Out: 00:03:44 B-Roll: CU on logo Kid’s Choice Awards 2009, zoom out to show full wall, zoom into logo, zoom out to show wall, zoom in to logo, pan over to show the press, pan over to wall and logo again, zoom into logo, several times, girl reporter in line zoom into logo, zoom out to show reporter, CU on logo, zoom into it again, show carpet zoom into logo, show the carpet full with press pan over to logo, A02. HRN-3238 In: 00:03:44 Out: 00:04:30 B-Roll: The carpet full with press, zoom into people standing for photos, various shots of the press and carpet full. A03. HRN-3238 In: 00:06:08 Out: 00:06:46 B-Roll: The press and full carpet, Pete Wentz arrives and stands for press, zoom out to show carpet full, zoom into Pete as he talks A04. HRN-3238 In: 00:09:40 Out: 00:09:52 B-Roll: Fashion shot/Girl in purple pants A05. HRN-3238 In: 00:13:25 Out: 00:13:37 B-Roll: Fashion shot/Tall mom with young daughter. A06. HRN-3238***HR In: 00:14:10 Out: 00:14:32 Sound Bite: Josh Hutcherson – Actor Oh boy, we have a lot to do, there’s a lot of work that needs to be done, I think the most important thing is restoring our international image, cause I think that the last 8 years the world has changed our overall image of us as a country and I think he needs to restore that hope and that the belief that the American dream is definitely achievable. A07. HRN-3238 In: 00:14:34 Out: 00:15:15 Sound Bite: Josh Hutcherson – Actor Oh man, the biggest dork in the world, my little brother is definitely a high ranking candidate, he’s just what he is, he’s just out there, he definitely does his own thing, high on the dork rating. OC: Who would you choose for the coolest person in the world? Josh: Coolest person in the world, if I say my mom I get a lot of brownie points, so my Mom is the coolest person, but really, I think T.I. OC: Is this your Mom? Come here, come here. Josh: I said my Mom for brownie points, Mom: I’m shocked. Josh: And then I said, T.I. Mom: He never says that about me normally. A08. HRN-3238 In: 00:17:04 Out: 00:17:16 Sound Bites: Blonde 1: I’m wearing Rees and a Moscoino Jacket. Brunette: I’m wearing Luca, a new designer. Blonde 2: And I’m wearing Mason. A09. HRN-3238 In: 00:17:20 Out: 00:17:44 B-Roll: Fashion Shots/ Blonde 1, Blonde 2 A10. HRN-3238 In: 00:17:47 Out: 00:17:58 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/Blonde A11. HRN-3238 In: 00:18:21 Out: 00:18:44 B-Roll: The carpet full with press, the Jonas Brothers arrive and walk by. A12. HRN-3238 In: 00:18:44 Out: 00:18:50 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/Brunette from above sound bite. A13. HRN-3238****HR In: 00:19:53 Out: 00:20:15 Sound Bite: Alexander Ludwig – Actor Um, that’s a good question, obviously this economy is just horrible, so hopefully he can do good with that, I’m actually from Canada so it’s hard for me to actually give a strong opinion on this, cause I really aught to get more involved so I can understand it more and um, mostly I guess awareness, I don’t really no. A14. HRN-3238 In: 00:20:18 Out: 00:20:43 Sound Bite: Alexander Ludwig – Actor The biggest dork in the world that’s a good one, myself, why, cause I do stupid things constantly and I never learn. OC: Who’s the coolest person in the world? Alexander: The coolest person in the world, my parents, my family, I love them, my cousin James, my buddy Jack, and Dick we surf all the time, they’re pretty dope. A15. HRN-3238 In: 00:22:33 Out: 00:22:48 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/Asian woman. A16. HRN-3238 In: 00:22:49 Out: 00:23:20 B-Roll: Pete Wentz getting interviewed by MTV A17. HRN-3238***HR In: 00:23:21 Out: 00:23:41 Sound Bite: Pete Wentz – Recording Artist I’m the last person who should ever advise Obama on anything right now at all, I think he’s headed in the right direction I think in every area, and I think that people just need to give him space to make the change that he’s promised and people need to come together as a country A18. HRN-3238 In: 00:23:40 Out: 00:23:50 Sound Bite: Pete Wentz – Recording Artist Myself probably. OC: The coolest person in the world? Pete: My son. A19. HRN-3238***HR In: 00:24:10 Out: 00:24:45 Sound Bite: Sammi Hanratty – Actress Um, I think that he should be running our country well, I think that, you know I don’t really know what I’m thinking right now, cause, I mean, I don’t really know much right now, I’m trying to know as much as I can, but kind of also not get to kind of crazy about it yet, but I think he should be running our country well, being able to see other peoples perspectives and views, trying to make everyone happy. A20. HRN-3238 In: 00:24:50 Out 00:25:35 Sound Bite: Sammi Hanratty – Actress Who’s my choice for the biggest dork? Probably, my sister Danielle, cause her, it’s kind of tie between her and I, cause were both, like really, really, just weird, we go up to people and go “hello, how are you?” do I look funny today, were just really weird. OC: Ok, who’s the coolest person in the world? Sammi: Choice for the coolest person in the world, um, probably