Grand Mesa Colorado Dirt Road from Above Drone Point of View Spiraling Downward Video Series
Spinning to Simulate Aircraft Crash Above Grand Mesa Colorado Dirt Road from Above Drone Point of View Spiraling Downward Video Series
Emission stade 2 special "2022, a year of sport"
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FILE Kid Rock
Kid Rock's assistant dies in ATV accident
2000s NEWS
Car Accident
The aftermath of a car accident in Northumberland County, Toronto. An ATV lies overturned in the bushes to one side of the road while the car that smashed into it sits in the bushes on the other side of the road with a smashed windshield. Paramedics, police and firemen scramble around the scene of the accident.
ZI, MS, PAN, HA, COMPOSITE, CU, Man jumping on quad bike on dirt track falling of bike, walking away and sitting on ground recovering, USA
2000s NEWS
NEWSFEED: 4/18-20/06 HISTORICAL, CRIME SCENES, PRESIDENT HU VISIT, QUEEN ELIZABETH BIRTHDAY, TROUBLE IN MIDDLE EAST 4/19/1993 WACO BURNS actually, this is the Davidian compound burning. Waco burning down would be a much bigger fire; 4/19/1995 OKC BOMBING Aerial smoke rising from federal bldg, ground scenes. 4/18/2005 NEW POPE ELECTED Vatican activity MA HWY STANDOFF ARRAIGNMENT prisoner, emergency vehicles blocking hwy. MI RAPPER KILLED NX crime scene sidewalk cordoned off TX CENTERPOINT ENERGY traffic signal flashing red, electric generator, power lines. WI THOUSANDS MARCH Aerial protest march; IN CHILD LEFT IN CAR Kroger PARKING lot, woman arrested. ATV ACCIDENT court scenes. TX FOUR TEENS SHOT school bus ;NX numbered evidence on street, crime scene. RUMSFELD ON RESIGNING press conf. CHINA WA PRES HU ARRIVAL Chinese welcome at airport; WA HU SUPPORTERS/PROTESTERS Aerial motorcade on hwy, protesters with banners along road. MO WORKPLACE SHOOTING Aerial onlookers ;Aerial ambulance. CHENEY VISITS 24TH INFANTRY speech. MI GOV TO SELL E-85 FUEL publicity stunt; MI RAPPER KILLED vigil. 4/22/1954 MCCARTHY HEARINGS Capitol, hearings. NO TITLE Aerial smoggy cityscape, pov from plane...more ;4/22/1994 NIXON DIES Clinton announces death. 4/22/1993 HOLOCAUST MUSEUM speech, Clinton helps light eternal flame ;CHINA YALE PROTEST HU VISIT Falun Gong members, Chinese counter-protest. MA GAS PRICES gas station, traffic, website ;PRINCE CHARLES TRIBUTE Prince CHARLES wishes Queen Elizabeth II happy birthday, young Charles & Anne, Elizabeth's coronation, Queen touring ;TX STORM DAMAGE NX commuters struggle thru heavy rainfall, city street, DX fallen tree, jack-knifed truck, broken window ;UKRAINE AFTER CHERNOBYL Danger sign, checkpoint, neat old Soviet sign, Lenin statue, nuclear power plant; MIDDLE EAST PROTEST NX crowd gathered, firing guns in air, vigilante group, armed men & reporters rush into courthouse ;MIDDLE EAST CLASHES WITH POLICE Israeli police carry away protester, arresting man, soldiers tussle, ambulance in city ;ITALY CARDINALS STANCE ON CONDOMS cardinal, Vatican. TX GAS EXPLOSION. NEPAL PROTEST CLASH riot police chase protesters, injured ;TURKEY BRITISH HOSTAGE FEARED DEAD. UK QUEEN BIRTHDAY DINNER Dusk kids sing & wave flags, guests arriving- Charles & Camilla etc ;NX Palace lit by laser beams, fireworks, Queen steps forth. IRAQ PARLIAMENT SENIOR SPOT hey! There's an ex-Saddam double!; MIDDLE EAST ORTHODOX EASTER CELEBRATIONS NX procession, candle-lit vigil, DX procession. NEW ORLEANS POLLS polling place ;LA CANDIDATES VOTING Ray Nagin. MIDDLE EAST DEMONSTRATE GAZA protest march. STRANGE FOOT BATH fish nibble on patients feet ;MIDDLE EAST VIOLENCE blast in street, ambulance, bullet holes in windscreen, blood on sidewalk. BELGIUM PROTEST march ;NEPAL CURFEW IGNORED men throw rocks at riot police. BUSH GOES TO CHURCH MARINE BASE Marine I lands, GW Bush walks to chapel
