Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing - Supreme Court Nomination of Clarence Thomas - Senator Joseph Biden
Senator Joseph Biden-"Sexual harassment is a serious matter and, in my view, any person guilty of this offense is unsuited to serve not only the Nation's highest court, but any position of responsibility, of high responsibility in or out of government. Sexual harassment of working women is an issue of national concern. With that said, let me make clear that this is not, I emphasize, this is not a hearing about the extent and nature of sexual harassment in America. That question is for a different sort of meeting of this or any other committee. This is a hearing convened for a specific purpose, to air specific allegations against one specific individual, allegations which may be true or may not be true. Whichever may be the case, this hearing has not been convened to investigate the widespread problem, and it is indisputably widespread, the widespread problem of sexual harassment in this country."
Men and Women's Singles winners at tennis's 1937 US National Championships
Full title reads: "FOREST HILLS". <br/> <br/>Forest Hills, New York, United States of America (USA). <br/> <br/>American Tennis Championship women's final tennis match between Jadwiga Jedrejejowska of Poland and Anita Lizana of Chile in progress. Various shots of the tennis match and the audience watching it. Anita Lizana wins the match. Anita Lizana receives trophy. <br/> <br/>American Tennis Championship Men's final tennis match between American Donald Budge and German Baron Von Cramm in progress. Various shots of the match and the audience watching it. American Budge wins the match. Close up of his hands holding trophy.
1937 Los Angeles Montage
Los Angeles montage -Pan Hollywood Hills day - Hollywood skyline from hills with car visible on road from Yamashiro Restaurant - h/a swimming pool, sunbathers and swimmers - couple jumps into pool at Ambassador Hotel - night ws Trocadero restaurant nightclub on Sunset Blvd. - Sunset Strip - ms Brown Derby restaurant on Wilshire Blvd. - h/a Santa Anita racetrack -with race in progress - horses race by on track past scoreboard
DN-LB-522 Beta SP; NET-647 DigiBeta (PT 1 at 01:00:00:00); NET-648 DigiBeta (PT 2 at 01:00:00:00)
Don Budge Beats Baron Von Cramm For Nat'L Net Title
Sheryl McCarthy
Interview Re: Clarence Thomas & Anita Hill
Anita Hill/Thomas; 10/9/91
Capitol Hill-night; Anita Hill speaks to press
Feminism and arrival of Elisabeth Badinter: five years after MeToo it remains to be done
Radio France: filmed programmes
The Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill confirmation hearing in front of the Senate Committee.
US SR Anita Hill
US SR Anita Hill
Letter to Anita Hill who courageously denounced sexual harassment
Radio France: filmed programmes
JWE-29 16mm Beta SP
Fairy Hill wins the 1937 Santa Anita Derby
color 1946 Hollywood newsreel - film stars watch Cinderella horse win richest race - establish Santa Anita racetrack entrance - actors and celebrities in attendance - people - crowds entering - Eddie Bracken looking at racing form - Randolph Scott in stands - Don Ameche - horses to gates - Lou Costello doing tricks w/ cigar - funny - Mervyn Leroy and Cary Grant - c/s horses on track - horses are Paperboy owned by Mervyn Leroy and Harry Warner - War Night owned by Ethel Hill - War Valor owned by Howard Hawkes - B Faithful owned by Louis B. Mayer - Fred Astaire in stands - Frank Sinatra in stands w/ Louis B. Mayer - camera follows race around track - Al Jolson w/ wife - Jack Dempsey w/ Kay Williams Spreckles - Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon - War Night owned by Ethel Hill wins race - Hollywood history - horseracing
Year's Best in Sport at the Savoy Hotel, London. <br/> <br/>C/U Anita Lonsborough, last year's Sportswoman of the Year. C/U Terry Downs and Dorothy Hyman. C/U Dorothy, pan to Downs. M/S Billy Wright talking to Walter McGowan. C/U's Wright and McGowan. C/U McGowan talking to Bombardier Billy Wells. C/U Wells. C/U Willy Snaith. C/U Roger Bannister and Christine Trueman. C/U Bannister. C/U Jimmy Greaves and Ken Barrington. C/U Greaves. C/U Mary Bignall Rand and Freddy Trueman. C/U Mary C/U Denis Compton and Stella Mitchell. C/U Angela Mortimer and Billy Walker. C/U Walker. L/S's Dorothy Hyman receiving the trophy from Anita Lonsborough. M/S Colin Chapman applauding. M/S Dorothy and Anita posing with trophy. M/S Graham Hill applauding. M/S Jim Clark receiving trophy from Brian Phelps.
Anita Hill- Thomas Testimony; 9/11/91
Leon Friedman
Interview Re: Clarence Thomas & Anita Hill
Anita Hill Testifying in Court
Attorney and women's rights advocate Anita Hill testifies in front of the senate after being sexually harassed by Court Justice Clarence Thomas. PLEASE NOTE News anchor and reporter image and audio, along with any commercial production excerpts, are for reference purposes only and are not clearable and cannot be used within your project.
US Jamie Lee Curtis (CR)
Curtis: Biden should reach out to Hill