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Angel On My Shoulder
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Benoit Poelvoorde
Radio France: filmed programmes
--SUPERS--\nSunday\nLos Angeles\n\nLucy Flores\nFormer Nevada Lawmaker\n\n --SOT--\nLucy Flores: "Very unexpectedly and out of nowhere, I feel Joe Biden put his hands on my shoulders, get up very clo ...
Angel-like model shows facial expressions beneath transparent black curtain. Fashion Video.
Angel-like model shows facial expressions beneath transparent black curtain. Fashion Video. Slow Motion. 4K 30fps ProRes 4444
High fashion model in stage make-up shows facial expressions. Fashion video.
High fashion model in stage make-up shows facial expressions. Fashion video. Slow Motion. 4K 30fps ProRes 4444
Annick the astrologer does business
Radio France: filmed programmes
++UK Oly Phelps
AP-APTN-2330: ++UK Oly Phelps Saturday, 4 August 2012 STORY:++UK Oly Phelps- Phelps briefing collecting 18th gold medal in final race, US fans reax LENGTH: 02:30 FIRST RUN: 2330 RESTRICTIONS: AP Clients Only TYPE: English/Nat SOURCE: AP TELEVISION STORY NUMBER: 853314 DATELINE: London - 4 Aug 2012 LENGTH: 02:30 SHOTLIST: 1. Wide of US Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps entering news conference 2. Wide of Phelps seated for news conference 3. SOUNDBITE: (English) Michael Phelps, US Olympic swimmer: "I don't know. I'm just retiring. One of the biggest things that I've always wanted, or that I've always said to myself was, 'I'll never swim at the age of 30.'" 4. Cutaway of press in audience 5. SOUNDBITE: (English) Michael Phelps, US Olympic swimmer: "You know, I've been very fortunate to be able to look back at my career and say I've been able to accomplish every goal that I've ever wanted to and I think at that point in your career, I think it's just time to move on." 6. Wide of Olympic Aquatics Centre entrance, with swimming spectators exiting 7. Wide of Olympic rings in background as fans leave 8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Nick Rassler, Olympic spectator from Los Angeles: "Oh my God, so great to see him (US swimmer Michael Phelps). Unbelievable experience. I'll never forget it in my life." 9. Wide of brother Nick, Theo and Oliver Rassler++MUTE++ 10. SOUNDBITE (English) Oliver Rassler, Olympic spectator from Los Angeles: "I mean, he's the best Olympian ever. He's won the most medals of all time and it was amazing to see him race for the last time. It really was." 11. Various of fans leaving 12. SOUNDBITE: (English) Chloe Conrad, Olympic spectator from Colorado: "Oh it was so exciting. Of course, we're from Colorado so we were cheering for (US Olympic swimmer) Missy Franklin. She lives fairly close to where we are and to see Michael Phelps win possibly his last gold - it was very exciting." 13. Mid of fans in front of Olympic rings 14. Mid of fans leaving++MUTE++ 15. SOUNDBITE: (English) Len and Linda Gross, Olympic spectator from Los Angeles: Len Gross: "Outstanding. He didn't start off strong, he finished strong in the Olympics. You know his first race, people were saying: 'Well, maybe he's over the hill'. He showed he's still at his prime." (Reporter: Are you going to miss him, you think?) Linda Gross: I think we will miss him but I think it will give other swimmers a chance too. He just outshone everybody else that there was no chance for even very good swimmers to have a chance." Len Gross: "Head and shoulders. Head and shoulders." 16. Len and Linda Gross leaving ++NIGHT SHOT++ 17. Wide of Aquatic Stadium++MUTE++ STORYLINE: US record breaking Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps said it was "just time to move on," after winning the last of his 18 gold medals on Saturday in London. "One of the biggest things that I've always wanted, or that I've always said to myself was, 'I'll never swim at the age of 30,'" Phelps said. "I've been able to accomplish every goal that I've ever wanted to and I think at that point in your career, I think it's just time to move on." His record is a feat that left swimming fans in wonder on Saturday night as the US swimmer capped his mind-boggling career with gold in the 4x100-metre men's medley relay. US fans said they felt they had witnessed history as they said farewell to one of the greatest ever Olympians. "Unbelievable experience I'll never forget it in my life," said Nick Rassler, from Los Angeles, who watched the race with his father and two other brothers Theo and Oliver. Phelps retires with twice as many golds as any other Olympian and his total of 22 medals is easily the best mark, too. "He's won the most medals of all time and it was amazing to see him race for the last time. It really was," Nick's brother Oliver added. Some Phelps fans in attendance felt the Olympian was still in his prime. "He didn't start off strong, he finished strong in the Olympics. You know his first race, people were saying: 'Well, maybe he's over the hill'. He showed he's