00:00:00:00 [VP Al Gore speaks about Gun Control, Inclusion in 21st Century to crowd of young supporters at Capitol City Brew Pub]---VS supporters of VP Al Gore, mostly in their 20's and early 30' ...
Assistant Attorney General vows in 1932 to keep Al Capone behind bars.
US AL Prisons (CR)
With the nation’s most crowded prison system and the looming threat of federal court action, Alabama is enacting reforms to begin reducing the number of inmates behind bars. State prisons are currently at nearly 200 percent of capacity. (June 30)
Beverly Hills Real Estate Tour
Footage shot to promote the Al Herd Realty real estate agency in Beverly Hills, California in the 1950s Clip #: TFA-98B Length: 10:08 Color: B/W Sound: Silent Decade: 1950s Region: North America Country: United States State: California City: Los Angeles Subject: Commerce Original: 16mm Notes: The Al Herd Realty office building was located at 8782 Sunset on the famous Sunset Strip. It was also the former Old World Restaurant now occupied by Red Rock Bar & Grill
Right to Die Cases in Quebec and Ontario
Scenes of a hospital in Quebec City where a patient designated as Nancy B will be taken off a respirator per her wishes and supported by a decision by a Quebec superior court. Nancy's doctor Daniele Marceau talks about the decision at a press conference. The court's decision has lead to Ontario ALS patient Elizabeth Frenette (pictured with family) to make a similar request. Canadian Bar Association representative Peter Jervis comments. PLEASE NOTE News anchor and reporter image and audio, along with any commercial production excerpts, are for reference purposes only and are not clearable and cannot be used within your project.
newsfeed: pov driving along road night; mbz guided by police vehicles, Princess Di signs books; Japanese people protest rice; Tokyo protest, riots, violence; injured on commuter train accident, EMS at scene injured, ambulance at night; women at table w/gold bullion coins; Japanese people protesting; parade of Rolls Royce cars on highway; La Toya Jackson Michael Jackson in concert; Arafat sign peace agreement; NYSE stock floor; gold bars; fishermen picking or harvesting or catching squid at night; Vietnamese crowd applauding, concert; Russian villages in snow covered street; gas station, zoom in to total sale; ballots people vote in Russia; clothing stand, cu Levi labels; Vietnamese boy at sewing machine; Israeli's in open air market; Winston Lord asst. sec. of War; Vietnam war scenes; coffins taken on to plane MIA bodies coming home; car blows up; israeli soldiers; cu arafat speaks; NYSE trade floor; Al and Tipper Gore exit plane, speaking at podium; herd of elephants; baby elephant in water; mbz limousine; people digging thru collapsed bldgs; men carry out injured, funeral; f/s crowds, coffins; Yeltsin & Gore shake hands; car mfg; h/s trade show floor; gold bullion/coins
B&W newsreel film, silent, 1931. Gangster Al Capone receives 11 year sentence in Leavenworth for tax evasion.
Documentary film of South Bronx, New York City, in 1960s
Film opens with view of Movie marquee showing film:"Echenme al vampiro * Evangelina Elizondo* en Rapto al Sol." Latin American music is heard in background. Various business signs are seen, for Gilroy and McLoughlin Bar and Grill,cabaret; Hair straightened; Various other shop windows showing womens clothing; Bric- a -brac including large photo of President John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jacqueline; Religious items; Restaurant serving "CuchiFritos, y, Pasteles;"clothing on sale; Musicians and entertainers advertised; and numerous other similar storefront views. Views of busy sidewalk merchants selling variety of goods. What appears to be a section of the Cross Bronx Expressway, under construction above the street, in the background. Grocer operating outdoor fruit and vegetable outlet on the sidewalk. Many customers gathered around him. Pedestrians on crowded sidewalk. A little girl dressed in white (perhaps for a first communion). A man dispensing shaved ice or "sno-cone" drinks from a sidewalk cart. Furniture for sale displayed on sidewalk in front of a store. A man and woman looking it over. A couple with a small baby. Scene shifts fo a quiet street and sidewalk where a couple walks and a boy rides a bicycle. The street and sidewalk look wet. View of roof tops and back yards with clothes on lines to dry. Camera pans over roof tops. More clothes lines and families seen seated on fire escapes. A boy picking up items near a large heap of trash in a vacant lot. Children playing various games on an empty street. Two old women walking slowly on the walkway. Women with small children conversing on a building stoop. Young men gathering together and "rough housing." They are copied by small boys who fight with one another. Young man and woman with a baby stroll on the sidewalk. Location: New York City USA. Date: 1965.