all my friends, there pretty cool, they are, Elle, Kate, and Catelin, are my 3 best friends, there probably the coolest people I know, because there yeah there chill. A21. HRN-3238 In: 00:25:48 Out: 00:26:00 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Sammi Hanratty – Actress A22. HRN-3238 In: 00:26:00 Out: 00:26:12 B-Roll: George Lopez arrives and walks by. A23. HRN-3238 In: 00:29:11 Out: 00:29:21 Sound Bite: Keke Palmer - Actress I’m wearing Alisa Overland, and it’s like Rocker Type leather dress, I feel so cool like a rocker, makes it feels so cool. A24. HRN-3238***HR In: 00:29:26 Out: 00:29:54 Sound Bite: Keke Palmer - Actress Most important thing are president should be doing? I guess helping us with the economy and these jobs, I know a lot of people have been telling me it’s not I’m not necessarily totally into this, my friends, my girl friends have been telling me a lot of adults have been losing there big time jobs and going for the younger jobs, I think we need to find a way to stop this unemployment, it’s higher than, it’s like really, really high right now, super high than it’s been in a long time. A25. HRN-3238 In: 00:29:53 Out: 00:30:20 Sound Bite: Keke Palmer - Actress The biggest dork in the world, I would have to say Jerry who plays Spencer on ICarly, he’s so goofy, he’s like the funniest guy in the world, he’s the biggest dork. OC: Who’s cool the in the world? Keke: The coolest person in the world, I would have to say my Dad, cause he’s so cool, I love my Dad, if he’s not around, he’s nowhere to hear that, so if he hears I said that I would totally deny it. A26. HRN-3238 In: 00:30:19 Out: 00:30:30 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Keke Palmer - Actress A27. HRN-3238 In: 00:31:17 Out: 00:31:22 Sound Bite: Emma Roberts – Actress I’m wearing Jimmy Cho shoes and Dolce Gabanna dress A28. HRN-3238***HR In: 00:31:32 Out: 00:31:55 Sound Bite: Emma Roberts - Actress I get very uncomfortable answering political questions, I think we should be trying to improve the economy, for sure, cause it’s in a bad state right now, why are you laughing at me, you know I get uncomfortable talking about religion and politics in public, they only get you in trouble. A29. HRN-3238 In: 00:32:00 Out: 00:32:19 Sound Bite: Emma Roberts - Actress You, because you asked me that question. OC: Who’s your choice for the coolest person in the world? Emma: Me, because I’m talking to you, these are very odd questions. A30. HRN-3238 In: 00:32:20 Out: 00:32:28 B-Roll: Fashion Shot/ Emma Roberts - Actress A31. HRN-3238***HR In: 00:36:05 Out: 00:36:32 Sound Bite: Corbin Bleu – Actor That he should be doing right now, you know every thing with the economy is still in the crapper right now, I know the market has been a lot better, you keep seeing it go up everyday, I really feel that he’s doing what he should be doing right now, I feel like he’s on the right path. A32. HRN-3238 In: 00:36:33 Out: 00:37:02 Sound Bite: Corbin Bleu – Actor The biggest dork in the world? Wow, huh, I pick myself dang, I pick myself. OC: Why would you pick yourself? Corbin: I don’t know I just feel. OC: Dorky? Corbin: Yeah, just kind of me, do my own thing. OC: Who is the coolest person in the world? Corbin: Coolest person in the world, Johnny Depp, hands down. OC: Why? Corbin: He’s just got that style, a guy who walks in the room and every body just looks. A33. HRN-3238 In: 00:37:04 Out: 00:37:35 B-Roll: Miley Cyrus on carpet, meets Corbin. A34. HRN-3238 In: 00:37:54 Out: 00:38:33 B-Roll: Chris Rock and Marlon Wayans b-roll A35. HRN-3238***HR In: 00:38:40 Out: 00:39:20 Sound Bite: Marlon Wayans – Actor/Comedian Oh, wow, that’s a busy man, I think, what I’m impressed about Obama is that most presidents handle one thing at a time, he’s like doing every thing, he’s got the economy, the war thing, you know, he’s got, the jobs, joblessness in America, he’s got so much on his plate, I think he’s doing the right thing, handling everything one thing at a time, and the economy was a big thing so getting that settled is a big, I’m a big Obama fan, not cause he’s black, cause I think he’s pure hearted and it feels good to have somebody who’s pure hearted in office. A36. HRN-3238 In: 00:39:16 Out: 00:40:10 Sound Bite: Marlon Wayans – Actor/Comedian Me OC: Why? Why? Marlon: Cause I am, and I will fight anybody in the world who try to protest that, no the biggest dork in the world? That’s a tough one, there’s so many, who’s the guy that John what’s his name just did on John Stewart just did on his show. OC: Oh yeah. Marlon: The guy that sells the stocks OC: Mad Money? Marlon: Yeah the Mad Money guy. OC: And the coolest person in the world, Marlon: Me once again. I can be the biggest dork and the coolest the coolest person in the world to me Barack Obama man, he’s got a swagger on him, I’m sorry, oh I made a child cry at the Children’s Choice Awards, Obama, he’s got a swagger, he plays ball, he smiles, he’s cool.
US Obama Family Departs
President, First Family, Depart for Vacation
"Eliminate Putin": Kremlin accusations
