President Barack Obama departs Israel on board Air Force ONE after leading the U.S. delegation to the funeral of former Israeli President Shimon Peres, Ben Gurion International Airport.
Israelis Watching Obama Inauguration
In Jerusalem, people in a caf watch and applaud the inauguration of Barack Obama as president of the United States. PLEASE NOTE News anchor and reporter image and audio, along with any commercial production excerpts, are for reference purposes only and are not clearable and cannot be used within your project.
Thalians Honor Clint Eastwood Out: 01:02:30 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/Tamara Henry A02. HRN-2822 In: 01:02:33 Out: 01:03:28 B-Roll: Thalians signage on banner background, poster of Clint Eastwood, Chandelier down to poster, zoom in Clint’s name, CU Title of event, zoom out to show poster full. A03. HRN-2822 In: 01:03:28 Out: 01:04:28 B-Roll: Ruta Lee arrives and stands for the press A04. HRN-2822 In: 01:04:54 Out: 01:06:30 B-Roll: Leyla Milani and Lindsay Clubine arrive and stand for press A05. HRN-2822 In: 01:06:50 Out: 01:06:54 Sound Bite: Lindsay Clubine – TV Hostess/Actress Thank you, this is a Nicole Miller dress, thank you so much. A06. HRN-2822 In: 01:06:56 Out: 01:07:09 Sound Bite: Lindsay Clubine – TV Hostess/Actress This is my second time attending this event, uhm, I’m here with 3 other Deal of No Deal models, we attended last year with Howie, Howie will be doing the live auction, so we’re just showing our support. A07. HRN-2822 In: 01:07:17 Out: 01:07:40 Sound Bite: Lindsay Clubine – TV Hostess/Actress You know that, I’m just ready for this whole thing to be over, I am honestly, I just want it all to get back to normal, I guess just Peace, you know, right now, everything settled, it’s just been so turbulent up and down, you know the market and everything I just want things to back to normal and calm A08. HRN-2822 In: 01:07:44 Out: 01:07:55 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Lindsay Clubine – TV Hostess/Actress A09. HRN-2822 In: 01:08:14 Out: 01:08:39 Sound Bite: Leyla Milani – TV Hostess/Actress One thing that I would like to change about this campaign is to let us Canadians vote, cause I cant vote, so I have no opinion, I cant do nothing, except wear my support on a t-shirt, that’s all I can do, so yeah, if Obama gets in there equality for all right, Canadians too, we gotta have a say in this. A10. HRN-2822 In: 01:08:43 Out: 01:08:49 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Leyla Milani – TV Hostess/Actress A11. HRN-2822 In: 01:08:55 Out: 01::09:27 B-Roll: Lou Ferrigno arrives and stands for the press and then gets interviewed. A12. HRN-2822 In: 01:11:17 Out: 01:11:32 Sound Bite: Lou Ferrigno - Actor I come every year to support the benefit for Debbie Reynolds and Ruta Lee and also our champion Clint Eastwood, it’s a great cause. A13. HRN-2822 In: 01:12:00 Out: 01:12:25 Sound Bite: Lou Ferrigno - Actor I think the American people should take the citizenship right in there own hands, this is our country, we give to much money to other countries, we have to take care of our self, that’s the only power I would like to see change. A14. HRN-2822 In: 01:13:04 Out: 01:13:10 Sound Bite: Ruta Lee – Actress/Co-Founder- The Thalians I certainly can I am wearing a dress by Arran Penockio, I think you know… A15. HRN-2822 In: 01:13:34 Out: 01:14:26 Sound Bite: Ruta Lee – Actress/Co-Founder- The Thalians Well you know, his current film, Clint Eastwood’s current film, The Changeling, deals a great deal with mental health, and how horrendously it was approached in the early days and things have changed so tremendously now, the only thing that’s wrong is that we don’t have the money to support all of the help that needs to be given, we did commercials and people responded not with money, but with I need help where can I go, what can I do, so the need is there and we need to fill that need, we’re asking everybody to dig deep and God knows it’s tough to do that these days but dig deep and do what you can, because we at the Thalians mental health center are trying to do something about mental health from pediatrics through geriatrics A16. HRN-2822 In: 01:14:33 Out: 01:12:56 Sound Bite: Ruta Lee – Actress/Co-Founder- The