still at his prime," said Len Gross who was visiting with his wife Linda from Los Angeles. Bouncing back from a disappointing first race in London, a fourth-place finish in the 400 individual medley, Phelps wound up with more medals than any other swimmer at the games: four golds and two silvers. Clients are reminded: (i) to check the terms of their licence agreements for use of content outside news programming and that further advice and assistance can be obtained from the AP Archive on: Tel +44 (0) 20 7482 7482 Email: infoaparchive.com (ii) they should check with the applicable collecting society in their Territory regarding the clearance of any sound recording or performance included within the AP Television News service (iii) they have editorial responsibility for the use of all and any content included within the AP Television News service and for libel, privacy, compliance and third party rights applicable to their Territory. APTN APEX 08-04-12 2028EDT
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John Callaway 14:17 You know, what I've always wondered about is you write so well and you talk so well about these things. Have you come through this yourself personally? Did you come out of Richmond Virginia with a fundamentalist experience and maybe try a little dope over here a little this or are you relentlessly down the middle of taking notes or however it is you operate? Tom Wolfe 14:33 I felt like I was in a I was raised a Presbyterian but I feel like I missed out on all of this because my main memory of the Presbyterian Church is being going to sleep during the prayer. The prayers were longer than the sermons, person would go on for about 20 minutes. And I did get rather close to this whole sort of movement when I did the electric Kool Aid acid test about Ken Kesey he and his group. And I find it was the first time I'd ever been in the midst of have a primary religious group. One reason I did the book was that it seemed to me I was able to watch in the creation of this religious group and Kesey would never call it a religious group. He would when he spoke of God, he's calling cosmos. It's a Cosmo does this. And so I tried to take the curse off, but it was religious. I had never been in such a group. And it was, it was an atmosphere that was absolutely uncanny. And I could see how people could really be drawn. I was, I must say, I was tempted. Kesey came to me one day. And he said, he said, Look, why don't you put your notebook away? And just be here for a while. And that was a typical Kesey way of saying, why don't you join and experience it, and then write about it, really make it your life, make the commitment, as we might say, in religious terminology. And I did find it sort of tempting, because Kesey idea of moving off the dead center of trying to see just what potential you had, was an engaging thought to me. But I also I thought it over one night. And I also knew, though, that I wanted so many things I wanted to write. I had this dream, I still do. I don't know, if I last long enough, somehow covering this whole country. Because this is the most amazing era in the history of the... This is a bizarre nation we're in and we journalists have only scratched the surface. Well, anyway, I knew that I wanted to keep writing about many things. And I also knew that you didn't, it was impossible to be a participant observer. In a group like the any religious group, man, Norman Hartweg, a gifted playwright, was writing a column for the Los Angeles free press, and he decided he was going to join kesey's group, five days a week he was going to be part of the pranksters, and on the weekend, he's gonna write this column for the free press about his experiences. Well, this lasted just about seven days. On the end of the seventh sounds like the book of Genesis doesn't end of the seventh day he took me through his Olivetti over one shoulder and his Nikon over the other and just became part of the practice. So and it was all or nothing proposition. The next day, I showed up with my notebook and my big 19 ballpoint pen, and Kesey got the message. He didn't say any more. He didn't say, Get out of here. He realized that I had there was a decision you made a choice. Yeah. So I guess I am. I didn't really get on the bus as used to be called in Kesey's group. And I haven't, I know that some of the groups that I've written about in the me decade and Mauve Gloves and Madmen Cluttering Vine kind of felt that I was making fun of them. And I got letters from people in these groups saying, really, rather than sweet letters saying, they're still hope for you, at least you're interested. And that kind of touched me in a way. But I, I suppose I am detached. In that sense, and yet I try to write if I can, I try to write as if I'm inside the central nervous system of these people, if possible,
PA-0403 Beta SP; AFP-40-I 16mm
Safe As You Think
Cute high fashion model holds electric bulb, playing with it. Fashion video.