Football World Cup in Qatar: final France/ Argentina, atmosphere in Reims
Grand Est
VICE PRESIDENT AL GORE ALONG WITH WIFE TIPPER AND DAUGHTER WATCH THE NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY'S VOTING RESULTS. 21:26:10 re-rack 26:22 l/s of media moving in room with gore and family w/s gore and tipper on couch 26:45 "the margin is looking very good and comfortable right now" 26:54 "i'm just so grateful to the people of new hampshire" 27:07 tipper takes picture w/ camera 27:15 black 27:19 rerack 27:34 w/s gore and tipper smiling 27:46 "margin is looking very large now ... will make statement downstairs" ... "i'm so grateful to the people of new hampshire" 21:52:55 l/s gore on couch 28:16 black 28:20 rerack 28:50 l/s and shaky of media moving into room where gore is 28:58 m/s of vice president 29:05 w/s of al and wife 29:17 l/s of al gore "will make statement downstairs" 29:25 pull out of gore, tipper and daughter on couch 29:40 black 29:44 rerack 30:02 l/s of press 30:10 w/s of vice president smiling 30:24 *good shot* of vice president looking happy and content 30:44 tipper takes photo 30:52 bars
Unused / unissued material - no paperwork - dates unclear or unknown <br/> <br/>Full title reads: "US Fighting Al Capone's Liberty Plea. Atlanta, Ga. center of battle to keep gang chieftain behind bars." American Voiceover. <br/> <br/>Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. <br/> <br/>Ext of Atlanta's Federal Penitentiary / Prison. Int. shots of jail. <br/> <br/>Quick shots of gangster / criminal Al Capone leaving court in Chicago, Illinois. Still shot of Al Capone. Group of lawyers including District Attorney Lindsey. The DA speaks to cameras about keeping Capone in jail.
The Presidents Summit report: Ronald Reagan Guildhall speech:
The Presidents Summit report: Ronald Reagan Guildhall speech:; ENGLAND: London: Guildhall: INT Ronald Reagan (US President) speech SOT part 2 of 7. - Well, a driver took me and a couple of other people to an old inn, a pub really -- and what in America we would call a "mom and pop'' place. This quite elderly lady was waiting on us, and finally, hearing us talk to one another, she said, "You're Americans, aren't you?'' And we said we were. "Oh,'' she said, "there were a lot of your chaps stationed down the road during the war.'' And she added, "They used to come in here of an evening, and they'd have a songfest. They called me mom, and they called the old man pop.'' And then her mood changed, and she said, "It was Christmas Eve, and you know, we were all alone and feeling a bit down. And suddenly they burst through the door, and they had presents for me and Pop.'' And by this time she wasn't looking at us anymore; she was looking off into the distance, into memory, and there were tears in her eyes. And then she said, "Big strapping lads they was, from a place called Ioway.'' [Laughter] From a place called Ioway -- and Oregon, California, Texas, New Jersey, Georgia; here with other young men from Lancaster, Hampshire, Glasgow, and Dorset -- all of them caught up in the terrible paradoxes of that time: that young men must wage war to end war, and die for freedom so that freedom itself might live. And it is those same two causes for which they fought and died -- the cause of peace, the cause of freedom for all humanity -- that still brings us, British and American, together. For these causes, the people of Great Britain, the United States, and other allied nations have for 44 years made enormous sacrifices to keep our alliance strong and our military ready. For them we embarked in this decade on a new postwar strategy, a forward strategy of freedom, a strategy of public candor about the moral and fundamental differences between statism and democracy, but als...