Thalians I would take them all off the 30 second sound bite, and make everybody read and listen to what the canidates have to say, so that they are a little more informed instead of “Hi, I approve of this message.” That’s what I would change. A17. HRN-2822 In: 01:15:00 Out: 01:15:40 Sound Bite: Ruta Lee – Actress/Co-Founder- The Thalians No, actually Miss Reynolds, it was, it was a whole group of young people including Jayne Mansfield back in 1955, that said, we get together, we do parties, we have a good time, why don’t we raise some money for something worth while, they sent Jayne out to find out what was worth while, she came back and was saying all the good disease’s are gone and mental health was not being looked into the emotionally disturbed child who could be helped the most for the least wasn’t being affected at all so that’s how we started. A18. HRN-2822 In: 01:15:45 Out: 01:15:53 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Ruta Lee – Actress/Co-Founder- The Thalians A19. HRN-2822 In: 01:16:02 Out: 01:19:12 B-Roll: Debbie Reynolds arrives and stands for the press, shot of the press photog’s, Debbie stands with couple, Debbie stands with Ruta, CU of Debbie, Debbie and Ruta stands for the press. Debbie and Ruta stand with couple and then stand together again. A20. HRN-2822 In: 01:19:34 Out: 01:20:10 B-Roll: Donna Mills arrives and stands for the press. A21. HRN-2822 In: 01:20:24 Out: 01:20:51 Sound Bite: Debbie Reynolds – Actress/Co-Founder – The Thalians Yes, well, we thought of this even before Ruta about 27 years, Debbie and all these young people we used to be young and started The Thalians 53 years ago, so this is something we worked really, really hard for, for mental health and we give our money to our clinic, which is The Thalians which is at Cedar Sinai. A22. HRN-2822 In: 01:20:54 Out: 01:21:14 Sound Bite: Debbie Reynolds – Actress/Co-Founder – The Thalians Well it has been a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it, it’s for the children and anyone that needs the help which is a lot, mental health effects one out of 10 people, OC: OK Debbie: So because of Clint Eastwood tonight, we have Shirley McLaine, we have a big crowd we should have a successful evening and raise about 6, 8 hundred thousand. A23. HRN-2822 In: 01:21:31 Out: 01:22:05 Sound Bite: Debbie Reynolds – Actress/Co-Founder – The Thalians Oh, I would like it, not to be so political, we’re all just dying for this to be over with and pray that the best man wins we don’t know who that is, because we have two good men running and it’s just a question of policies and what’s the best for America, what’s the best for all of our people, and we just keep praying that it will just get over with, we’re all sick of it, we just wanted to be concluded and we want peace in the world. A24. HRN-2822 In: 01:22:26 Out: 01:22:45 Sound Bite: Donna Mills – Actress Well, I love the work that they do mental health is a big issue in this country and you know, it needs to be addressed, they’ve raised so much money and done such good work, and so I’m happy to be here for Ruta and Debbie A25. HRN-2822 In: 01:23:00 Out: 01:23:20 Sound Bite: Donna Mills – Actress I want to change the negative ads, the negativity, I want people to say what there going to do not what the other guy’s not going to do, because it’s all a bunch of baloney anyway, so I would just like to hear what there going to do, I don’t need to hear the negative stuff. A26. HRN-2822 In: 01:23:27 Out: 01:23:40 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/Donna Mills – Actress A27. HRN-2822 In: 01:23:42 Out: 01:25:39 B-Roll: The Deal or No Deal girls stand for the press, Ruta stands with girls from Deal or No Deal and they blow us a kiss. Fashion Shot of Blonde/Brooke Deal or No Deal in red dress A28. HRN-2822 In: 01:27:27 Out: 01:27:41 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/Girl in Red Dress A29. HRN-2822 In: 01:27:43 Out: 01:28:04 B-Roll: Jack LaLane arrives and stands for the press. A30. HRN-2822 In: 01:28:54 Out: 01:29:04 Sound Bite: Jack LaLane – Fitness Guru I would like to see you as President. A31. HRN-2822 In: 01:29:21 Out: 01:30:30 B-Roll: Linda Blair arrives and stands for the press, Rich Little arrives and stands