Cute high fashion model holds electric bulb, playing with it. Fashion video. Slow Motion. 4K 30fps ProRes 4444
Men who have the sacred fire
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
DN-LB-618 Beta SP
March of Time Outtakes
PART 1 - HOWARD ALK INTERVIEWS PAUL WAYNE. OUTDOOR INTERVIEW. WAYNE SITS IN A FLORAL PATTERENED UPOLSTERED OUTDOOR CHAIR. Paul Wayne 0:00 Indescribable of what I went through watching that picture, because just wasn't my picture. It was something I really don't know what it was. They had improvised they, I mean, it, it was just a total shambles. And I wanted, I didn't want to be represented. And you know, I didn't want people to think that I had written that picture. So I decided to take my name off it. Writers Guild insists that you put some name on it. I found two towns in England, that I liked very much Haskell and gray. So I thought what a great name. Call myself Haskell Gray. The picture premiered at the at the Uptown Theater. And the following day, there was a review by Clyde Gilmore, which said this picture was written by Paul Wayne under the pen name of Haskell gray. Now, who do you sue for that? Howard Alk 0:55 What do you think about the Canadian critics in their attitude towards Canadian Prime? It seems to me that some kind of way, they're both crying for Canadian product and By and large, attacking Canadian product. As it comes out, Paul Wayne 1:10 yeah. What could they do? They have to be honest. You know, I've heard a lot about you know, I really sympathize with the critics. They want a Canadian theatre, they want a Canadian art form. They want the Canadian culture. And they've got to be honest, at the same time, I don't know what they can do. They they're trapped. It seems to me, they, it seems to me that, you know, I know a lot of people have been saying, only, you know, that they would let up and give us you know, and give us a good review. And you know, and what does that go into? Do? Is that going to make a lot of a lot more people coming enjoy picture. You know, it's just going to make people say, you know, that critic is a liar. That critic doesn't know what he's talking about. So it seems to me that the critic has to be honest. Now, whether the critic is equipped to do it or not, I don't know, I'm not sure I've been out of the country for a long time. I know that Nathan cohen, you know, was equipped. I know that. There are a lot of other people there who Clyde Gilmore is a favorite of mine. I think that he's very knowledgeable man. I think he's equipped to, to make judgments like that. But by and large, I mean, Canadian critics must do what they must, must do they, there's very little else. Howard Alk 2:39 Well, you think of this now is your permanent base, or when you go back to something again, like Paul Wayne 2:45 Gee, I hope not. Howard Alk 2:50 What would it take To get you to go back and do another Canadian. Paul Wayne 2:54 You know, I started out the the interview by saying that there were problems in both countries. The basic thing with me here is that my family is here, my home is here that I've established myself to a certain extent here. And if there are problems in both countries, the least they can do in Canada is make it pleasant for you think that's about that's about it. I, I went to do excuse my French, and worked very, very hard at trying to make something out of it, in the same time trying to build up this, this idea of that, that Canadian culture that I was talking about that that exists here because of experience and know how and so on. And try to create it there. It's very easy to do. They're marvelous people that the technicians and the crew and then you know, and so on. The writers too, would have would have grown into it eventually. There was because of, of a lack of, of people with experience in writing this kind of show. It fell on my shoulders and shoulders of the story editor that I brought up to do it with me. And it was very, very hard. And eventually, we were editing the show because we did. We did three shows. We did one on Thursday night and then we did a dress show on Friday and an air show on Friday. But an hour later then we did a lot of cover material pickups and isolated cameras and so on. So we had to edit all that stuff together. there, and we edited directly on two inch tape. And it took a long time. Sometimes it took two days to edit one show. And they have machine here, which permits you to get out in four hours, which is slant track machine. And I begged them to get the machine for me, just to leave me those two days to write. I mean, I was still working seven days a week. But it was becoming unbearable. And also when possible. I mean, there are times when you sit in front of a typewriter with such a tired mind that you just can't think of a