France 5
Barack Obama Sworn In As U.S. President For A Second Term
/ President Barack Obama takes the oath of Office and is sworn in by Chief Justic John Roberts. U.S. Presidential Election 2013 at US Capitol steps on January 21, 2013 in Washington, DC (Footage by Getty Images)
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama wave goodbye as they prepare to board Air Force One on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii. The First Family departs after 15 days on the island of Oahu for their holiday vacation. Airmen from the 15th Wing assisted with planning and preparation of the First Family’s and departure.
President Barack Obama and family walk their new pet dog Bo on The White House lawn Washington D.C.; 14 April 2009
President Barack Obama and family walk their new pet dog Bo on The White House lawn Washington D.C.; 14 April 2009 (Core Number: NNAL011K)
8 p.m.: [November 6, 2022 broadcast]
A2 / France 2
PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA surprise VISIT to BAGRAM, AFGHANISTAN. REMARKS MADE BY THE PRESIDENT TO THE TROOPS AT BAGRAM AIR BASE. TRANSCRIPT: “Now, listen, I’m not going to give a long speech. I’m going to have the opportunity to address the nation from Bagram just in a little bit, and it’s going to be broadcast back home during primetime. So all I want to do is just say thank you. The sacrifices all of you have made, the sacrifices your families make every single day are what make America free and what make America secure. And I know that sometimes, out here, when you’re in theater, it’s not clear whether folks back home fully appreciate what’s going on. And let’s face it, a lot of times it’s easier to get bad news on the news than good news. But here’s the good news, and here’s part of the reason that I’m here. I just finished signing a Strategic Partnership Agreement with Afghanistan that signals the transition in which we are going to be turning over responsibility for Afghan security to the Afghans. We’re not going to do it overnight. We’re not going to do it irresponsibly. We’re going to make sure that the gains, the hard-fought gains that have been made are preserved. But the reason we’re able to do that is because of you. The reason that the Afghans have an opportunity for a new tomorrow is because of you. And the reason America is safe is because of you. We did not choose this war. This war came to us on 9/11. And there are a whole bunch of folks here, I’ll bet, who signed up after 9/11. We don’t go looking for a fight. But when we see our homeland violated, when we see our fellow citizens killed, then we understand what we have to do. And because of the sacrifices now of a decade, and a new Greatest Generation, not only were we able to blunt the Taliban momentum, not only were we able to drive al Qaeda out of Afghanistan, but slowly and systematically we have been able to decimate the ranks of al Qaeda, and a year ago we were able to finally bring Osama bin Laden to justice. That could have only happened because each and every one of you, in your own way, were doing your jobs. Each and every one of you — without a lot of fanfare, without a lot of fuss — you did your jobs. No matter how small or how big, you were faithful to the oath that you took to protect this nation. And your families did their job — supporting you and loving you and remembering you and being there for you. And so, together, you guys represent what is best in America. And you’re part of a long line of those who have worn this uniform to make sure that we are free and secure, to make sure that those of us at home have the capacity to live our lives. And when you’re missing a birthday or you’re missing a soccer game or when you’re missing an anniversary, and those of us back home are able to enjoy it, it’s because of you. And I’m here to tell you, everybody in America knows that. And everybody in America appreciates it. And everybody in America honors it. And when the final chapter of this war is written, historians will look back and say, not only was this the greatest fighting force in the history of the world, but all of you also represented the values of America in an exemplary way. I could not be prouder of you. And I want you to understand, I know it’s still tough. I know the battle is not yet over. Some of your buddies are going to get injured, and some of your buddies may get killed. And there’s going to be heartbreak and pain and difficulty ahead. But there’s a light on the horizon because of the sacrifices you’ve made. And that’s the reason why for Michelle and me nothing is more important than looking after your families while you’re here. And I want everybody here to know that when you get home, we are going to be there for you when you’re in uniform and we will stay there for you when you’re out of uniform. Because you’ve earned it; you earned a special place in our hearts. And I could not be prouder to be your Commander-in-Chief. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America. Now I want to shake some hands.