for the press, and stands with Ruta. A32. HRN-2822 In: 01:30:42 Out: 01:31:08 Sound Bite: Rich Little – Comedian Well, I’m going to a little short routine, nothing political though, all political jokes are in Washington, um, but I’m going to do some impressions do Clint, I’m squinting my eyes already and it should be fun, I’m going to do about 5 or 6 minutes. A33. HRN-2822 In: 01:31:14 Out: 01:31:43 Sound Bite: Rich Little – Comedian Get better voices for candidates, John McCain or Barack Obama, if either one of them wins, it’ll be an upset. I can do a little Barack Obama, you know, “John McCain and the failed Bush policies, have set this country back 30 minutes.” A34. HRN-2822 In: 01:35:35 Out: 01:35:55 Sound Bite: Linda Blair - Actress They invited me to come, my booth is here, Linda Blair World Heart Foundation, to show everyone here and what I’m doing and how they can help and support and they felt that it was important enough that I put my career on hold to try to help America. A35. HRN-2822 In: 01:36:02 Out: 01:36:44 Sound Bite: Linda Blair - Actress I think everybody feels the same way, the politicans are going to say what you want to hear, it is the same thing over and over, it is ugly, sometimes it doesn’t always tell us what we really want to here, but mostly there are only as good as who’s in the House and Congress when it comes time, there both good men, deep inside everyone knows there both good men, but when it comes there turn who ever it maybe and we all have our choices, there only good as the house and the government gonna let them be and do. A36. HRN-2822 In: 01:36:55 Out: 01:37:20 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Linda Blair - Actress
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President Obama leaves Malaysia, heads for the Philippines
"Eliminate Putin": Kremlin accusations
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President Barack Obama departs Chicago for New York City
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US President Barack Obama arrives in for visit
[Dmitri Medvedev: from openness towards the West to ultranationalism]
France 5
B-roll of President Barack Obama arriving at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska. While in Anchorage, the President will participate in a roundtable with Alaska Natives and address the Global Leadership in the Arctic: Cooperation, Innovation, Engagement and Resilience (GLACIER) Conference.
President Barack Obama campaigns in Wisconsin for Mary Burke.
President-Elect Barack Obama and Senator John McCain meet after the election in which Obama beat McCain. They pose for pictures taken by the press.
Out: 00:03:44 B-Roll: CU on logo Kid’s Choice Awards 2009, zoom out to show full wall, zoom into logo, zoom out to show wall, zoom in to logo, pan over to show the press, pan over to wall and logo again, zoom into logo, several times, girl reporter in line zoom into logo, zoom out to show reporter, CU on logo, zoom into it again, show carpet zoom into logo, show the carpet full with press pan over to logo, A02. HRN-3238 In: 00:03:44 Out: 00:04:30 B-Roll: The carpet full with press, zoom into people standing for photos, various shots of the press and carpet full. A03. HRN-3238 In: 00:06:08 Out: 00:06:46 B-Roll: The press and full carpet, Pete Wentz arrives and stands for press, zoom out to show carpet full, zoom into Pete as he talks A04. HRN-3238 In: 00:09:40 Out: 00:09:52 B-Roll: Fashion shot/Girl in purple pants A05. HRN-3238 In: 00:13:25 Out: 00:13:37 B-Roll: Fashion shot/Tall mom with young daughter. A06. HRN-3238***HR In: 00:14:10 Out: 00:14:32 Sound Bite: Josh Hutcherson – Actor Oh boy, we have a lot to do, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done, I think the most important thing is restoring our international image, cause I think that the last 8 years the world has changed our overall image of us as a country and I think he needs to restore that hope and that the belief that the American dream is definitely achievable. A07. HRN-3238 In: 00:14:34 Out: 00:15:15 Sound Bite: Josh Hutcherson – Actor Oh man, the biggest dork in the world, my little brother is definitely a high ranking candidate, he’s just what he is, he’s just out there, he definitely does his