12 13 Edition Côte d'Azur: [issue of November 13, 2022]
ATV and Police Car Collision
Scenes of the damaged front fender of a Pickering police car and a three wheel ATV followed by a report that the driver of the three wheel vehicle had to be hospitalized after colliding into the police car during a pursuit. PLEASE NOTE News anchor and reporter image and audio, along with any commercial production excerpts, are for reference purposes only and are not clearable and cannot be used within your project.
Germany Weather 2 - Public transport shut down due to heavy snowfall, wintry conditions
NAME: GER WEATHER2 20100130I TAPE: EF10/0094 IN_TIME: 11:00:17:05 DURATION: 00:03:28:24 SOURCES: DNF/RTL DATELINE: Various - 30 Jan 2010 RESTRICTIONS: See Shotlist SHOTLIST DNF - NO ACCESS GERMANY Rostock ++AUDIO AS INCOMING++ 1. Wide shot of snow-covered road 2. Car leaving garage in deep snow, gets stuck, zoom in 3. Car stuck in snow 4. Man digging up snow under car, pan to snow 5. Bus stop sign, zoom out to bus stop covered in snow 6. Bike covered in snow, tilt-up to sign 7. Person skiing in road 8. Car being pushed back into garage 9. Car stopped in snow 10. Snow blizzard and parked cars 11. Man throwing sand on road 12. Woman walking in snow in front of car 13. Man with snow clearing machine RTL - NO ACCESS GERMANY, AUSTRIA (EXCEPT: INFOSCREEN, ATV+), GERMAN-SPEAKING SWITZERLAND (EXCEPT: TELEZUERI), LUXEMBURG AND ALTO ADIGE Hamburg 14. Zoom out from skyline to people skating on frozen lake 15. Dogs pulling sled 16. People skating on ice 17. Wide of people walking through snow 18. Children making ''snow angels'' 19. Various of children sliding on ice RTL - NO ACCESS GERMANY, AUSTRIA (EXCEPT: INFOSCREEN, ATV+), GERMAN-SPEAKING SWITZERLAND (EXCEPT: TELEZUERI), LUXEMBURG AND ALTO ADIGE Neuburg, Bavaria 20. Various of swimmers competing in event on Donau river 21. Swimmer dancing as he comes out of water RTL - NO ACCESS GERMANY, AUSTRIA (EXCEPT: INFOSCREEN, ATV+), GERMAN-SPEAKING SWITZERLAND (EXCEPT: TELEZUERI), LUXEMBURG AND ALTO ADIGE Near Rostock 22. Various of ships and swell in Baltic Sea RTL - NO ACCESS GERMANY, AUSTRIA (EXCEPT: INFOSCREEN, ATV+), GERMAN-SPEAKING SWITZERLAND (EXCEPT: TELEZUERI), LUXEMBURG AND ALTO ADIGE Thurmansbang, Bavaria 23. Various of campers and tents at biker weekend in mountains near Munich 24. Close of biker dressed in Viking helmet STORYLINE Heavy snow and high winds have caused traffic chaos in Germany, leaving three people dead and dozens more injured. Police said one person was killed and more than 40 injured in over 300 accidents on Friday night and Saturday in the northwestern state of North Rhine-Wesphalia alone. Two other people were killed in separate accidents on slick roads in the southern state of Bavaria. In the northern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania public transit was shut down in the city of Rostock as the area was hit with 12 inches (30 centimetres) of snow overnight and high winds. The conditions caused long traffic jams on many highways, the closure of others, and flight delays and cancellations. However the weather couldn''t stop some intrepid Germans who refused to give up on their weekend activities. In Hamburg hundreds of families came out to skate and sled on the now frozen Alster Lake, a once in a decade phenomenon according to forecasters. In Bavaria nearly 1700 swimmers turned out at the Donau river as they braved the ice cold waters to take part in the ''Neuburger Donauschwimmen'' event. While in nearby Thurmansbang, campers tented out in thick snow as the German Motorcyclist Federation welcomed bikers from all over Europe to the traditional ''Elefantentreffen'' in the middle, of a now frozen, Bavarian forest.