US Obama Family Departs (NR)
President, First Family, Depart for Vacation
Queen Elizabeth 2 met the greatest
TF1 News (Private - August 1982 ->)
US Obama Thanksgiving
President Obama and family hand out food to less fortunate for Thanksgiving
The mother of a St. Paul man, who was shot and killed by police, and her lawyer say they plan to sue and pursue meaningful changes to Minnesota law to prevent future deaths. Valerie Castile, whose son Philando was shot and killed by a St. Anthony police officer during a traffic stop in Falcon Heights on July 6, and her Atlanta-based lawyer Glenda Hatchett, spoke to reporters Tuesday in front of the Minnesota capitol in St. Paul. “I have to get a message out from him. He is the driving force in me to make sure this doesn’t happen to another mother. This has been going on too long,” Castile said. Hatchett would not say anything about the potential lawsuit. “We will aggressively pursue justice on his behalf,” said Hatchett, a former chief juvenile court judge in Fulton County, Georgia, and star of the TV show “Judge Hatchett.” I will not rest until justice is done.” Hatchett said she will push for a comprehensive evaluation of laws that looks at how police are hired, trained and what happens if there are systematic complaints. Philando Castile was shot after being stopped in Falcon Heights not far from the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. His girlfriend Diamond Reynolds recorded the aftermath of the shooting on Facebook Live. The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is investigating. Gov. Mark Dayton and others have called for a federal investigation. The shooting and video triggered numerous protests in Minnesota and across the nation. Castile was shot by officer Jerinomo Yanez. Yanez’s lawyer has said the shooting was not about race but about a gun Castile had and his unwillingness to follow directions. Hatchett disputed lawyer Tom Kelly’s version but only said, “We will see you in court.” A gun was found in the car. Castile’s family said he had a permit to carry. Hatchett said audio of police radios before the stop suggesting Castile looked similar to a robbery suspect has not been confirmed. Hatchett said Castile, who would have been 33 Saturday, was a young man who did everything right. “He was fully employed. He had held down a job. He was going back and forth to work,” Hathcett said. Castile worked for 13 years at the St. Paul school district and two years ago was promoted to supervisor in the cafeteria. “My son was a humanitarian. He was a pillar in this community,” Valerie Castile said. Castile received a call from President Barack Obama after the news conference. Valerie Castile said she was ecstatic to get the president's call.
Barack Obama wins 2nd term
Part 1 of five of Barack Obama's election night speech Barack Obama wins 2nd term at McCormick Place Convention Center on November 07, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois (Footage by Getty Images)
Elizabeth II: A so British humor
A2 / France 2
At a Washington, DC school, President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and their daughter Malia pay tribute to Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. by helping the build bookshelves in the school library. PLEASE NOTE - news reporter audio is for reference only and is not available for licensing purposes. Mastered in Apple Pro Res 422 HQ, available in all forms of HD and SD.
US Obama Tree Lighting
President Barack Obama and the first family light the national Christmas tree in front of the White House
President Barack Obama is sworn into office
HA WS President Barack Obama being sworn by Chief Justice John G. Roberts at inauguration with wife Michelle and daughters Sasha and Malia at his side / AUDIO President Barack Obama is sworn into office on January 20, 2009 in Washington, DC (Footage by Getty Images)