own thing, high on the dork rating. OC: Who would you choose for the coolest person in the world? Josh: Coolest person in the world, if I say my mom I get a lot of brownie points, so my Mom is the coolest person, but really, I think T.I. OC: Is this your Mom? Come here, come here. Josh: I said my Mom for brownie points, Mom: I’m shocked. Josh: And then I said, T.I. Mom: He never says that about me normally. A08. HRN-3238 In: 00:17:04 Out: 00:17:16 Sound Bites: Blonde 1: I’m wearing Rees and a Moscoino Jacket. Brunette: I’m wearing Luca, a new designer. Blonde 2: And I’m wearing Mason. A09. HRN-3238 In: 00:17:20 Out: 00:17:44 B-Roll: Fashion Shots/ Blonde 1, Blonde 2 A10. HRN-3238 In: 00:17:47 Out: 00:17:58 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/Blonde A11. HRN-3238 In: 00:18:21 Out: 00:18:44 B-Roll: The carpet full with press, the Jonas Brothers arrive and walk by. A12. HRN-3238 In: 00:18:44 Out: 00:18:50 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/Brunette from above sound bite. A13. HRN-3238****HR In: 00:19:53 Out: 00:20:15 Sound Bite: Alexander Ludwig – Actor Um, that’s a good question, obviously this economy is just horrible, so hopefully he can do good with that, I’m actually from Canada so it’s hard for me to actually give a strong opinion on this, cause I really aught to get more involved so I can understand it more and um, mostly I guess awareness, I don’t really no. A14. HRN-3238 In: 00:20:18 Out: 00:20:43 Sound Bite: Alexander Ludwig – Actor The biggest dork in the world that’s a good one, myself, why, cause I do stupid things constantly and I never learn. OC: Who’s the coolest person in the world? Alexander: The coolest person in the world, my parents, my family, I love them, my cousin James, my buddy Jack, and Dick we surf all the time, they’re pretty dope. A15. HRN-3238 In: 00:22:33 Out: 00:22:48 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/Asian woman. A16. HRN-3238 In: 00:22:49 Out: 00:23:20 B-Roll: Pete Wentz getting interviewed by MTV A17. HRN-3238***HR In: 00:23:21 Out: 00:23:41 Sound Bite: Pete Wentz – Recording Artist I’m the last person who should ever advise Obama on anything right now at all, I think he’s headed in the right direction I think in every area, and I think that people just need to give him space to make the change that he’s promised and people need to come together as a country A18. HRN-3238 In: 00:23:40 Out: 00:23:50 Sound Bite: Pete Wentz – Recording Artist Myself probably. OC: The coolest person in the world? Pete: My son. A19. HRN-3238***HR In: 00:24:10 Out: 00:24:45 Sound Bite: Sammi Hanratty – Actress Um, I think that he should be running our country well, I think that, you know I don’t really know what I’m thinking right now, cause, I mean, I don’t really know much right now, I’m trying to know as much as I can, but kind of also not get to kind of crazy about it yet, but I think he should be running our country well, being able to see other peoples perspectives and views, trying to make everyone happy. A20. HRN-3238 In: 00:24:50 Out 00:25:35 Sound Bite: Sammi Hanratty – Actress Who’s my choice for the biggest dork? Probably, my sister Danielle, cause her, it’s kind of tie between her and I, cause were both, like really, really, just weird, we go up to people and go “hello, how are you?” do I look funny today, were just really weird. OC: Ok, who’s the coolest person in the world? Sammi: Choice for the coolest person in the world, um, probably all my friends, there pretty cool, they are, Elle, Kate, and Catelin, are my 3 best friends, there probably the coolest people I know, because there yeah there chill. A21. HRN-3238 In: 00:25:48 Out: 00:26:00 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Sammi Hanratty – Actress A22. HRN-3238 In: 00:26:00 Out: 00:26:12 B-Roll: George Lopez arrives and walks by. A23. HRN-3238 In: 00:29:11 Out: 00:29:21 Sound Bite: Keke Palmer - Actress I’m wearing Alisa Overland, and it’s like Rocker Type leather dress, I feel so cool like a rocker, makes it feels so cool. A24. HRN-3238***HR In: 00:29:26 Out: 00:29:54 Sound Bite: Keke Palmer - Actress Most important thing are president should be doing? I guess helping us with the economy and these jobs, I know a lot of people have been