Historic Hollywood and Los Angeles
0:27 - 01:02 - B/W, 1936. EXT Warner Hollywood Theatre. Two male ushers carry and set up framed posters advertising gala previews including “Green Pastures” on sidewalk in front of theater. 01:02 - 01:26 - B/W, Night, 1930s. A man rotates a searchlight mounted on a platform surrounded by a crowd of onlookers at a movie premiere. 01:26 - 3:46 - B/W, Night, 1930. EXT “Mammy” premiere at “Warners” Theatre. Crowds of movie goers stand outside “Warners” Theatre. Cars drive in both directions on Broadway and Third Avenue Railway System streetcars passes by. WS “Warners” Theatre marquee reading “Mammy” with crowds of movie goers standing in entrance and spilling out of lobby. Singers in blackface and dressed like Al Jolson character perform in the theater entrance accompanied by brass band. A horse-drawn cart passes by amidst the other vehicles. 03:46 - 4:05 - B/W, 1933. Scene from “42nd Street”. EXT HA Movie goers enter theater with “Pretty Lady gala premiere” on marquee. 04:05 - 08:43 - B/W, Night, 1930s. EXT Movie stars / celebrities including Norma Shearer, Myrna Loy, Peter Lorre, Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, Mickey Rooney, Joe E. Brown, Olivia de Havilland, Leslie Howard, Bette Davis arrive at movie premiere, pose for cameras and talk into Los Angeles radio station KFWB microphone. KFWB announcer William “Bill” Ray interviews celebrities. 08:43 - 09:07 - B/W, Night, 1930s. EXT A man rotates a searchlight mounted on a platform surrounded by crowd of onlookers at movie premiere. 09:07 - 09:12 - B/W, Night, 1935. EXT Warner Beverly Hills Theatre. Marquee reads “Gala Premiere To-night A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. 09:12 - 09:33 - B/W, Night. EXT Push in to CU rotating searchlight. 09:33 - 09:47 - B/W, 1930s / 1940s. Film scene. A woman escorted by a man signs autographs for a crowd of fans before getting into a car. 09:47 - 09:54 B/W, 1930s / 1940s. EXT A film crew films a tracking shot of a group of men in period clothing riding galloping horses with a camera dolly traveling on rails. 09:54 - 10:13 - B/W, Night, 1940s / 1950s. Car POV driving past Ciro”s nightclub with illuminated sign. 10:13 - 11:26 - B/W, 1930s / 1940s. INT WS nightclub. Man”s hands holding clapperboard for “Stage Show” in front of camera. Nightclub audience watching chorus line dancers perform dance routine on stage with can-can kicks. 11:26 - 16:26 - Color, Night, 1950s. EXT CU rotating searchlight. Flickering searchlight. Man rotating searchlights. HA Searchlight beams shining above heavy traffic on street below. HA crowds outside movie theater at film premiere with flickering of lights from cameras. 16:26 - 17:58 - Color, Night. EXT fireworks display. 17:58 - 18:27 - B/W, 1950s. EXT aerial view over houses, streets and Columbia Ranch. 18:27 - 19:23 - Color, 1970s. EXT film studio backlot / ranch entrance, probably Columbia Ranch. Sign pointing to “EUE/Screen Gems Commercial Department Casting”. Film sets. Front facades of buildings and houses. Film being shot with actor and actress wearing safari clothing. 19:23 - 19:49 - B/W, 1950s. Aerial view over streets surrounding studio backlot, probably Columbia Ranch. 19:49 - 20:05 - Color, 1950s. EXT Cars exiting and entering studio backlot near busy street. 20:05 - 20:13 - B/W, 1940s. Director sitting next to camera gives instructions to cameraman while period film scene is filmed. 20:13 - 20:22 - B/W, 1940s. EXT HA scene being filmed with male actor standing on edge of fountain giving passionate speech to people standing nearby. 20:22 - 21:18 - B/W, 1930s. EXT line of smiling pretty women, some wearing swimwear, walk up steps to an outdoor platform. 21:18 - 21:50 - B/W, 1930s. INT Film scene with man leading chorus line dancers in practicing routine on stage. A group of dancers in the rear of the stage get scolded by a man, who demonstrates the correct movements. 21:50 - 22:05 - B/W, 1933. Footage from “42nd Street”. Multiple exposure shot of female dancer’s legs superimposed multiple times in kaleidoscope design. 22:05 - 22:24 - B/W, 1930s. INT theater. Film scene with PAN from conductor leading orchestra to stage as curtains open. Audience members sit in box seats. 22:24 - 23:03 - B/W, 1930s. INT HA Film scene with conductor leading orchestra. Stage curtains open. Male dancers descend steps of set onto stage. The mouth of a giant face opens and a female dancer emerges to join row of male dancers. 23:03 - 24:18 - B/W, 1930s. INT HA. Clapperboard is held in front of camera. Film scene with man and woman practicing tap dance routine on stage while chorus line dancers stand nearby and watch. 