02:20:37:09 VS nose cone debris wrapped in plastic and red duct tape: lifted by many searchers & put on trailor/trailor pulled out of woods by 4 wheel ATV, onto dirt logging road. (1:13) /
1:15 pm on Saturday: [issue of October 29, 2022]
A2 / France 2
2000s NEWS
NEWSFEED: 12/26-29/2006 AUTO ACCIDENT, XMAS SHOPPERS, BUSH TRAVELING, TOP STORIES OF THE YEAR, DEATH OF GERALD FORD ;WA CAR HITS APARTMENT BLDG NX firefighters removing rubble, person on stretcher, emergency vehicles of all sorts WA BAGELERY BAKERY ROBBERY NX closed bagel shop, shops along street. NY BUILDING COLLAPSE Aerial firefighters in alley ;GA PLANE CRASH hard to discern Aerial. MN APARTMENT COMPLEX EVACUATED NX firefighters around bldg, fire aftermath TX TREE FALLS ON HOME Aerial. Also hard to discern. MO HOLIDAY SHOPPING pre-dawn zombies I mean shoppers outside Walmart NX shoppers enter Target, Walmart opening doors, Target shoppers. WEATHER GRAPHICS weather maps; FIRST DAY OF KWANZAA dancers and drummers, African merchandise, speaker, lighting BUSH ARRIVES TX Bush and Laura exit Marine One. How is this news worthy? Well, this time a little old lady accompanies them ;And the trio board Air Force One, Bush keeps looking back at what must be his mother-in-law making her way up the air-stairs ;BUSH ARRIVES TX the saga continues, this time they're coming OFF Air Force One. How exciting, he's carrying the dog ;And they board Marine One. CA EMERGENCY LANDING LONG BEACH mechanics examining jet engine, some airport tarmac activity TX IMMIGRATION LAW apt bldg, old people applauding state supreme court CA BUS ACCIDENT crunched p/u truck (Ford tough! Or is it Like a rock?), bus crashed into bldg, tow truck hauls away damaged cars; BRAZIL GANG VIOLENCE beach police on atv, mini police station, flowers left at crime scene ;Bullet holes in window, funeral for police officer, NX onlookers. IRAQ SADDAM EXECUTION Hussein on trial, before capture ;Soldiers in Iraq, captured Hussein. 2006 YEAR ENDER funeral for those killed in Sego mine collapse, lone survivor Harry Whittington (Cheney's ex-hunting partner), Duke lacrosse team, immigration protest montage, Jon Benet Ramsey tombstone Phoney suspect, NX crime scene, DX plane crash in Kentucky, emergency vehicles parked on hwy, bagged spinach, petri dishes; Pulling bagged spinach off grocery store shelves, Mark Foley, Capitol, Nancy Pelosi, Rumsfeld/Bush/Gates, Amish carts Aftermath of school shooting in Pennsylvania Amish country, aftermath of plane crash into hi-rise in NYC, California wildfire Peds, 'Coastal Evacuation Route' sign, rows of breakwaters, moored sailboat, NASA footage of NX shuttle launch MI VISITORS AT FORD MUSEUM visitors signing register, flowers and flags, flag at half-mast. MI REAX TO FORD DEATH IL GIFTS FOR MARINES STOLEN row of apt garage doors, Dusk Starbucks. MI PUBLIC SIGNS BOOK AT MUSEUM