joke. And there's, you know, it's like somebody pointing a gun to your head and say, be funny. And there was no way you could be funny. There's no way any more than that. You knew what you were doing. Because he was so tired. And they complained that it was an awful lot of money. And besides, I had gotten everything I wanted. Anytime I asked for something, I would get it. And this year was going to be different. I wasn't going to get everything I asked for. And it was like a giant scorecard, you know, all right, Paul got all these points last year, but he's certainly not going to get we're going to win this year. But we were all on the same team. We were all trying to put out a show. So that basically what was what was wrong in Montreal, and what finally made me decide to leave, I have a home here. What will bring people up is, you know, of course, you know, if they pay what they pay in, in Los Angeles, the writers will be willing to leave. But it's not so much that as the fact that they know that it will things will be pleasantly there, that there is so much crap going over the airwaves. In the offices, between the studios, between the studios and the network's and the I mean, there's so much headache involved there, that any writer would long for the paradise of just, you know, working in a, in a situation where you're not involved with a the studio doesn't bother you when the network doesn't bother where you are able to do, you know, whatever you feel like doing and you know, and get it out and get and get the thing done. That's one of the big attractions about working in Canada it's pleasant, once it becomes unpleasant, then there's no reason not to come back. Besides that it's cold. It's bitterly cold in Montreal, and Howard Alk 8:15 is there anything else that you would like to talk about? Paul Wayne 8:18 No, I can't think of anything. I told you the movie story. I do the one movie story to compare between Hollywood and, and, and Canada. And to show you that, that there are there are incompetent people, or people who are very strange in both places, but for different reasons. The first movie that I did in Canada was I'm sorry, the first movie I did in Hollywood was for Universal Studios. And I had just come in with a bunch of scripts that I had written in Canada. And I'd never written a movie before. I've written a few comedies for General Motors theater, and I'd written a stage play and so on. And I had an idea for a movie about a Russian spy, which I won't bore you with but I took it to universal and they liked it. So the story editor universal said he would get back to me after he spoke to some producers about it. And he did got back to me and said producer by the name of Robert Arthur was very interested in it. But he wanted to know if I could write so I said well, I have it's a comedy and the only comedy I have with me was a comedy I had written for Canada. I bought a Jewish leprechaun has nothing to do with Russian spies. Well bring it in anyway you know, because we will. Just he just wants to see how you can right So a few days later, he called me back and said he is love with your Jewish leprechaun story. And he thinks that you'd be perfect to write a pirate picture that he's got in mind. I said, Wait a minute, I came in here with a Russian spy story. And I gave him a Jewish leprechaun script, and he wants me to do a pirate movie and understand his whole way of thinking. He said, Well, nevermind, nevermind. Come on, it's at least it's an opportunity to do a movie and break in. What they wanted me to do is a remake of against all flags picture with Errol Flynn and Maureen O'Hara. And they wanted to do it because they wanted to promote ln Dental. And they wanted to change the Errol Flynn character into the ln dialogue character. So I rewrote the entire picture and made the main character French with a great deal of French charm and panache, and said, Whoa, was all l&l. Oh, and they brought the picture and they came to me a couple of days later and said, everything is great. We're ready to shoot it except we can't get Alain Delon Instead, we're getting you Doug McClure. I thought wait a minute It's I mean, Alain Delon and Doug McClure. I don't I don't get it. I I guess it'll lead to a bit of a rewrite. They said only the main character. And then they got Jill St. John, where they were planning to get Sophia Loren. We were going to shoot it in Madagascar. And it became Catalina Island. And, I mean, things. I mean, it was a shambles after that. So what I'm trying to say is that it's crazy here in a different way. And somehow or other things get done. Somehow or other you cut your way through the the mess of things, the bureaucracy and you get things done. Whereas in Canada, it's terribly terribly difficult. Howard Alk 12:15 Okay.