24:18 - 32:20 - B/W, 1930s. INT Busby Berkeley directing filming dance routine on stage with masked male and female dancers. Many takes of crane shots being filmed. Berkeley instructs dancers. Crew members clean stage in between takes. Crew pushes around elaborate set of columns into different positions. 32:20 - 36:11 - Color, 1970s. EXT aerial view traveling south over Santa Monica Beach with beach houses, Santa Monica Pier and ending at Pacific Ocean Park. 36:11 - 42:08 - Color, 1970s. EXT Paradise Cove, Malibu. Several takes of Paradise Cove Pier and beach with nearby cliffs. Crowded beach with beach-goers relaxing on beach, wading / swimming in water, jumping in surf and playing beach volleyball. Sign for “Snack bar, food and drinks” behind fence. Paradise Cove Beach Cafe. Children building sandcastles. Lifeguard tower. 42:08 - 42:56 - Color, 1970s. EXT Los Angeles, California. Aerials over Hollywood sign on Mount Lee, Santa Monica Mountains and Warner Brothers studio in Burbank. 42:56 - 43:03 - Color, 1970s. EXT Warner Brothers Studio building facade. 43:03 - 43:11 - B/W. Warner Brothers Pictures logo. 43:11 - 43:28 - Color, 1970s. Burbank, California. Warner Brothers studio. Mountains in background. Backlot. Deserted sets with 1940s cars. 43:28 - 44:48 - B/W, 1930s. Film scene being filmed on stage with man and woman singing on stage while chorus line dancers walk in rows on stage. Tracking shot being filmed with camera dolly mounted on track. 44:48 - 46:41 - Color, 1970s. EXT WS PAN Los Angeles skyline with buildings, freeway and Hollywood sign on Mount Hood in distance. 46:41 - 54:31 - B/W, 1950s. EXT On location filming of “Lone Ranger” TV episode in Bronson Canyon / Bronson Caves. Hollywood sign in distance. Parked trucks, horses, actors milling about and crew setting up equipment for shots. Camera crew on platform. Director and DP setting up shots next to cave. Director and actor blocking shot. Crew member shoveling hole to bury dynamite and covering it up with dirt. Dolly track being installed for tracking shots. Crew and cast members eating at craft services. 54:31 - 56:39 - Color, 1950s. Footage from an episode of “The Lone Ranger” television series.
NEWSFEED: 9/27-29/05 SOME NEW ORLEANS NIGHT LIFE, AFTERMATH OF HURRICANE RITA, TOM DELAY, JOHN ROBERTS, FASHION, SCHOOL EVACUATED ;MUSIC IN NEW ORLEANS Dusk/NX street scene, Int bar, nightlife, blues musicians ;RITA TX POWER CREWS storm damage, water tower & dangling traffic signal in FG, flooding, repairing power lines ;Police check-point on HIGHWAY. MA HIGHWAY BIRTH ambulance stopped on HIGHWAY. RITA TX REUNION ARENA evacuees in shelter, 'Shelter Full' ;RITA LA EVACUEE TROUBLE notice on door of federal bldg (no info on disaster relief available), child safety seats in minivan ;Dept of Social Services bldg, grief stricken evacuees. MD BWI AIRPORT RENAMED legs & luggage in airport lobby ;Unveiling new name at press conf, Thurgood Marshall Airport, Marshall? 1960's civil rights march ;RITA MD UTILITY WORKER DIES NX truck with cherry-picker goes by, Int briefing, unlucky man high lighted ;JOHN ROBERTS SENATE DEBATE senators speaking. TOM DELAY WHITE HOUSE REAX McClellan press conf ;HOUSE REPUBLICANS STAKEOUT press conf, Roy Blunt, DeLay (Hey! That's a French name...) ;DELAY DEFENSE ATTORNEY surrounded by reporters. RITA TX CLASSES RESUME kids walking to school, school bus ;DELAY HASTERT REMARKS this precedes line 10...TX DELAY PROSECUTOR press conf. DELAY same press conf (entry & exit) ;KATRINA NY TROOPERS LEAVE FOR LA Int police loading van, pep talk, Smokie the Bear hats (you know the ones); KATRINA AL SENATOR/GOD'S WRATH ON SIN that's exactly what the title says...what about 'Wrath of God'? 'Punished for Sins'? ;Sessions says Katrina was God punishing sinful New Orleans, talks separation of church & state, damn, it cuts off ;MO STATE SUES GAS STATIONS speech, graph of gasoline price versus cost. CA GOOGLE CAMPUS Aerial campus under construction ;OK ORPHANED SQUIRRELS people holding squirrels, feeding baby squirrel with syringe, dog watches, one squirrel almost escapes ;DC ODOR CAUSES SCHOOL TO CLOSE fire engine pulls up, kids leaving school, school evacuation ;NC GOV EASLEY TUITION BILL signing bill. PA HOLLOWAY MOM guest on radio show. ANNA MOLINARI fashion show, designer on catwalk ;PUCCI IN MILAN fashion show, 60s retro in stark contrast to the former, designer comes out on catwalk ;KATRINA LA NAGIN STATE LEGISLATURE people attending conference, Nagin speaking ;MIDDLE EAST ISRAELI RAID KILLS 3 GUNMEN stones around patch of ground, motorcade with flags, CU machine gun in hand ; Int Sharon speech. UK MAN SINKS OWN BOAT buoys around sinking boat, bldgs along marina, P-In Royal Castle Hotel, recovering boat ;LONDON FIRST ICE BAR Int man shaping ice, ice sculpture, people putting on special coats, bartender pours drinks into ice cups ;Here's a clue: 'Absolut Ice Bar, London' ;JOHN ROBERTS VAR-shaking hands, as pallbearer FOR REHNQUIST, walking with Bush, in oval office, etc. CA BRUSH FIRE NX Aerial wildfire ;