CAPITOL FLAGS AT HALF STAFF or more appropriately, flag at half-mast. SOMALIA CLASHES people cheering, crowd gathered in village; Military vehicles, soldier using megaphone, wrecked jeep, crowd listening to announcement, city traffic mostly peds, bazaar GERALD FORD PROFILE IN COURAGE holding award, Old North Church. NYC REAX FROM FORMER MAYORS Ford speaking outdoors, Ed Cox MA SAME SEX MARRIAGE casually dressed male newlyweds exit amidst confetti, gay and lesbian couples hug & kiss after vows GERALD FORD CHILDHOOD HOME a cute house in full regalia, portraits and what not
China Airlines FILE - File of three previous crashes involving China Airlines
TAPE: EF02/0444 IN_TIME: 03:34:31 / 07:19:48 DURATION: 2:54 SOURCES: ATV/CTN/Fuji TV RESTRICTIONS: DATELINE: Various - File SHOTLIST: ATV Hong Kong - 22 August 1999 1. Various night shots of plane on its side on runway surrounded by emergency rescue services 2. Ambulance at scene 3. Injured and dead being wheeled into hospital CTN Taipei, Taiwan - 16 February 1998 4. Wide wreckage- flames being put out by crane 5. Various night shots wreckage of plane on fire 6. Pull back burning building 7. Various shots of burning and smouldering wreckage FUJI TV Nagoya, Japan - 26 April 1994 8. Wide crash scene (night) 9. Pan wreckage and rescuers at scene of crash 10. Various emergency teams standing on wreckage 11. Bodies being recovered- pan to bodies laid on ground covered in yellow blankets 12. Mid shot tail section showing China Airlines logo STORYLINE: Taiwan's China Airlines has come under heavy criticism over its safety record after one of its planes on a flight to Hong Kong crashed in the Taiwan Strait on Sunday with 225 people on board. Rescuers do not expect to find any survivors - so far more than 30 bodies have been recovered. The plane's black box has been located but has yet to retrieved from the sea. Sunday's accident is the airline's fourth fatal crash since 1994. The last fatal accident was in 1999 when a China Airlines jetliner flipped over and burst into flames during a crash landing in Hong Kong, killing three people. Of the 315 passengers aboard the M-D-11, more than 200 were also injured. The plane was trying to land during a tropical storm. In 1998 a China Airlines A-300 jetliner returning from Bali with 197 people on board crashed and burst into flames hitting a wall and residential houses just short of Taipei's airport. All 196 aboard were killed as well as seven on the ground. In 1994 at least 63 people were killed when a China Airlines flight crashed and caught fire while attempting to land at Nagoya airport in central Japan. In all China Airlines has has twelve fatal accidents since 1969.
Drone Crash - Riding quad bikes through the snow
Drone crash!A young man sits on an ATV and rides in the snow spinning in a circle while a drone shoots him from the air.