TAPE_NUMBER: EF00/0903 IN_TIME: 09:24:57 // 12:06:02 // 18:30:44 LENGTH: 02:51 SOURCES: US POOL RESTRICTIONS: FEED: VARIOUS (THE ABOVE TIME-CODE IS TIME-OF-DAY) SCRIPT: English/Nat XFA On the eve of the Democrat's convention in Los Angeles, the Clintons did some campaigning of their own on Saturday night. The occasion was a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton's New York Senatorial campaign. At the same time, it was a chance for Hollywood to honour the Clinton presidency by raising money for the First Lady's Senate campaign in New York. Hundreds of Hollywood's rich and glamorous turned out on Saturday night to rub shoulders with Bill, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton. The programme was billed as a salute to the president and included entertainment from Cher, Whoopi Goldberg, Patti LaBelle and other entertainers. Also on hand was Shirley McClaine, Alfie Woodward, Milton Berle and John Travolta. Following the entertainment, Hillary Clinton introduced her husband as a president she was proud of. SOUNDBITE: (English) "I really believe we are a better and stronger country than we were in 1992. And nobody has worked harder or given more of his energy, literally, hour by hour, day by day over that period of time than the person that we're saluting tonight, and someone who has been such a great President. And I'm proud to introduce him tonight." SUPER CAPTION: Hillary Rodham-Clinton, U-S First Lady Then it was Bill's turn to talk about his presidency. He said that he never forgot that he was accountable to the public that voted him in. SOUNDBITE: (English) "I want you to know that for me this was not only the greatest honour of my life but every day, even the bad days, were good days, as long as I remembered who hired me and what I was doing there. There were some days when the cost of doing business seemed reasonably high at the end of the 20th century. But it was still a joy. I'll try to be a useful citizen and I'll try to hang around. But it's in your hands now and the best thing that you can do to honour me is to go out and find between now and November, through every network of influence you have and say hey, the best is still out there. And the problems are still out there. And the challenges are still out there." SUPER CAPTION: Bill Clinton, U-S President He noted that these had been the best of times and that only with Al Gore in the White House would the prosperity continue. About a thousand people attended the reception and dinner on Saturday night at the home of real estate magnate Ken Roberts. The event is expected to raise a (m) million US dollars for the First Lady's Senate campaign in New York. Clinton continues his whirlwind of pre-convention receptions with a Sunday brunch at singer Barbara Streisand's Malibu home. That's expected to raise ten (m) million US dollars for Clinton's presidential library. Both Bill and Hillary Clinton will address delegates at the Democratic Convention on Monday evening. SHOTLIST: Los Angeles, California - 12 August 2000 1. Pan of crowd 2. Zoom in to Clinton 3. Jessie Jackson 4. Mohammed Ali 5. Clinton family going on stage 6. Actress Shirley McClaine 7. SOUNDBITE: (English) Hillary Rodham Clinton, First Lady 8. Bill kissing Hillary 9. Crowd clapping 10. SOUNDBITE: (English) Bill Clinton, U-S President 11. Whole family on stage (overlaid) ("But it was still a joy") 12. SOUNDBITE continues 13. Chelsea and Hillary applauding Bill - pulls out to wide of stage ?
Thirteen Days Interviews
Teddy Thomas, the elusive [SC].
Nearly - Crushed
Back in Studio INTERVIEW RESUMES: David Susskind you spend your life sticking out celebrities photographing them, when they're not aware they're being photographed? How do you feel about them? Do they fake their resentment at being photographed being interviewed, Dick Corkery I myself, I find them more, I don't know, more compassionate life than most people are more sensitive. And most people were in the theater and they'd like some more privacy than actually what we give them. But I don't know if it's I don't care what Ron Galella the publicity they love it. Especially when our anonymous they they want to be recognized. They want their picture taken. They want their names in a paper. But it's when they become superstars that it becomes ambiguous and contradictory. David Susskind Jacqueline Kennedy, she could avoid half of the pictures and publicity she gets. She didn't have to go to that party. She didn't have to see a movie at the theater, she could have a screening, Ron Galella right? She goes to openings now. Ballet David Susskind she wants the publicity Dick Corkery their private life. See once they become public when they come to it. Yeah, an affair that's going to be covered by newspapers and TV, then it's public, what their private lives I thought you were talking about when we wait outside their homes, and go to their estates where they're riding horseback and whatnot, and somehow sneak into it and get in there and capture them. David Susskind Which of the big stars really sabers publicy the most loves it. Even though she gives you or he gives you a hard time Gene