US AL Prisons (NR)
With the nation’s most crowded prison system and the looming threat of federal court action, Alabama is enacting reforms to begin reducing the number of inmates behind bars. State prisons are currently at nearly 200 percent of capacity. (June 30)
M/S of Eartha Kitt with her back to us, taking off her jumper; she is wearing a black leotard with a white sash and black seamed tights. She starts to do some leg stretches, still with her back to us and holding onto a barbell. <br/> <br/>M/S from the side as we see her face now - looking very feline - meow! She does various stretches and ballet limbering up exercises. She walks across the room where various other pieces of gym equipment stand and, with the help of a man in a blue boiler suit with 'Great Britain' written across the front, she gets onto an exercise bike and starts to pedal very fast. <br/> <br/>High angle M/S as she gets off the bike and collapses onto a mat on the floor. As she lies on her back the man in the boiler suit (who we now learn is Al Murray, coach to the British weightlifting team at the last Olympics) lowers a barbell down to her. She lifts the weights by moving her arms backwards and forwards over her head. <br/> <br/>Al adds some weights to a shoulder exercise machine; Eartha stands on a small platform with a metal bar over her shoulder and lifts up to stand on her toes - somehow this is exercising her calf muscles! She next lies down on a bench lifted at an angle with her feet hooked under a strap at the upper end and stretches out, then starts to do some sit ups. <br/> <br/>Commentator says "We've actually kaleidoscoped a two hour training session into two minutes but it does at least give you an idea. Most of us would have been just about ready to collapse, but to Eartha Kitt it was just a 'warm-up' before the real business of the evening." <br/> <br/>Note: On file are press releases from the Talk of the Town, where Eartha was appearing at the time; interesting list of 'some of the important people who have come to see Eartha during her first month at The Talk of the Town'. Cuts exist - see other record.
2022 World Cup: the beautiful course of the blues
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
PET-218 1 inch
Dozens Arrested in Berlin Amid Protests Against Pub's Eviction Order
Police in Berlin made dozens of arrests, https://www.tagesspiegel.de/berlin/protest-gegen-syndikat-raeumung-in-neukoelln-mehr-als-44-festnahmen-sechs-verletzte-polizisten-demos-am-nachmittag-angekuendigt/26074114.html local reports said , during protests on August 6-7 against the enforcement of an eviction order against a bar in the south of the city. The Syndikat bar in Neukoelln has been a focal point for Berlin's growing anti-gentrification movement since its lease was not renewed in 2018. The bar's management and the https://interaktiv.tagesspiegel.de/lab/das-verdeckte-imperium/ Tagesspiegel newspaper traced the building's ownership via a Luxembourg shell company to the London-based William Pears Group, which owns thousands of Berlin properties through a network of companies, they said. Leander Jones shot this footage of police knocking one person to the ground, and wrestling another. Jones told Storyful that "the police responded very aggressively." He decried what he said was "police violence against peaceful demonstrators". The Berlin Police on Twitter said officers were attacked in Neukoelln overnight. Berlin Police spokesman Thilo Cablitz https://berlinspectator.com/2020/08/07/berlin-eviction-of-pub-leads-to-clashes-between-protesters-and-police/ told Berlin Spectator that there had been 40 arrests since the protests began on Thursday night. Local reports and people at the scene said protesters planned to reassemble outside the pub on the evening of August 7. (Footage By Leander Jones/Storyful via Getty Images)
00:00:00:00 MS Dem VP nominee Al Gore walks to limousine after touring debate site at Georgia Tech, boards car &amp; departs 1:05; RERACK; BARS; MS Ross Perot&apos;s VP nominee James Stockdale arr ...
Penn Relays track meet at Franklin Field in Philadelphia