Germany Transplant - Farmer recovering after world's first double arm transplant
NAME: GER TRANSPLANT 20081008I TAPE: EF08/1021 IN_TIME: 11:16:17:17 DURATION: 00:02:04:21 SOURCES: RTL/Pool DATELINE: Munich, 8 Oct 2008 RESTRICTIONS: See Script SHOTLIST RTL - No Access Germany, Austria (except: Infoscreen, ATV+), German-speaking Switzerland (except: Telezueri), Luxemburg and Alto Adige 1. Wide of hospital exterior 2. Exterior of hospital 3. Cutaway of hospital window 4. Wide of hospital entrance 5. Mid of Karl Merk, German farmer who lost his arms in farm accident and received a double arm transplant, walking to podium 6. SOUNDBITE (German) Karl Merk, double arm transplant patient: "It was really overwhelming when I saw that I had both arms again. You cannot imagine this feeling, after living without arms for 6 years. And one cannot describe this (feeling)." GERMAN POOL 7. Dr. Christoph Hoehnke, head of the transplant team at the Isar Clinic in Munich, talking with Merk in his hospital room 8. Hoehnke looking at arm transplants RTL - No Access Germany, Austria (except: Infoscreen, ATV+), German-speaking Switzerland (except: Telezueri), Luxemburg and Alto Adige 9. SOUNDBITE: (German) Karl Merk, double arm transplant patient: "So, I have a very good relationship. I'm standing absolutely behind these arms (laughing). My blood is running through these arms and I see them as my own now. It's okay." GERMAN POOL 10. Merk listening to Hoehnke, tilt down to his arm transplants 11. Hoehnke examining scars on right arm transplant RTL - No Access Germany, Austria (except: Infoscreen, ATV+), German-speaking Switzerland (except: Telezueri), Luxemburg and Alto Adige 12. SOUNDBITE: (German) Dr. Christoph Hoehnke, head of the transplant team at the Isar Clinic: "For the first time ever, we have a big mass of tissue - the weight of the arms is approximately 12 kilogrammes - with a big skin part. And this is new. In addition, bones were transplanted as well. This does not happen at forearm (transplants) in that degree. And this is exciting. And now we must wait to see if these (transplants) will be accepted. And we don't know how this will develop in the long term." GERMAN POOL 13. Close of Hoehnke examining scars on left arm transplant 14. Mid of Hoehnke and Merk STORYLINE: A German farmer who received the world's first complete double arm transplant was recovering well and able to perform some basic tasks, though doctors said on Wednesday it still could take up to two years before he relearns how to use his hands. Doctors spent 15 hours on July 25-26 grafting the donor arms onto the body of 54-year-old Karl Merk, who lost his own just below the shoulder in a farm accident involving a combine harvester machine six years ago. Merk told a news conference at Munich University Clinic, where the operation was done, it was "overwhelming" having two arms again. It took five teams of medical professionals - a total of some 40 surgeons, anaesthesiologists, nurses and other helpers - to carry out the operation. Merk said that when he first woke up, he could not believe it had been carried off successfully. So far, Merk can perform simple tasks with his new appendages - using them to open doors and turn lights on and off. Doctors said there were good indications of nerve growth in the arms, but that it could still take up to two years before his hands could be usable. At the moment, Merk said he was just looking forward to going home, which doctors said could be in four to six weeks. During that time he will have to continue an intensive programme of physiotherapy, electric stimulation and psychological counselling. There is also still a risk that Merk's immune system will react to the new appendages, though doctors said so far there was no sign of them being rejected.