Spatz , Suzanne Somers loves. And she's very gracious about it, she makes sure that she stops and make sure that everybody gets Ron Galella All the Charlie's Angel. Girls love it, right. In fact, most of the TV stars like you'd hardly find one bad TV star. Tell me one caveat. Dick Corkery Jackson was just in here last week in New York. And like, she didn't want the publicity, she was talking, she came out of the elevator. And she hid immediately and then caught herself, and then thought that wait a second image image. And she smiled and walked out a little fast while she wasn't going to run because we want to be cool at Ron Galella that point we want to make here is that they want the publicity, but they want it on their terms. They want to control it, you see. And we on the other hand, we want to control it. We say we the artists were the press. And if there's freedom of the press, we have a right to say what we want when we want to photograph them in public areas. It's fair game. That's the conflict. The controversy is they want to control a picture they say like that Barbra Streisand, she wouldn't like that picture that we showed, because it's not a flattering picture. Adam Scull But getting back to the question you asked, you said how do we feel about it? We always think that it's a problem because we don't like having to bother them. We know that some people are very, very conservative for the press. And they don't want any. It's always on our minds, but that we're not there to dwell upon that. We have to go out and do an assignment or a job or that's our business. We have to do it. David Susskind Is That somebody can't stand that you Adam Scull Oh there quite a few. David Susskind Who can't you stand? Adam Scull I don't know I can't stand I find it frustrating to work with someone like Woody Allen or Warren Beatty David Susskind Why do you dislike Warren Beatty, Adam Scull because he is so much in the public eye. He won't stop for a moment and have a picture taken over. David Susskind Are you jealous of him and frustrated by him? Adam Scull Not at all. I just want to know, Dick Corkery but he doesn't push for publicity ever. I think Sylvester Stallone is a fellow who you could sort of dislike. I mean, he's sort of Ron Galella went to his head I think fill me fill me. Rocky went to his head. It really Dick Corkery is he his bodyguards intimidate. He plays I'll never have that trouble. Warren Beatty, Warren Beatty will just walk by he'll put his head down. He's not gonna cooperate for the picture. But yeah, push anyone. He'll never intimidate anyone. So true. There are levels to David Susskind it. In other words, you don't like him even though he doesn't push you. You don't like him because you think he's a snob or I don't Gene Spatz like him because he won't give us a decent picture. He's at an event. He could just be nice enough to walk by with his head up instead of trying to spoil on David Susskind well, he has just spotted some lady up there. A hurry. Hurry, you should get Joan Collins autobiography and read Adam Scull one night. One night Beatty and Diane Keaton were together and think it was in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This new exhibit opened up, I forget, which Dick Corkery wasn't it Abbot de Lebanon Adam Scull And they barrel through it, we started to chase them. And he they're going full steam ahead and they and they walk right into the elevator, they could have taken the staircase and they didn't. So they're in a sense, they give us the opportunity, even though he keeps his head kind of low. These elevators are very slow. So we were there for five minutes. And then we walked into the elevator with him. Although he wasn't helping, he still gives the opportunity even though he seems not to want. Ron Galella Yeah, I caught them in Beverly Hills restaurant. And that's the Shot Show when they were walking. And he did say to Diane Keaton, he says Keep your head down. Don't make it easy. He said don't make it easy for him to get pictures. And he likes me too. I mean, he's not bad. And he and they try to duck me in another restaurant for coffee or drink. But I went in and got a drink myself. And they sneak out the back way and I think that the back way after them. And I got the shot of them walking across Beverly Wilshire Boulevard when I went to the hotel, and I anticipated they have to look up to the traffic and that's how I got that shot because they had to look for the traffic. And I caught them. Adam Scull We always have to try and second guess them because they're always trying. David Susskind Who else gives you a high Who else do you dislike actively? How do you feel about Streisand? Sinatra? Brando? Adam Scull What now you're talking about the three big leaguers that are just awful. You've named them all. As far as photographs go. Gene Spatz I don't think Streisand's awful, she'll come out and well, Adam Scull and I don't know. I mean, there was a party at the local watering hole and John Peters, your boyfriend wouldn't let us in dig tried to get in the back way. And he was personally thrown up by John Peters. He didn't care what the