines to have a chokehold, it is against the law to have excessive force, but if you are choking a man who is down with other police helping and hovering over him 0902 Even if the guidelines don't kick in your mind, even if the law don't kick on your mind, after 11 times of I can't breathe when does your humanity kick in? 0923 We have called on from the beginning the federal government to intervene in police cases, we have no confidence in local state prosecutions because state prosecutors work hand in hand with the local police, they do not have the independence and lack of conflict, this is not a position we are taking tonight, we said this from the beginning, the mother and wife of Eric Garner and the attorney's and I have had two meetings with the federal 1007 government and the eastern district and had press conferences at both times so you know we've asked for this. We've asked for this now nationally because of Ferguson, because of Cleveland, because of here. Now, I was in a meeting in the White House with the President as they began moving, the Attorney General talked with Mrs. Garner. 1031 And me today, they talked about an independent investigation, but let's be clear, let's be clear that while we ask for the federal government to move we are moving that way. On Saturday, a week from this Saturday, December 13th we are having a national march in Washington, DC where we are calling for the justice dept. to take this case and 1108 the case in Ferguson and the case in Cleveland, it is time for a national march to deal with a national crisis. 1122 Why a national march? Because if we--we cannot be spun around like social hamsters, one minute Ferguson, next minute New York, next minute Cleveland. No, we gonna bring Ferguson, Cleveland and all of New York to the nation's capital to say enough is enough. 1148 This Saturday we will be--they'll be funeralizing former DC Mayor Marian Barry so we will wait one week, but we'll use every day to organize. Tomorrow night the presidents of civil rights organizations--the urban league and others will be meeting here with us as we plan this march 1208 and we intend to organize until there is a direct move for justice. The precedent, the precedent for this is Abnor Louiema (?) the federal government took that case, and that policeman, 17 years is still in jail tonight. --Wait a minute bro, brother, we're not going to have no provocateurs now we're going to do a press conference. 1244 MOS [Unintell.] 1245 Anthony Biaz (?) same thing, Rodney King, same thing so there's a legal precedent of excessive force so the direct action will be that, this weekend Friday we will have a funeral of Mr. Gurley and we will organize throughout the weekend. I'm going to hit the road we talked the mother and I with Puffy Combs to get the hip hop community in. I'm doing some meetings. 1315 I'd already been scheduled in California this weekend, I'm going to continue that trip because I want to get some entertainers in. We are not going to wait, it will not get too cold, it will not snow too high, this is going to be a winter that we are going to freeze out police brutality in this country. 1338 Eric Garner, Michael Brown, enough is enough. We started with unity on this stage last Wednesday, the march next Saturday will be led by the parents of Michael Brown, by the mother and the wife of Eric Garner, by the Gurley family. 1406 Yes a lot of people may not like some of those that lead this fight but look beyond your likes and dislikes and explain how we live in a nation where even in a videotape using practices that are against guidelines that they can't even find reckless endangerment, that's why state Grand Juries are not something that we can put any faith in. 1441 But we have no choice but to keep on fighting cause it could be your child or mine. The question is not will we continue, we must continue and I hasten the air, there are many from different philosophies, different politics, different religions, the families have all said that all of our protests we want to not have violence or inflict pain on others, you take away the dignity and you give the wrong depiction of the deceased. 1521 Eric Garner was not doing anything violent, Michael Brown was not doing anything violent, that 12 year old kid was playing with a toy gun, something we all did. This young man in Brooklyn Gurley was coming down the stairs, that were dark, they were dark because the city didn't fix the lights and the elevator didn't work. 1545 So don't act like these are looters and thugs, there are some that take advantage of protests, they are not the protesters, there's a difference between activists and anarchists, anarchists want to prove that the system can't work, activists are gonna make the system change to work. 1606 We changed America from the back of the bus to the White House and we're going to change America to where the police serve the community and not above the law, but they enforce the law, we are not against all police, but those that break the law should pay and be held accountable. 1628 And Grand Juries are not set up to try their innocence, they're to move on with probable cause and let a trial decide that, before taking questions, let us hear some words from the widow of Eric Garner who has today spoke with the Attorney General, we just spoke with Governor Cuomo, we just spoke with others but she will help lead that march on Dec. 13th. Esaw Snipes Garner. ESAW SNIPES GARNER 1645 Hello everybody, I want to thank everybody for their support for their continued support and like Reverend said, this fight ain't over it just begun. I'm determined to get justice for my husband because he shouldn't have been killed in that way, he shouldn't have been killed in any way. 1714 He should be here celebrating Christmas and Thanksgiving and everything else with his children and his grandchildren, and he can't why? Because a cop did wrong, somebody that get paid to do right did wrong and he's not held accountable for it but my husband's death will not be in vain, as long as I have a breath in my body I will fight the fight till the end, thank you. GWEN CARR 1752 Good evening everyone, give an honor to God who is first in my life, but I'm here--I am truly disappointed in the Grand Jury's decision this evening. I don't know what video they were looking at, evidently it wasn't the same one the rest of the world was looking at. ' 1817 You know--how could we put our trust in the justice system when they fail us like this? They didn't only fail me, they failed many of us and if we don't take care of this they may fail you in the future. 1838 We gotta make this right, and we're so happy that the federal government is now talking about taking over and investigating, we asked them twice before but now they see how important it is for them to come in and take this case as well as the other cases the Brown case. 1904 And I thank National Action Network, Reverend Sharpton, Reverend Daughtry (?)--oh my goodness this is just so emotional for me. We thank Reverend Kirsten for standing with us, because we need all your support, we need your support and we need peace, but we need peace throughout the support. 1932 Yeah we want you to rally, but rally in peace, make a statement but make it in peace. [Chants "BOYCOTT!"] 1944 Do what you have to but do it in peace, okay but I thank each and every one of you for coming out tonight to show support and love for the family and for my son which I will never see again, this thing is just breaking my heart just pulling me apart, but--but thank you, thank you so much. 2011 SHARPTON Let me again repeat the leadership meeting will be in the morning, at that point we'll plan the march and what we will do about Santa Clause on Christmas, that will come out on the meeting in the morning. We'll take a couple of questions and then we're gone. 2028 Reverend Sharpton Officer Pantaleo for you and also for family members has offered his condolences, will the family can finally find it in their heart to accept it? Will you accept it? ESAW GARNER, WIDOW OF ERIC GARNER 2042 Hell no. The time for remorse would have been the time where my husband was yelling to breathe. That would have been the time for him to show some type of remorse or some type of care for another human being's life -when he was screaming 11 times that he can't breathe! 2101 So there's nothing that him or his prayers or his prayers or anything else would make me feel any different. No, I don't accept his apology, no I couldn't care less about his condolences, he's still working, he's still getting a paycheck, he's still feeding his kids and my husband is six feet under and I'm looking for a way to feed my kids now! 2130 Who's going to play Santa Claus for my grandkids this year? Who's going to do that now?