telling me it’s not I’m not necessarily totally into this, my friends, my girl friends have been telling me a lot of adults have been losing there big time jobs and going for the younger jobs, I think we need to find a way to stop this unemployment, it’s higher than, it’s like really, really high right now, super high than it’s been in a long time. A25. HRN-3238 In: 00:29:53 Out: 00:30:20 Sound Bite: Keke Palmer - Actress The biggest dork in the world, I would have to say Jerry who plays Spencer on ICarly, he’s so goofy, he’s like the funniest guy in the world, he’s the biggest dork. OC: Who’s cool the in the world? Keke: The coolest person in the world, I would have to say my Dad, cause he’s so cool, I love my Dad, if he’s not around, he’s nowhere to hear that, so if he hears I said that I would totally deny it. A26. HRN-3238 In: 00:30:19 Out: 00:30:30 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Keke Palmer - Actress A27. HRN-3238 In: 00:31:17 Out: 00:31:22 Sound Bite: Emma Roberts – Actress I’m wearing Jimmy Cho shoes and Dolce Gabanna dress A28. HRN-3238***HR In: 00:31:32 Out: 00:31:55 Sound Bite: Emma Roberts - Actress I get very uncomfortable answering political questions, I think we should be trying to improve the economy, for sure, cause it’s in a bad state right now, why are you laughing at me, you know I get uncomfortable talking about religion and politics in public, they only get you in trouble. A29. HRN-3238 In: 00:32:00 Out: 00:32:19 Sound Bite: Emma Roberts - Actress You, because you asked me that question. OC: Who’s your choice for the coolest person in the world? Emma: Me, because I’m talking to you, these are very odd questions. A30. HRN-3238 In: 00:32:20 Out: 00:32:28 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Emma Roberts - Actress A31. HRN-3238***HR In: 00:36:05 Out: 00:36:32 Sound Bite: Corbin Bleu – Actor That he should be doing right now, you know every thing with the economy is still in the crapper right now, I know the market has been a lot better, you keep seeing it go up everyday, I really feel that he’s doing what he should be doing right now, I feel like he’s on the right path. A32. HRN-3238 In: 00:36:33 Out: 00:37:02 Sound Bite: Corbin Bleu – Actor The biggest dork in the world? Wow, huh, I pick myself dang, I pick myself. OC: Why would you pick yourself? Corbin: I don’t know I just feel. OC: Dorky? Corbin: Yeah, just kind of me, do my own thing. OC: Who is the coolest person in the world? Corbin: Coolest person in the world, Johnny Depp, hands down. OC: Why? Corbin: He’s just got that style, a guy who walks in the room and every body just looks. A33. HRN-3238 In: 00:37:04 Out: 00:37:35 B-Roll: Miley Cyrus on carpet, meets Corbin. A34. HRN-3238 In: 00:37:54 Out: 00:38:33 B-Roll: Chris Rock and Marlon Wayans b-roll A35. HRN-3238***HR In: 00:38:40 Out: 00:39:20 Sound Bite: Marlon Wayans – Actor/Comedian Oh, wow, that’s a busy man, I think, what I’m impressed about Obama is that most presidents handle one thing at a time, he’s like doing every thing, he’s got the economy, the war thing, you know, he’s got, the jobs, joblessness in America, he’s got so much on his plate, I think he’s doing the right thing, handling everything one thing at a time, and the economy was a big thing so getting that settled is a big, I’m a big Obama fan, not cause he’s black, cause I think he’s pure hearted and it feels good to have somebody who’s pure hearted in office. A36. HRN-3238 In: 00:39:16 Out: 00:40:10 Sound Bite: Marlon Wayans – Actor/Comedian Me OC: Why? Why? Marlon: Cause I am, and I will fight anybody in the world who try to protest that, no the biggest dork in the world? That’s a tough one, there’s so many, who’s the guy that John what’s his name just did on John Stewart just did on his show. OC: Oh yeah. Marlon: The guy that sells the stocks OC: Mad Money? Marlon: Yeah the Mad Money guy. OC: And the coolest person in the world, Marlon: Me once again. I can be the biggest dork and the coolest the coolest person in the world to me Barack Obama man, he’s got a swagger on him, I’m sorry, oh I made a child cry at the Children’s Choice Awards, Obama, he’s got a swagger, he plays ball, he smiles, he’s cool.
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