reason was. Said no press. They finally come out the door. They still won't stop. They just climb into a limousine. So we have a matter of five to 10 seconds to make photograph of these people. Ron Galella Well they have reasons these celebrities for not wanting pictures or cooperating for interviews. And some of them they usually start out like Streisand wanting it but then they come across bad press bad things about them. They concentrate more on her physical makeup rather than her talent. So in this shatters their egos? Dick Corkery Well, I'm glad you mentioned that because that's very true with Barbra Streisand. She had named the publication, I was going to set up a picture shoot with her. And she had said, Okay, I want to in writing that I have approval of the pictures before they're published. I want it and also you cannot sell to such and such national distributed weekly, magazine newspaper type thing, because she said they'll take that picture of me thrown on their front cover and lie the whole story will be a lie, she says, definitely has been writing. And that was the condition that David Susskind Any experiencith Sinatra. Dick Corkery I had an experience with him. He was with the governor and he had his charting for a time he was really nice. He's very good find his journey going with Governor Kerry and he had a bowl he invited us all in and we spent about an hour with him taking pictures and joking and laughing and it's the best I've ever seen. I've heard I mean I'm Ron Galella Sinatra the turning point where he was anti press was when he split with Ava Gardner. The press really played it up and he hurt his feelings you see and they become anti press when I when that happens. It's just too much to take and a lot of it is lies that the press especially the writers I have to say it is more irresponsible writers that they create lies and black and white print. And we suffer we photographers and we the reason why we suffer is because where they are physically in front of the camera and vandal slugs me or what the writer is not there. It's written in the paper and sometimes a pseudo name I don't even know who wrote David Susskind Did you ever catch your Mr Sinatra in an elevator with the the body guards he travels with? Gene Spatz Oh yeah, I've seen him coming out of clubs like that. David Susskind I mean, they're kind of scary Gene Spatz they absolutely are. David Susskind They look as if if you did something your Ron Galella way. All the stars. When we photographed them, you play it by ear, you know whether there's going to be trouble. You see, they give you a dupe they do give you a warning. Except Randall didn't. But most of them do. You could read their emotion. David Susskind I mean, when when you saw Sinatra in the elevator, you know it was coming out of 21 coming out of 21 Did the bodyguard say get out of my way? Oh, Ron Galella absolutely. Oh, yeah. Yeah, there's a woman photographer. Guy keys wife. Gene Spatz That's right. That's right. Adam Scull they make no discrimination. They think you're in your way and I'll make a point of pushing it out of the way. Ron Galella many negative things said about us like Sinatra, he would say We're parasites. And he said, What do you make a living? He looks down upon us. And I think he lacks humility. Because not all of us could sing. Gene Spatz Tell you, David, I had Burt Reynolds body guard grabbed me through a car window and nearly pull my arm out of my shoulder, because I had been following them on for a movie set and trying to get pictures of him. And so I got out of the car and had to tell him that he wasn't allowed to do this. And you know that I would call a cop and he damn well flatten me. Okay, real close to just annihilating me. Dick Corkery But burt Reynolds is kind of cooperative, isn't he? Yeah, yeah. himself, he's really professional. And he'll smile through the ordeal of 1000 places and it's like an assault. He get 13 photographers on someone in flashing and, you know, he's just coming to the theater to enjoy the theater and some of the theater will tip off the press and paparazzi that hey, so and so's coming for publicity for the theater, not for him. So everyone waits for the celebrity show up 20,000 flashes go off the portfolio, don't know where he is something get angered. But Burt Reynolds handles himself. Ron Galella Most of the celebrities are professional, you know, it's just about 15 or 20 that we discussed, the elusive ones who are anti press, Dick Corkery but they seem to be the top ones they seem to at some point get fed up Ron Galella with some of them also played a game that the more rare that picture is taken or the interview, the more their stock goes up, you know, the more the create the demand for their pictures and cetera David Susskind at the end of the thought, because I was gonna throw it away. Yeah. Commercial now. While you think of another fun, we'll be right back.
Cute fashion model in stage make-up behind bubbles, holding light bulb. Fashion video.
Cute fashion model in stage make-up behind bubbles, holding light bulb. Fashion video. Slow Motion. 4K 30fps ProRes 4444
AFP-151AL 16mm