DVD NEWSFEED: 7/7-11/05, SOME REPEATS FROM OTHER TAPES, LONDON, CONDI RICE IN THAILAND SINGS W/KIDS, RUNNING OF BULLS/SPAIN ;DX-EXT: LA Transportation security, after London bombings trolley cars, and buses, police patrol lines, t/h interviews ;DX-INT: British Emporium, t/h about the bombings, everything with the Union Jack emblem, the Queen, etc... ;DX-EXT: Las Vegas, monorail security after, London bombings, patrols, K-9 units, bikes, eye in sky camera (repeats) ;DX-EXT: SD, Mt. Rushmore, restoration, sand blasting on exterior of monument, t/h and interviews with rangers and workers ;DX-EXT: St. Louis, train system security measures after the London bombings, train goes by, K-9 units, luggage, backpacks, etc ;DX-INT: t/h interviews with family and friends of injured girls we have this on another tape... ;DX-INT: ID t/h Elizabeth Smart's dad, giving his version of Shasta Groene kidnaping, etc ;NX-EXT: IN industrial plant fire, flames roar against black sky, silhouetted firemen, fight fire, hoses spray water ;DX-INT: ID, Denny's restaurant gives interview on reward for finding and giving info Shasta Groene (this is repeat) ;DX-INT: NYC - Sen. Schumer and Clinton on the London terror and bombing attacks, their support; DX-EXT: OH, warehouse fire and explosion, black smoke pours out of 4 story bldg, firemen ride on cart with equipment ;DX-EXT: IA candlelight vigil for Evelyn lost or kidnaped girl, cu of burning candles, t/h interviews ;DX-EXT: MA, Boston train travel after London bombings, police, headlines, K-9 units, t/h with man on the street interviews ;DX-INT: MA, Logan airport t/h interviews on the London bombings, int. airport, people with luggage ;DX-EXT: CA, wildfires threatening homes, flames, sprinklers running, retardant dropping planes, t/h interviews ;DX-EXT: LONDON, the day after the bombings, debris and parts of bus, behind barriers/tarps, l/s mangled double decker bus aftermath ;NX-EXT: Mo, murder on tape, caught on surveillance tape, actual gang type slaying going down, time and date in lower corner ;DX-EXT: CA, port of Los Angeles, security measures after London bombings, patrols, boats, press conference ;DX-EXT: MA, Boston, rail and bus security, police presence, commuters, t/h interviews, walk through rail station ;DX-INT: IL, Governor, speech on London bombings, Rod Blagojevich Gov. of Illinois, no threat to Illinois ;DX-EXT: London, missing man's girlfriend shows pic and gives interview he is missing in London bombing attack ;DX-EXT: London, commuters return to work after the London bombing attacks, police patrol, h/s down of commuters at tube station ;DX-EXT: London, day after bombings, street where bus bombing occurred, barriers, wreckage of double decker bus aftermath ;NX-EXT: Fl, preparation for hurricane Dennis, traffic headlights, lines at gas stations, canceled flight signs ;DX-EXT: Bosnia, Anniversary Srebrenica massacre, march of protesters carrying banners, peaceful along country road ;DX-INT: Phillippines, cabinet resigns protest against Gloria Arroyo, Arroyeo seated at long table with officials ;DX-EXT: London, King's Cross tube commuters, go back to work after the London bombing attacks ;DX-EXT: London, practice evacuation exits by commuters, following the terrorist bombing attacks, crowds of peds ;DX-EXT: Bosnia, sight of massacre, coffins and masses of graves being uncovered, skeletons in mass grave, crowds of people ;DX-EXT: Condoleezza Rice, visits Tsunami hit areas, shakes hands with officials, army officers, Thailand, sings with kids ;DX-EXT: SPAIN, PAMPLOMA, RUNNING OF THE BULLS, rocket set off, bulls running after crowds in street, gores runners h/s down ;DX-EXT: Spain, running of bulls, lots of graphic shots of bulls and crowds, time banner in right hand corner ;DX-EXT: China, rescue efforts in mine accident, triage area, hurt and wounded ;DX-INT: AFGHANISTAN, press conf, Commando body recovered US military gives particulars of dead commando ;DX-EXT: Afghanistan checking cars and vehicles for terrorist and other evidence of evil ;DX-EXT: FL, lines of vehicles sent over bridge to check safety prior to Hurricane Dennis, ATV over bridge, sheriff's vehicles ;
Cathy’s challenge
A2 / France 2
Large waves caused by Cyclone Amphan, India; 2020
Large waves crash over sea wall as tropical storm Cyclone Amphan hits the north east coast of India (BBC News Rushes - 20/05/2020 - AEXZ288W)